Aaron Rodgers Saves The Day

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Aaron Rodgers

Not everyone has been real pleased with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lately, but you can bet these kids are.

Rodgers was informed of a Twitter bet between some students and their teacher on Friday. Get a Rodgers’ retweet and no final.

And he delivered.

What I’m really wondering here is what kind of class is sports literature? Is that like that time in college when I took a class in coaching basketball for a couple of easy credits? Or how I spent all of my senior year in high school in shop classes?

I also remember that I had a teacher who always used the example of “underwater basket weaving” when referring to a screw-off class. In hindsight, that actually sounds hard!

But anyway, while Rodgers didn’t make one fan happy earlier in the week, he made a bunch happy on Thursday and Friday. In addition to these kids, Rodgers was fan-friendly while playing golf.

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