More of Davante Adams’ Girlfriend Devanne Villarreal

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Devanne Villarreal

Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams got engaged to long-time girlfriend Devanne Villarreal in the Bahamas this week.

We didn’t know much about Villarreal and that’s probably by design. She doesn’t really appear to have much of a public persona (or want one), as some of these ladies do.

All we really know is, like Davante, she’s from California and they’ve been dating since college. Adams went to Fresno State.

So here’s a look at Devanne Villarreal.

Mini Me??

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Photo booth fun??

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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cobb! Such a beautiful wedding???

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He knows my angles??

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Game Day✨ #DA17

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Happy Bahamian Independence??

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6 Comments on "More of Davante Adams’ Girlfriend Devanne Villarreal"

  1. Cheese

    My post from yesterday-
    “Surprisingly, we don’t know much about this woman.”
    Yeah, surprisingly.. Shouldn’t be long before you creep on her facebook page and make an “article” about it.

    Wow, did I call that one. Sure didn’t take long. Maybe I should get a job at TMZ too.

    • PF4L

      LOL….Yea you did, but……different author, or so we think anyway.

      I got news for Mr. Joseph Bonham and i only bring this up because i care.

      You better watch your step my man. You are wading in dangerous waters. This kind of content is Mordi’s department my friend. I just don’t want to see all hell break loose when Mordi confronts you at TotalPackers headquarters Monday morning. The last thing you guys need is to have some violence erupt, then the next thing you know everything starts getting wrecked. The ping pong table collapses, or someone gets knocked into the washer and dryer. Worse yet, i’d hate to see either of you taking a face plant right into the water heater or septic pump.

      Keep the peace brother.

  2. PF4L

    As far as the article…It’s not easy to find out about these types of women. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find these women registered with LinkedIn. But they look and dress like a million bucks. How do they afford it? Hmmm….one of life’s unanswered questions.

    Once in awhile you’ll find a woman who already has her own career and her own money before she dates a famous athlete. I’m thinking of one, but i can’t remember her name.

  3. Bleedn Green & Gold

    What she dating that dude for? He couldn’t catch a ball if it were super-glued to his helmet. Soon as TT retires this loser is cut. Plus the man look like Humpty- Dumpty. One of ugliest bro’s around. Chica, you could do better.

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