Packers’ Downward Spiral Continues, May Not Stop

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Aaron Rodgers and Jason Spriggs

We’ve got a real humdinger for you this week. The Green Bay Packers have lost three straight after dropping another turd of a performance in Tennessee.

We’re going to start by breaking down that game, including the atrocious performance of the Packers’ defense.

What’s the mood in Green Bay? Shawn describes it and it isn’t pretty.

The Packers are now clearly in a downward spiral and Aaron Rodgers appears to be at odds with coach Mike McCarthy. McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson probably legitimately have to start worrying about their jobs now.

Could this be the end of the line for Mike in Ted in Green Bay? It certainly could if the Packers keep losing.

And that now becomes the question. Are the Packers going to keep losing?

We don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t. In fact, the next two games may ultimately decide their season. Unfortunately for them, they’re both on the road and both against teams over .500.

The bad news doesn’t stop there either. We can now see that the Packers might only be favored in two games for the remainder of their schedule.

We’ll tell you all about it.

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Enjoy this bad boy.

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  1. Anti-McCarthy fan

    Thank McCarthy for this. He destroyed this team. I hope we miss the playoffs so we can throw him out of town. Packers fans who are going to the Redskins game, hold up “Fire McCarthy” signs because this piece of shit doesn’t deserve to coach. I want to cut McCarthy’s head off and send his body to the ocean and his head to the zoo.

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