Olivia Munn Would Like Your Attention Please

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Olivia Munn and dog

Your attention? My attention? Aaron Rodgers’ attention? Anyone’s attention?

Yes, Olivia Munn wants someone’s attention. How else would you explain these ass and cleavage shots?


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☀️ today was a good day

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Hey, look at me. I’m just hanging by the pool, enjoying being single and oh, here is a shot of my ass that someone else took and I am now posting on Instagram.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers is jealous?

I highly doubt it.

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3 Comments on "Olivia Munn Would Like Your Attention Please"

  1. Ace

    Oh mordi. You’re so jealous of her. You keep checking her out and writing about her. It’s time to move on mordi. Let’s grow up and be civilized.

  2. Kaitlynn Jenner

    True comment about Mordi. Plus everybody knows Aaron Rodgers likes nick Jonas and harry styles cleavage and heineys.!!! He is like a school girl instead of a grown man. He likes the bottom.

  3. Bonarro

    Jesus dude, you talk as if her wanting attention is a bad thing. Clearly it worked on you and by the way, thanks for sharing.

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