Yup, Fat Mike Is Still a Dick

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The Green Bay Packers took some hits on Thursday night in their preseason opener. The most vicious was certainly the one handed to rookie receiver Malachi Dupre, who took a helmet to the chest.

It looked like a clearly illegal hit during the game, but of course, nothing was called. Can’t lead with your helmet? Guess you can in the preseason.

Not only did Packers coach Mike McCarthy take issue with that hit, but he also took issue with the hit that knocked cornerback Damarious Randall out of the game. That happened early in the first quarter.

McCarthy submitted both plays for review to the league office. And what might come out of this?

Well, in theory, less shitty officiating. But also perhaps, some fines,

McCarthy spoke about the hits at his Friday press conference. And some of you might be surprised about this, but we aren’t. We’ve long known that Mike McCarthy thinks he’s better than the average man and has no time for your shit.

Yes, that’s a lot of small type, so let us redo it for you.

Wilde, a veteran Packers beat guy (and maybe the only one we think is worth a shit other than Demovsky), was just asking a simple question. A series of them, rather. And also for clarification from Gravy Head.

Well, of course Gravy Head just couldn’t handle such routine questioning. So here goes…

Q: Did you look at the hits that landed each of them in concussion protocol?

A: Yes. Saw the video. They’re definitely both plays we turned into the league. That’s a process you go through each and every game. So I’m sure we’ll get an evaluation on that with the emphasis. Obviously, those two hits fit in that category.

Q: Just to be clear, when you turn a play into the league, you’re turning it in because you thought it was an illegal hit, or you’re turning it in for them to be evaluated?

A: Different levels of that. I mean, we all watch the same video. There’s emphasis each and every year about how can we make the league better? Obviously, player safety is at the forefront of that, and when you see things like those two hits last night, they’re definitely of concern in the area of player safety. You don’t want to see your players ever get injured, specifically if it’s in the climate of what the league’s looking for as far as the proper way to block and so forth.

Q: So yes or no, do you believe those were illegal hits?

A: Jason, I don’t even know why we’re… if I turned them into the league, I don’t think they’re legal hits.

Q: (or more like a reply to Gravy Head) I was just trying to be clear.

A: I was trying to act intelligent.

So, I think, Fat Mike, stop trying to act intelligent. You are not. There’s too much goddam gravy flowing through your brain.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

43 Comments on "Yup, Fat Mike Is Still a Dick"

  1. PF4L

    Jason Wilde layin the wood. Love it.

    In other news, want a good laugh?….watch what happens to Rollins when Mack Hollins introduces Rollins to his right hand at 6:35 left in the 1st quarter.

    Ted Thompson….continuing to outsmart other teams in player acquisition.

    Good times.

  2. I wonder if MM was a dick to Doug Pederson during or after the game about the illegal hits? Or did MM shake Pederson’s hand with a smile and a good game comment?

  3. Shawn

    MM was pretty straight there. Try getting as much from the hood.
    The organization should reconsider scheduling the Eagles during the preseason. When you combine two concussions on questionable hits with the blind side cheap shot on Matthews last season, you have a disturbing trend that smacks of more than just hard play.

  4. Savage57

    Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving.

    Wilde is digging for Mike to make a re-Tweetable comment on the record that’s already evident by the action he’s taking, looking for his journalistic ‘gotcha moment’. He was doing that ‘deep, investigative reporter being a dick’ thing and got called on it.

    The only thing that makes this a story, despite it being really fucking dumb, is the bias against McCarthy.

    • PF4L

      Exactly…because McCarthy is always straight up and show’s reporters nothing but respect.

      Fat Mike is a VICTIM!!!

      Great post.

  5. PF4L

    When you question Mike McCarthy, you have crossed the fucking line. these reporters still haven’t learned that he’s a highly successful NFL head coach.

    “I don’t know why i always have to come in here and………………………” – Mike McCarthy

    • Shawn

      MM’s 3-3 with Matt Flynn as a QB. Don’t see any other coach except the Hood being able to say that.
      Plus, A-Rodge wasn’t exactly HOF material as a rookie. MM has something to do with how he looked by 2008.

      • PF4L

        So what you’re trying to tell me is that McCarthy is a .500 coach with Flynn starting and he’s a .000 coach with Tolzien and Wallace starting.

        That takes Fat Mike to a highly successful head coaching record of a whopping .270 without Rodgers.

        Thanks for trying though.

        • Shawn

          Does that change the fact that MM is 3-3 with Matt Flynn at QB? No.
          Wallace’s start consisted of him getting injured in the first series and sitting down. You are right though. MM could not win with Tolzien at QB. Wow, got him there. Man, any other hard-hitting shit you got for us?

          • Empacador

            Shawn, while I get what you are saying, perhaps a little more urgency on McCarthy’s part might have resulted in Flynn being better than .500. IF McCarthy had elected to not sit on his ass in 2013 when they decided to blow up the backup QB position heading into the season.

            From an article dated October 8th, 2013:

            “While they may have been searching for a backup before, coach Mike McCarthy said he isn’t looking for one now. McCarthy was asked about Flynn’s availability and stopped well short of welcoming the former Packer back to Green Bay with open arms while wishing him the best of luck.

            “Personally, I’m very happy with the quarterback room, the way it looks, the people in it,” McCarthy said, via . “Obviously Matt was a Packer, very fond of Matt and his time here. As far as any roster moves and things like that, I really don’t have any comment, but I do like Seneca Wallace, I like what he’s done since he’s been here, I feel very good about our quarterback room.”

            Seneca Wallace? Really? The record we see McCarthy have with Wallace, Tolzien and Flynn is indicative of the record McCarthy would likely have without Favre or Rodgers. I would love to see what McCarthy’s evaluation had to say about Alex Smith and why the 49ers chose him over Rodgers. I don’t believe Alex Smith would have been equal to Rodgers under any circumstance, even falling to the Packers and sitting on the bench for 3 seasons. Sure, Alex Smith might have won more games than he lost with McCarthy, but is Smith capable of doing what has been asked of Rodgers? Some results have to reflect on McCarthy’s judgement and poor decisions. Take away the 2 hall of fame QBs, do you think this guy is still an elite coach? Unfortunately none of us will ever know unless something happens to Rodgers and McCarthy is forced to do without for a season or longer.

          • PF4L

            lol…ok Shawn….You win, McCarthy is a .500 coach with Flynn. WOW!….That’s really impressive!!

            Any other hard hitting news you got for us?


    You McCarthy haters on this site are all a bunch of fucking idiots! If Big Fat Mike, as you so eloquently refer to him, were to take a passive approach and not show any emotion in response to his players being subjected to cheap shots by these sons of bitches, you’d all be calling him Big Fat Pussy. You fuckers will never be satisfied, so you might as well become Bear fans; Especially you Monty, since you seem to have become such a fan of Cutty during his time in Chi-Town.

    • PF4L

      Fat Mikes response to his players being injured, is .01% of the problems fans have with him.

      I’ve said before i have more of a problem with Ted than Mike, but at the same time, if Fat Mike walked, i wouldn’t shed a tear.

      As far as your feelings being hurt about people referring to Mike as Fat Mike…..no one GAF. His name is Mike, and he’s an obese fat bastard. Grab a tissue and deal with it.


        No tissue necessary for me. If Mike likes to strap on the feedbag and be a fat bastard, I’ve got no problem with it, as long as he gets results. Those results include more wins than any other coach in Packer history, and I believe he’s also the fastest (if not also not the fattest) NFL coach to reach 100 wins.

        Would I like those results to include more SB Championships? Of course I would, especially with AR having spent his entire career with MM. However, I grew up in Green Bay during the 70’s and 80’s when Packer fans would celebrate by spinning donuts in snow-covered parking lots during that rare season after a Packer victory guaranteed at least an 8-8 record for the year, so I’ve learned to appreciate all of these winning seasons and playoff runs during the MM era.

        You say you wouldn’t need a tissue yourself if MM walked? Besides the Hoodie, I challenge you to name one other coach you would rather have in place of MM, and why.

        • PF4L

          It’s not my job to replace McCarthy. It’s not my job to fix special teams. It’s not my job to fix the defense. It’s not my job to replace coaches and/or coordinators if they are not doing their job well. It is not my job to acquire players for this team. It is not my job to get different results in the playoffs after years of failure and embarrassment. It is not my job to oversee that the GM and head coach are doing everything in their power to put the best product they can on the field.

          These are the jobs of 3 men who make countless millions of dollars yearly. I’m just one of the millions of suckers that provides the revenue to fund their salary’s.

          I don’t ask them to come and do my job for me, so fuck you if you expect me to do theirs.

    • Kato

      GBORNBRED we are the St Louis cardinals fans of football, we are entitled to everything. Anyways I have sparred with PF4L on this topic before and it’s one where it is simply one’s opinion. I happen to agree with him on a number of other topics.

      If you look at a history of coaching hires in the NFL, how many have actually worked out? I would say that number is lower than you would suspect. I mean, Sean Payton hasn’t exactly enjoyed winning seasons recently Drew Brees at QB. There is so much parity in the league, five different teams have won since the packers won. Should they have another ring? Probably. There is a lot of blame to go around but I mainly blame Thompson.

      • Xlvordie

        Was Mccarthy successful in ANY of his NFL coaching positions other than Packers head coach, with Rodgers?

      • PF4L

        Kato….maybe our fans feel somewhat entitled, having 2 HOF QB for over 2 1/2 decades. But i think i have a beterr description of what a lot of Packer fans feel.

        Instead of entitled, i think a lot of Packer fans feel this is an “opportunity.” An opportunity to reach the Super Bowl “more” than once in 10 years, or more than once in 15 years all because of arguably having one of the highest skilled QB’s to ever play this game. So at the end of the day, it’s not entitlement, it’s opportunity.

        Name the substantial changes or actions the President, the GM, or the head coach has taken the last 6 seasons to improve our chances of getting back to the Super Bowl. Well….Mark Murphy built a slide. Ted does what he does, misses on def. draft picks. McCarthy fired a special teams coach, plus Sam Gash, and Jerry Fontenot. Last time i checked our special teams clocked in at 29th in the league last season and no one is losing sleep game planning for our running attack.

        So as far as any meaningful changes, i see zero. Therein lies the problem.

        Painting a broad brush, what’s been our issue’s in not reaching another Super Bowl in years past, defense and to a lesser extent, special teams, Today, what are the Packers weaknesses we need to improve on? Still….. defense and special teams.

        I know, if i need to lose some weight, i can’t keep doing things the same way., i would need to make meaningful changes or i won’t reach my goals. I wish the three stooges had that same wisdom.

        This my friend is why, some fans accuse the Packers hierarchy of inaction, riding Rodgers coattails into the playoffs, then claiming how successful they are.

  7. Empacador

    Man, I love how McCarthy apologists always throw out the “What other coach would you want?” I’d like to start with a competent GM and hopefully he doesn’t recycle guys that have had 2,3,4 chances already. Other than Belichick, Payton and maybe Cowher (he’s been out of it too long I think) I don’t want Gruden or see a coach of any other team where I think “Gee, if only we had that guy.”

    I said in another thread recently I would love to see Matt Patricia, I think he would do well in Green Bay being a defensive oriented guy rather than offense, and is used to playing in the elements. Not that it matters, we are stuck with the status quo for probably 12 years according to McCarthy’s timeline. So apologists unite, making the playoffs is good enough. Don’t expect Rodgers to get 4 more championships though, he will be lucky to get 1 more under this regime. I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong. With ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

    • Empacador

      And yes on Payton. The Saints were/are in cap hell, which we know the Packers don’t have problems with. If Payton had been hired instead of McCarthy, I believe the Packers would have been more successful in the playoffs than they have been under McCarthy. But again, we will never know for sure so it is fun to play “what if”.

    • Kato

      I do like Matt Patricia as well, but not sure I would fire McCarthy for him. Maybe if Rodgers got hurt and the team tanked to a 5-11 record. Besides, as long as TT is in charge of personnel I don’t know that it matters who coaches.

        • PF4L

          I would hire Patricia in a fucking heartbeat to replace McCarthy. Not because i hate the man, i hate no one.

          It’s Mike’s responsibility to make sure his coordinators and coaches are getting the job done, and if they don’t, they should be ultimately replaced. it’s not Murphy, not Ted’s, it’s Mike’s responsibility. He’s been inactive in that regard. That’s my major beef with Fat Mike.

          Yes, you can blame TT for personnel acquisitions in defense of Capers, but at the end of the day it isn’t working, you have to make a change, if nothing else to shake things up. Capers had his chance and then some, since 2011 when his defense dropped 25 spots in one season.

          McCarthy has refused to change the coordinator. Absolutely refused, and gets pissed when he’s asked about it. That’s derelict of duty. Doing nothing and expecting different results, some 6 seasons later. Who suffers? The team and it’s fans.

          • PF4L

            What does it take to replace Capers…Not even being down 31-0 in a NFCCG early in the 3rd quarter can get this guy fired. The Packers defense was so bad….the Falcons could have put up 55-60 points on us if they wanted to. They showed Mercy to us.

            What’s wrong with that picture?


    Certainly was not my intent to get PF4L’s panties in a bunch by offering up what I considered to be a friendly challenge to name one other coach who would be a suitable replacement for MM. Also, my apologies to EMPACADOR for being a “McCarthy apologist” in this regard. All kidding aside, I don’t recall any objections being raised whenever there is debate on this site about who might be a suitable replacement for TT, such as John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf, etc.

    To EMPACADOR’S point, I too would also start with the GM. Don’t look now, but that certain “other” linebacker from Wisconsin that TT chose to pass on in the 1st round of the April draft just had a two-sack debut in the preseason opener with the Steelers, whereas Kevin King’s opening act was worthy of mixed reviews at best.

    At the risk of sounding like a McCarthy apologist once again, MM will only take this team so far if we have a GM who continues whiffing on draft picks, while also being an absolute pussy in the free agent market.

    • Empacador

      At some point McCarthy has to be accountable for decisions he makes. Like his coaching staff. Or not signing players when there are upgrades (Flynn for Wallace). Or paying lip service to the run game, keeping 9 running backs and rushing 12 times a game. Everything doesn’t begin and end with Thompson, McCarthy signs off on some of this shit too. That’s what I find so frustrating when people constantly sing his praises, like he is some sort of offensive genius or something. It’s like all everyone sees is 8 consecutive years of playoffs but let’s gloss over his fuckups like they don’t exist. Would people rather have Rodgers or McCarthy? I’m saying McCarthy owes more of his success to Rodgers than Rodgers owes to McCarthy for his success. McCarthy isn’t Lombardi 2.0, and I’m not the only one that doesn’t think we are lucky to have him. No panties were bunched by the way, it’s all good!

  9. PF4L

    Cornbred, no one’s panties got in a bunch. You referred to myself and others as a bunch of fucking idiot’s. Say what you want, idgaf, but i’d hardly call it friendly.

    Whenever someone says “who would you get that’s any better?” It alway reminds me of diehard Cutler fans trying to defend their hero. Cutler fans have been singing that tune since the playoffs in 2010.

    As i’ve posted before, that’s a loser mentality.

    If we had a different coach since winning the Super Bowl, does anyone really think the Packers wouldn’t get into the playoffs like they have? Wouldn’t still have a winning record? When you have Rodgers and you play in the NFC North, a new head coach would have to be a major fuck up, not getting into the playoffs.

    Bill Polian, who everyone respects, said it best when referring to McCarthy’s success in getting into the playoffs “it’s not that hard to do when all you’ve had is HOF QB’s.”

    Two, five, ten, twenty years from now, does anyone even give a flying fuck if you got in the playoffs if you can’t reach the Super Bowl? They don’t hand out trophies for getting into the playoffs for a reason.

    Playoffs are only important because it gives the team a chance to get to the Super Bowl. What have we done with those chances? We shit the bed.


      PF4L, your point is well taken when you call me out for being unfriendly by calling you and others “fucking idiots,” simply because your opinions about MM do not align with mine. You could also call me out for being a hypocrite by resorting to name calling, while at the same time, I was critical of those who refer to MM as “Fat Mike.” I will own up to his, and I apologize.

      Having said that, I look forward to more spirited debate now that the NFL season is finally upon us, and we’re not limited to discussing topics such as which Hollywood bimbo AR is currently banging, how hot MM’s daughter is, and other bullshit that’s been trolled out there by some of the writers on TOTALPACKERS this offseason. Peace out.

      • PF4L

        It’s all good my man….show me passion and i’ll show you a pure diehard Packer fan. we’re all guilty of what you’ve done, especially me, no apology needed.

  10. Kato

    At some point, soon, something needs to be done. That I am on board with. I don’t think coaching is necessarily the major issue, personally. One could say Capers should have been fired years ago, me being one of those people. However, look at some of the draft picks that TT has had. There is only so much a coach can do at times. I mean, Belichek couldn’t even do anything with Jerel Worthy. Khyri Thornton? Not to mention TT has had some incredibly horrible personnel decisions over the past five years. McCarthy has his issues, I wont deny that. He is very conservative and probably doesn’t take enough chances. He can be arrogant at times. He needs to move on from Capers. He can be slow with adjustments. However, when you are consistently fielding one of the youngest teams in the NFL year after year, and many of those players are out of the league within a few years, it makes it real tough on a coaching staff. That has been said here before.

    • Empacador

      Capers getting fired notwithstanding, his system has run its course IMO, you are absolutely correct on the draft misses. I will concede I blamed McCarthy (and Capers to some extent) for some things that were more the fault of Thompson, like being so pathetic when drafting defensive players. It makes you wonder, between Thompson, McCarthy and Capers, whose going after these guys and then doubling down on the players failing by penciling them in at other positions. The proverbial square pegs in the round holes it seems every draft.

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