Mitchell Trubisky’s Car Is A Metaphor For His Bears’ Team

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Mitchell Trubisky car

Have the Chicago Bears become the Cleveland Browns? That’s very possible.

We told you that they drafted a quarterback — hamfistedly moving up one pick in the first round to so — who loves the Green Bay Packers. Most Bears fans hated the pick and what the Bears had to give up to move up that one spot (when no one was trying to get there to take their guy anyway). This Packers fan, however, fucking LOVED it.

The Bears gave up two thirds and a fourth-round pick to move up that one spot and select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Most crappy teams are out there trying to stockpile draft picks. Not the Bears — they’re giving them away when they don’t even have to.

And good for them! They’ll be sitting at the bottom of the NFC North for at least the next two years.

So Trubisky showed up at Halas Hall yesterday. What was he driving — a flashy new sports car?

No, I already said his car is a metaphor for the Chicago Bears themselves. Trubisky rolled up in a 97 Camry — a heap of crap that his grandma used to drive.

The Chicago Bears are not a sports car, they’re a 20-year-old grandma mobile.

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2 Comments on "Mitchell Trubisky’s Car Is A Metaphor For His Bears’ Team"

  1. Savage57

    If he’d have shown up in a flashy new ride, you’d have dogged him about that.

    Basically cut the crap and just title every article “He’s a Bear so everything he does is jacked up and I hate his ass.” Easier that way.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    The Bears still suck because they suck at drafting. Year after year of LOL’s…
    That & they overpay in free agency.
    Their field sucks. Their city is now murder capitol & they suck.

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