Packers’ Vets Out of Minicamp Duty

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Mike McCarthy: buffoon

It what appears to be becoming an annual tradition, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has excused veteran players from the team’s mandatory minicamp.

Minicamp begins on Tuesday, but McCarthy sent anyone with five or more years of experience home on Friday.

“We had a practice with all the players under six years,” McCarthy said. “To me, Friday and these three practices in front of us are the most important practices of the offseason because the reps go up for everybody. You look for those first-, second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-year … you look for a guy to step up and kind of take a little bit of a leadership role on the practice field. It’s worked out. I think this is the second or third year we’ve done this, and I feel like we’ve gotten a lot of out of it. I’m really looking forward to these three practices.”

We’re all for getting young guys reps.

What is not so great is the Packers won’t be doing anything until training camp, following this week’s minicamp.

Camp opens on July 26 and Family Night will be held August 5.

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10 Comments on "Packers’ Vets Out of Minicamp Duty"

  1. Cheese

    Good thing everyone fussed about Favre not coming to mini camp, being accountable, or not coming to help teach the young guys. He’d been coming to mini camp for 15 years. Now every 5 year vet is told they don’t have to show up. Funny how things change.

  2. Kato

    I am surprised an article hasn’t been written up regarding Rodgers contract situation given the recent development with Derek Carr possibly getting $25 million annually.

  3. Xlvordie

    I just think it’s funny how McCarthy will bitch about the cba and say how important it is for everyone to get these reps in now….then excuse a big group of players

  4. Deepsky

    You know how the Packers take a break and go bowling or something like that?

    McCarthy should take these guys fishing. Rent about 5 charter boats and take them on the Lake.

    • Empacador

      Come on now, do you want new and improved ways of getting guys on IR/PUP? I can imagine someone getting a hook somewhere they shouldn’t. Then having to play with a club or eye patch.

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