Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Trying Too Hard on Interceptions

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Nazir Jones

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday and Patrick asked him about throwing picks.

Rodgers actually threw two against the Seattle Seahawks, but one was wiped out by a penalty. Seattle’s Nazair Jones picked Rodgers in the first half of the game and took it to the house.

Rodgers had to give chase, but couldn’t catch Jones. He probably wasn’t trying all that hard to, either.

“I like to try my best. I think as a quarterback your job is more to turn the guy inside and hope your faster more athletic teammates who probably played defense at some point can make the tackle,” Rodgers said. “It’s real effort but it’s intelligent effort.”

We’re sure part of that directive comes from above. The Packers don’t need Rodgers hurting himself trying to tackle a guy.

While Brett Hundley may be a capable fill-in, the Packers aren’t reaching the same heights they have an opportunity to with Rodgers under center.

Live to fight another day.

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4 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Trying Too Hard on Interceptions"

  1. I sure was glad that Rodgers made a great effort against Urlacher in the 2010 NFC championship game. That would have been a pick 6 if not for Rodgers (on both ends) and could have changed history.

    • Kato

      I was literally thinking this same thing when I saw the title of this article.

      Had this been a playoff game I dont think Rodgers would have given a shit and gone all out to make the tackle.

  2. MJ

    Nobody will blame Rodgers for not stopping a 300lb lineman. I’d rather have him healthy and driving the offense to a TD than complain about him not tackling hard enough.

    • PF4L

      Agreed…we all remember Rodgers hobbling around against Seattle. Can you imagine he puts on the jets trying to tackle Jones and pulls up gimpy? Don’t risk injury.

      Like Rob said, this team has the talent to go to the Super Bowl, barring injury. And now that we have a top 5 defense, i’m all in baby. YEEEHAWWW!

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