Romo: Aaron Rodgers Can Play Until 45

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The guy who was almost traded for Brett Favre, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Wisconsin boy and CBS analyst, Tony Romo holds Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in pretty high regard.

Although Rodgers said he was in the back nine of his career earlier this week, Romo isn’t so sure.

“I think Aaron is one of those guys who is uniquely talented. Special player in our league for a long time. He can go as long as he wants to,” Romo said. “If he stays injury-free, he may be in his eyes on the back nine, but as long as he wants to continue to take hits, he’ll be able to play until he’s 45.”

That’s a nice thought, but not a lot of guys have played QB at or near that age. Most of the guys who stuck around into their 40s served as backups. The only QB we can recall to surpass 45 was George Blanda, who went until he was 48. The caveat with Blanda is he was really just a kicker after age 39.

His nine-year career with Oakland, where he finished out the run, consisted of just 235 pass attempts. That’s about 26 passes a year.

If Rodgers goes to 45 and does it as a starter, he’ll be in probably his own (and maybe Tom Brady’s) company.

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2 Comments on "Romo: Aaron Rodgers Can Play Until 45"

  1. Kato

    He may have a shot at all time passing marks if he even approaches that benchmark for age. Here is the issue though, one of Rodgers biggest strengths is his mobility and ability to avoid pressure along with big hits. That ability will start to wane in the next few years most likely. Put it this way, he won’t have the evasiveness that he had against the lions on the Hail Mary play. He will have to reinvent his game a lot, and make big adjustments to how he approaches every down. Rodgers has always made plays from the pocket, but the wow plays, the things that have made him special have been his all time great ability to make plays outside the pocket. Take that away and he just becomes a very good QB imo. That isn’t to say he can’t make adjustments, I think he can, but it may be something he wants to start doing sooner rather than later

  2. Skinny

    All this can he play until 45 talk is ridiculous. Mid 30s sneaks up on you no matter how in shape you are and how well you take care of yourself. Shit Elway was like what 37 or 38 when he won that first SB and he looked like an old man. I see Rodgers playing 5 more years maybe 6.

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