Ted Thompson Drafts In Secret

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Ted Thompson at the Combine

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has supposedly had his issues with general manager Ted Thompson in the past.

That isn’t much of a surprise, considering we all have our issues with Ted Thompson.

However, these two guys do sit together in the so-called “war room” during the NFL Draft. Interestingly, it appears McCarthy — despite being the guy who actually has to coach the players Thompson puts on the roster — ends up just as surprised as the rest of us about who Thompson drafts.

Because the pick is top secret, even to the coach!

McCartney, as you may recall, is an agent. He represented former Packer A.J. Hawk and currently reps Packers kicker Mason Crosby.

On the surface, it may seem that Thompson’s secrecy is idiotic. That’s probably because we all believe that Thompson is a babbling fool.

And he is…

That said, McCarthy is in that room and despite what Tom Silverstein suggests, he must have some idea about the pick. It isn’t as if those two clowns are sitting in there staring at the wall, not saying a word to each other as the draft unfolds.

The power structure in Green Bay is that Thompson has final say over personnel. McCarthy obviously has say over who gets on the field.

If you look back throughout their tenure, McCarthy rarely plays rookies immediately. Not even Clay Matthews or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix were day one starters. Last year’s first-round pick, Kenny Clark, barely saw the field until late in the year.

You have to wonder if McCarthy and Thompson were more on the same page when it comes to the draft if the Packers would get more of an impact from their draft classes early on.

It would seem that this year, with so many glaring holes on the roster, that would be particularly useful.

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8 Comments on "Ted Thompson Drafts In Secret"

  1. MJ

    And TT and Dom Capers should at least be in the same… book!
    -Hey, Dom, here’s a 4-3 DE and a another 5’9” CB. Oh, and the 5’9” CB was playing safety until a few minutes ago. And here is a bunch of really athletic basketball players. Make our defense great again!

    • Deepsky

      The 4-3 defensive end will be drafted in the first round and he’ll come from the West Coast. I said Solomon Thomas early, but his draft prospects have gone way up. So now I think it will be Takkarist McKinley.

      There’s no way the Packers take a corner in the first round as that would be an admission that last year’s picks were a bust. But Thompson will take more than one corner just in case.

    • MJ

      Yes by no means I defended capers, the entire league has him figured out. But TT should at least discussed with him: “look, I can draft this guy, do you​ think he can contribute to your defense?”

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