Green Bay Packers’ Best Offseason Moves Ranked

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Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay Packers have had an interesting offseason.

They actually signed an unrestricted free agent of note for the first time since 2006, when they signed both Charles Woodson and Ryan Pickett.

They also added a couple guys — known as street free agents — who were released by other teams, but likely still have some good years left. Perhaps not quite as impactful, but similar to the Julius Peppers’ signing in 2014.

Of course, the Packers also let a lot of their own free agents sign elsewhere, which means they will get a boatload of compensatory draft picks next year.

How do we rate the best moves of the Packers’ offseason thus far?

Here they are.

3. Re-signing Nick Perry

Nick Perry

Perry was the Packers’ top defender in 2016.

He led the team in sacks with 11 and solidified his position as the team’s No. 1 run stopper. He got paid accordingly, getting a five-year, $59 million deal on the day free agency opened.

We now just have to hope his extensive injury history doesn’t get anymore extensive.

The Packers had to make this move and they did.

2. Signing Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett

As mentioned, 2006 was the last time the Packers signed a significant unrestricted free agent who hadn’t previously played for them.

The Packers supposedly wanted tight end Jared Cook back and when talks with Cook didn’t progress as the team wanted, they went out and got one of the best tight ends in the game.

Bennett is a stout blocker and an athletic pass catcher. Plus, he’s entertaining!

It’s an upgrade for the Packers’ offense.

1. This Very Moment

Aaron Rodgers breaks up with Olivia Munn

Time to take out the trash and win some ballgames, isn’t that right, AR?!

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6 Comments on "Green Bay Packers’ Best Offseason Moves Ranked"

    • Packers fan

      Not to mention Lacy will be playing behind a terrible Seahawks line. Plus Seattle has a bust at left tackle called Joeckel.

  1. Packers fan

    How I would rank them
    1. Signing Marty B
    2. Signing Ricky Jean Francois
    3. Signing Davon House
    4. Resigning Nick Perry
    5. Resigning Christine Michael

      • PF4L

        I got this, ONE time, due to popular demand.

        Let’s review these great off-season moves that propeled the Packers into league dominance.

        5) The signing of Ricky Jean Francois is similar to the signing of Julius Peppers, the same way that Ted Thompson is similar to Bill Belichick. Yes…signing House helps this secondary imo, but it would mean more if we still had Hyde.

        4) Most fans know, that when you lose talent that weakens your team, the NFL rewards you with comp. picks. Comp. picks….. we LOVE em like ice cream. We’re not afraid to lose two Pro Bowl guards and our only good back up 0 lineman…..cause we get comp picks. YAY!!

        3) This one is the best…

        We signed one of our own…a shrewd off season move TED!!! Nick made this an easy decision for big Ted, as we don’t have anyone else effective to rush the passer. So Perry and his agent parlayed his one decent season in his 5th year into a winning lottery ticket. Forcing Ted to outbid himself to the tune of 12 mill/year.

        It should be noted….Perry receives over 27 million in his 1st 2 years. Perry had 1 good season in 5 years….Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I know Big Ted and Russ Ball are.

        Great off season move!! Ted kept his own player, what an accomplishment.

        2) Marty Bennett….So what do we have here? In general oversight, Ted replaced a good player with a different good player. Looking closer…We got a slightly slower tight end, but one who has blocking skills. That skill makes him an actual upgrade, imo. Although i’m not so sure Bennett makes that sideline catch against Dallas.

        1) Olivia Munn…..that is one cute cartoon Monty……lol

        The insinuation of the cartoon is the Packers can now win Super Bowls without Munn dragging Rodgers and his team down. Hard to argue with that intelligent logic. Can you imagine how good our pass rush and secondary would have been if Munn wasn’t around? Fuck, we’d have 2 more Lombardi Trophies by now, amirite Monty?

        I had originally thought that losing Lang and Tretter weakened Rodgers protection. But then it dawned on me…..Munn won’t be around, so it shouldn’t be a problem, amirite? Yes Sir Monty….Without Munn….Let’s start stacking up those World Championship titles. Brilliant.

        Gee…..How will Olivia get attention ? Man….that’s a damn good question Monty….i have no idea.

        I have often wondered… does a hot piece of ass with a personality get attention in this world. One of life’s great mysteries that will remained unanswered i guess.

        In closing….With all these great off-season moves, Munn gone. We probably don’t even need this stinking draft, were all set. We own the NFL now!!

        GREAT article Monty. I wish i had 1/8th of your insight.

        As usual my friends, no charge and….

        You’re welcome.

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