Gutekunst Plans on Keeping Overpriced Veterans

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Clay Matthews gets to Russell Wilson

Receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb didn’t exactly live up to their contracts in 2017. Cobb hasn’t really lived up to his at all. Linebacker Clay Matthews would also fall into the same category in recent years.

However, it doesn’t appear Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst plans on being without any of them in 2018.

“It’s hard enough in this league to find them, so we certainly wouldn’t want to let them walk out the door,” Gutekunst said. “But there are restraints and there’s things that every decision kind of affects something else, so we kind of want to let all the information come in before we get to that point.”

That’s not exactly a guarantee right there. However, Gutekunst also praised Nelson, saying he still thinks he’s a good player.

Nelson had just 53 catches for 482 yards and six touchdowns in 2017. All six TDs came with Aaron Rodgers under center. Cobb caught 66 balls for 653 yards and four touchdowns. Matthews had 43 tackles and 7.5 sacks.

All three players have salary cap numbers north of $11 million, with Nelson and Cobb above $12 million.

It is largely believed that if the Packers don’t release one or even two of the trio, they’ll be asking someone to take a pay cut. The Packers currently only have $16 million of available cap space. That is the ninth-lowest number in the NFL.

Complicating things, especially at the receiver position, is the Packers also have huge money invested in Davante Adams. He received a four-year, $58 million extension in December.

The Packers will have some decisions to make before free agency begins and they aren’t exactly easy ones.

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16 Comments on "Gutekunst Plans on Keeping Overpriced Veterans"

    • PF4L

      Time will tell on that, some contracts “might” disappear after next season, but as they do, more get signed.

  1. PF4L

    I like Adams, but am i the only one who thinks 14.5 mill a year is over the top?

    Ball and Ted were slowly digging a grave for this team.

  2. PF4L

    Here’s my long term concern….

    In the next 2 or 3 years, of making the playoffs, i’m guessing that Ted, Murphy, McCarthy, Ball take all the millions they’ve been payed and retire (maybe at the same time). Leaving this team a mess, and an aging Rodgers sitting there wondering ..”where did the last 10 years go?”

    • PF4L


      I referenced Ball and Ted.

      Then i talked about a concern, concerning Ted, Ball, McCarthy and Murphy, never once mentioning Gutenkunst.

      Next time have someone read it for you, and then have them explain it to you.

  3. Cheese

    “It’s hard enough in this league to find them, so we certainly wouldn’t want to let them walk out the door,”

    Hmm, that’s interesting. That wasn’t the attitude in place when they let all those pro bowlers and all pro players walk out the door within the past two years. Some weren’t even offered contracts.

    So you’re telling me it’s hard to find someone who can average 6 sacks a season over the past three years? If you say so… Shit, better pay him $14 million a year because you never know when you’ll find someone that can put up those kinds of numbers.

    • Kato

      There is a guy like that on the market right now! His name is Phernell McPhee. He even gets injured like Clay. Bet he would be half the cost

    • Empacador

      Only on the comments? I thought the new, improved clown structure would have given you pause! Lol! I have a feeling it will only get worse though.

      • Kato

        No no, Gutekunst’s comments about the high contract players and keeping them on the team. I don’t necessarily take packers fans comments as gospel, but obviously there are a few guys on this board that I respect.

    • PF4L

      Oh idk…lol…..Gute will start out at 1.5 mill/year, Ball will out bid him at 2 mill.

      Gute will show Ball who is in charge and raise it to 3 mill/year. That’s when things get heated…..

      So they go up to (Daddy’s) Murphy’s office, and are going to let him make the final decision because that’s his new job now. They both plead their cases, Murphy gives it careful thought, then decides on………

      4 years – 18 million, 14 million signing bonus (guaranteed).

      The Packer Way.

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