Vikings Fans Terrorized Samantha Ponder

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Samantha Ponder

Because of course they did! That’s what Minnesota Vikings fans do — act like scumbags at each and every opportunity.

Now, as you are probably aware, Samantha Ponder is the very attractive wife of former Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. You are also probably aware that Christian was a first-round draft pick and turned out to be pretty terrible.

Ponder started just one full season in the NFL. He’s never thrown for more than 3,000 yards in a season. His high in touchdowns was 18. After four years with the Vikings, Ponder was out.

He’s spent the last two years as a backup in Denver and San Francisco.

Last week, Samantha Ponder told the Star Tribune that she wouldn’t go out in public when the couple lived in Minnesota because of Vikings fans.

“We were easy targets when we were (in Minnesota). And that’s not like a ‘poor us’ thing, but things weren’t going well. Things were rough in public. I had some really bad encounters and basically kind of stayed home for a while when we lived there,” she said. “It comes with the business. I get it. … It just got so bad when we were there that we decided, ‘we’re going to protect this.’ People can say whatever they want about Christian or me, but if we can protect my stress level while I was pregnant and our newborn baby, we were going to do that as much as we could. And it has been different since we moved.”

Vikings fans. Just the type of people to terrorize a pregnant woman.

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