Is Change Coming for the Packers?

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Mike McCarthy

That’s the one of the main questions we discuss in this week’s Total Packers podcast. Will the Green Bay Packers move on from coach Mike McCarthy, GM Ted Thompson or both?

Should they?

We have differing opinions and reasoning on the matter. However, both Shawn and I agree on what’s likely to happen.

We’re also going to review the Packers’ loss to the Washington Redskins. The culprits in that loss are many. The Packers’ offensive scheme doesn’t work. The defense isn’t blitzing, which is not a sound strategy when you can’t put any pressure on the quarterback without doing so. The secondary is terrible and there’s just an overall lack of execution.

And finally, there’s the latest Aaron Rodgers’ news. The news about how he’s cut his family and friends out of his life and gone Hollywood. As an aside, that’s also a great Supertramp song.

Has this severing of ties affected Rodgers’ play? The timing certainly looks interesting.

All that and more in this week’s podcast.

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You’ll be slacking off the rest of the day while you dream of turkey, so here’s something to listen to.

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