Tom Crabtree Expertly Trolls Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler: CUTTY!

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler — CUTTY! — was taken away from us on Friday.

He’ll be heading to the broadcast booth at Fox, which means he may be calling some Green Bay Packers games. Perhaps he’ll step out of the booth to fling a few picks to the guys in green like old times, on occasion.

And speaking of interceptions, enter former Packers tight end Tom Crabtree.

See what he did there?

The caps in the message are INT, INT, INT.

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4 Comments on "Tom Crabtree Expertly Trolls Jay Cutler"


    You left out some of Crabtree’s other accomplishments:

    1. Kicking a bum passed out drunk in the ribs.
    2. Taking candy from a baby.
    3. Slipping a watch off a 94-year-old wheelchair bound man in a nursing home.

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