Clay Matthews Is Already Missing Jay Cutler

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Clay Matthews gets to Russell Wilson

Awwwwwwwwww, yeah! You know what’s coming right here… say it with me… CUTTY!

Goddam it all to hell, we’re not going to be able to say that many more times. And I’m also sorry if you were expecting “The Exclusive Company” up there.

Although I have personally bought probably 100 CDs at The Exclusive Company, there’s nothing that gets us going like our main man CUTTY!

Cuts McGuts! The Cutster! El Cuterino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

We’re not the only people who are going to miss Jay Cutler. Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is also going to miss CUTTY!


Sacks, baby!

“I always enjoyed playing against Jay,” Matthews said. “He rubbed some fans the wrong way. I know some people got on him about his nonchalant attitude, but I always enjoyed playing against him. I’m glad I got a lot of sacks against him — I’ll miss that the most — but hopefully the next in line in Chicago will be as equally willing to help me pad my stats.”

Matthews has had 8.5 of his 72.5 sacks on Cuts McGuts.

And we are actually not going to sit here and rip on Clay for talking about his numbers this time. Sure, we all know he likes those sack numbers.

And we have bagged on him for not playing up to his contract.

We’re not going to bag on Clay Matthews today, however. We know for a fact that he’s a smart dude and completely self aware.


Do you remember when the Cleveland Indians were lollygagging all around the diamond?

“What does that make you!?”


We do not believe that Clay Matthews has it in him to be a lollygagger. We do not think he lollygags. We know he played through a separated shoulder — on a bullshit hit from former teammate Allen Barbre — late last season.

To his credit.

But if we’re being real, guys who play through injuries like that are rarely effective. Matthews was not an exception. Very few can do that. Reggie White may have been one guy and he’s not only in the Hall of Fame, but potentially the best defensive player to ever play the game.

We are historically not fans of guys playing with injuries. Who plays with an injury? Someone trying to reach a contract incentive, a per-game roster bonus. I completely understand competitiveness, but you’re not doing the team any good by being a guy who is a shadow of himself who just happens to be on the field.

So Matthews had just 24 tackles and five sacks in 2016. He played in 12 games and those four he missed were because of the recurring hamstring issue.

To bring it full circle, he gets it.

“I can’t believe we’re going into year nine and it just seems like yesterday getting drafted and having zero idea what my future has in store for me,” he said. “I understand what is expected, not just my role on this team, but also what I’m trying to accomplish as well. I’m excited. I know I’m going into year nine and a lot of people have had great careers in less time, but I still feel like I have a lot of ball left in me and I think our team is always on the precipice of being that one team being left at the end of the year. So I think big things are in store for not only myself, but the Packers as well.”

And that’s great, but this what it comes down to.

The GBP.


Big things better be in store.

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