Lindsey Vonn Says She Isn’t Dating Aaron Rodgers

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Lindsey Vonn

There has been some weird stuff going on between skier Lindsey Vonn and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Actually, the weirdness comes from her. Vonn started leaving one-letter comments on Rodgers’ Instagram posts. People noticed. They also noticed that when taken as a whole and putting the most recent one-letter comment first and going backwards, it spelled something.

Here’s the most recent, where she left just a W.

There were a couple other comments interspersed in the timeline that were more than a letter. However, when you gather all of the strange comments in the timeline up, they happen to spell: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? ??

So what does it mean?

It either means Linsey Vonn is trolling all of us or she and Rodgers were/are in some sort of relationship.

My feeling is the first.

Of course, she played completely ignorant.

Vonn is dating Rams receiver Kenan Smith. So there’s that. She’s also dated Tiger Woods, so you can probably assume something about her preference in men based on these things.

There’s also the fact that Vonn clearly planned this out and knew she’d get some attention because of it. The ignorant, woe-is-me act is B.S.

That would bring me to conclude that she’s nothing more than another attention whore.

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    How could Aaron be dating her? She is a female, right? Or are those claiming romance between them outing her as a transvestite?

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    This average looking skank dated squirrel Tiger Woods after the whole world knew that price of shit took at least 14 prostitutes to the clinic to get them STD tested to have unprotected sex with them. Lindsay Vonn is a squirrel fucking pig. Whore

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