Mike McCarthy Wants 12 More Years

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Mike McCarthy

If you’re not a fan of Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy, of which we know there are many of you, then you’ll be disappointed in hearing this. McCarthy has no thoughts of retiring or leaving anytime soon.

In fact, he says he’d love to coach at least until his youngest child has graduated high school. She’s in kindergarten.

“I really don’t think about those things,” he says. “I have to answer the questions, but I’m like every other coach in this league. I love coaching, but I have a family, and my family’s first. My youngest, my baby is in kindergarten, so in my mind, I’ve got 12 more years. Hell, I’d love to coach here for another 12 years. We’ll see how it goes, but that’s the way coaches think.”

Mind you, McCarthy is entering his 12th season as coach of the Packers, so if that scenario plays out, it would make him coach of the Packers for a total of 24 years.

Now, if we’ve seen anything recently from management about shelf life, it’s that the guys upstairs don’t have any. President Mark Murphy has said he’ll let Ted Thompson be general manager as long as he wants to.

This, despite some obvious slippage in mental acuity, and the fact that Thompson is already 64.

Unlike Thompson, McCarthy’s future isn’t tied to Murphy. It’s tied to Thompson. In all likelihood, the only way McCarthy is going anywhere is if the team has a couple losing seasons or, when Thompson does leave, his replacement comes from outside the organization.

Most GMs like to work with their own hand-selected coach. If someone inside the organization — Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst, etc. — is the next GM, McCarthy probably doesn’t have much to worry about.

Those scenarios won’t be playing out this year, however.

And much like he once informed all of us that he’s a highly-successful football coach, McCarthy now tells us he’s entering his prime.

“I’m young for this league, I feel like I’m just going into the prime of my career as a football coach,” McCarthy said, with conviction in his voice. “I think it’s obvious that I’d like to be here for as long as I coach. What we’ve established here, it’s a great place. It’s a great place to live. It’s a great place to coach. Best fans in the world. So I won’t be rushing out.”

Mike McCarthy will never have anything but love for Mike McCarthy.

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12 Comments on "Mike McCarthy Wants 12 More Years"

    • Savage57

      12 more years. The amount of time he’d like to continue coaching.

      2 years. The amount of time he’ll be coaching after AR retires.

      • Empacador

        2 is being generous. But McCarthy is hard headed, it will take that extra year to register in his brain.

  1. Korey

    I understand that you and some others feel McCarthy is not an elite coach, gets too conservative at times, gets more credit than he deserves (given he’s had HOF QBs), isn’t a great game management coach, etc. But seriously, what other coach would you want? Given McCarthy’s overall record and status as around the league as an elite play caller, who else could we really get? McCarthy’s not Bill Belichick, but he’s not some schmuck either. He’s not perfect, but I can’t understand the negativity or logic with these ad hominem attacks. Can you give me some solid facts or reasons why ‘some’ people would love a new coach?

    • Kato

      Because we are football fans and we always want new and shiny. But I do tend to agree with you. What percent chance do you have of hiring a coach that will take you to the super bowl? Maybe 10% at best?

    • Empacador

      I don’t know if you were asking me that question Korey, but I’ll reply.

      I would not like any previous or current head coaches, with a couple of exceptions. I would prefer the next head coach to not have his forte be the offense, like 13 of the 15 head coaches the Packers have had in their history. I’d like the new coach to be an up and comer much like Holmgren was, and to have a solid pedigree in a system that has been successful.

      Matt Patricia I someone I could see flourishing in Green Bay and he would more than likely shore up the 2 facets of the team that are lacking. I believe this because he comes from the Belichick tree, is used to playing in the elements, and I don’t think he would pay lip service. I believe Belichick has instilled a certain push the envelope, win at all costs mindset in his coaches and players alike that is missing in Green Bay. Can you imagine McCarthy wearing the Goodell clown shirt after winning the Superbowl like the Patriots did last season?

      You don’t need an offensive guru with Rodgers around that needs to constantly tweak and meddle with the offense. At some point that offense becomes too big and cumbersome to actually be effective. Bring in someone familiar with the West Coast offense (or leave some of the assistant head coaches already on the team in place for continuity) and let that side of the ball take care of itself without continually trying to outsmart everyone by thinking you (McCarthy) are going to reinvent the wheel.

      The last requirement is a head coach who doesn’t aspire to be the GM as well. Maybe Patricia wants that title as well, but as we saw with both Holmgren and Sherman, that hasn’t always worked out very well in Green Bay. Patricia paired with a younger GM who has all their faculties in tact and wants to leave their own legacy rather than follow “the plan” that has been in place for the past 12 years would be a godsend at this point in Rodgers’ career. Hey, we can dream, right?

  2. I guess being named President, GM, or head coach of the Packers is now like being named a Supreme Court justice. You have the appointment until you die or retire on your own, no matter how far your mental capacities have deteriorated.

    McCarthy was taking advantage of by other coaches when he started, and I mean deliverance type taken advantage of. I hated seeing him go against head coaches like Tom Coughlin, Mike Shanahan, etc. Over the years MM has learned as a head coach/ coordinator. My biggest problem now is MM cannot find a offensive coordinator to allow MM to put his full effort into being a head coach of the entire team in weekly preparation and on game day. I think that inability to be a full time head coach controlling the entire team led to the collapse in the 2014 NFCC game against Seattle. It also raises questions about why the team was so ill prepared from the opening kickoffs to play the Colts and Titans games last year. That is a coaching problem and MM is the head coach.

    Some are not going to like this, but I think QB#1 does not want to see a new head coach. Rodgers is comfortable with MM and his offensive system. MM gives Rodgers freedom to change plays. MM allows Rodgers to provide input into game planning. I think Rodgers would not want to see a new head coach that would make changes to the system or the freedom Rodgers has in game planning and changing plays at the line. At this point Rodgers and MM probably can read each other on what the next play or series of plays should be, and if Rodgers and MM do not agree I think they know each other well enough to be able to talk through the problem without causing problems for the team.

    I don’t think it would bother Rodgers one bit if Murphy or TT were gone, but I have to think that with Rodgers being on the back nine of his career he would rather not see a coaching change at the top.

    • Cheese

      Or maybe a new coach would shake things up and rejuvenate Rodgers and the rest of the team, instead of hearing the same old toe the line crap from McCarthy. Comfort isn’t always a good thing. Look what Manning did when he went to Denver.. Favre had one of the best seasons of his career in Minnesota unfortunately. Kurt Warner took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. All new coaches.

      It’s almost like we don’t even have a head coach because McCarthy is busy playing offensive coordinator. Even Rodgers said when the team was in a funk with Clements as the OC it wasn’t because of the playcalling. The team was in a funk even after MM took back the playcalling.

      “It also raises questions about why the team was so ill prepared” Exactly. This can be said over and over for plenty of games that the team should have won, and it got old years ago. This rests on the coaching staff and the part time head coach.

      Maybe a new head coach wouldn’t make the team any better. Maybe one would. But when you have Aaron Rodgers, who is pretty much your guaranteed ticket into the playoffs every year, and the team keeps making the same ill prepared mistakes in the post season time and time again you can’t help but wonder.

      • PF4L

        I don’t know who’s post to like better, Cheese, or Howard’s.

        Great point, counter point men, cheese wins by a nose.

        The thing to me is, Ted wants to be a scout with a GM job title, and McCarthy wants to be a offensive coordinator with a head coach title.

        I don’t have as much of a problem with Mike as i do with Ted. But at the same time, neither has made any substantial moves or changes, so we stay stuck in the same rut, year after year after year.

        All we get is that same old monotone Ted wondering when the reporters will leave so he can go take a nap. McCarthy try’s to act like the man, until someone questions” him, and he gets pissed off.

        Fucking shake things up a little, make a change, make a move….what the fuck!!??

        Or just retire already…..12 more years of this shit?…i don’t think so.

  3. Empacador

    I will stand by what I and others have said time and time again. There is nothing special about McCarthy. He is a guy that happened to ride the coat tails of 2 HoF QBs. The 2013 season when Rodgers got hurt is all the evidence one needs to see how ill prepared and inept the man is as a head coach. Take away Rodgers and everyone will see exactly how good a coach the man really isn’t.

    Unfortunately, I agree with Howard that Rodgers is happier than a pig in shit with his current situation. And the comments by cheese are spot on as well, McCarthy is the head coach in name only. McCarthy has always fancied himself an offensive genius. That’s why the other 2 facets of the team stink more often than not. When his QB school gets talked about by the press, that strokes the ego of a megalomaniac like Mike “I’m a highly successful NFL head coach” McCarthy. Watch during a close game when they show McCarthy on the sideline after something happens in the Packer’s favor. That big shit eating grin on his face is usually a giant sign of relief that someone else bailed him out for something stupid he did earlier. I can’t even imagine another 12 years with this clown in town. The man promised MULTIPLE championships. That single, solitary Superbowl win sure bought a lot of good will. Rodgers isn’t the only one who is happier than a pig in shit with his current situation.

    • PF4L

      Good post also Empacador.

      I don’t know if Rodgers and Fat Mike are chums, i have no clue. But i might go out on a limb and say that there is a real chance Rodgers isn’t thrilled with Ted, Capers, the defense, and even sometimes McCarthy. But he puts on a great face, this dude is pretty smart, i think he loves this team, and he isn’t going to cause any drama.

      Rodgers wants to win Super Bowls, i believe he wanted nothing more than to accomplish what Brady has. I’m guessing that internally, he’s kind of pissed off that they can’t get into the dance all these years.

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