Aaron Rodgers Says Goodbye To T.J. Lang

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T.J. Lang

Hey, as Shawn said on the podcast — and I am paraphrasing — good luck winning games! That’s what we said to guard T.J. Lang when he went home and signed with the Lombardi-trophy-less Detroit Lions.


The Detroit Lions…


I’m just going to leave all of those extra Hs in there because who gives a rat’s ass?! The Detroit Lions! Look, I’m sorry you’re from Detroit to begin with, but you go home, young man!

The only good things to come out of Detroit were Motown, Madonna, Rodriguez, Kate Upton’s tits and the Wings. So fuck you, T.J. Lang!

We ain’t gonna miss you.

Neither is Aaron Rodgers, but those guys were boys. And so…

Not saying Lang wasn’t a good player. He was.

He was a warrior. Went out there even when he was injured and played like a goddam boss.

Like AR, we will always have a soft spot in our heart for T.J. Lang.

But he’s a Lion now.

Enjoy losing to your former team twice a year for eternity, motherfucker!

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18 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Says Goodbye To T.J. Lang"

  1. PF4L

    I don’t blame Lang one bit, nor would i be saying “fuck you” to him, etc.

    If anyone believes that Lang is a top 5 right guard, well his contract is paying him right at the 5 level.

    Don’t underestimate the fact he’s going home, that’s a huge thing to some guys. Also, he probably grew up a Lions fan.

    I have all the respect in the world for Lang. I don’t doubt he’s very happy with his choice. I also doubt he gives a shit what you think.

    You want to spew venom, do it to someone who deserves it. If you don’t know who that is, i can’t help you.

  2. Normally I don’t say fuck you to someone whom I have a soft spot in my heart. Uncalled for Jones. Agree 100% with you PF4L.

    Lang gave all he could to the Packers and is very good at what he does. It is the Packers loss. Best of luck to Lang.

  3. PF4L

    Someone asked FATASS at the combine what the plan is if they lost Lang. FatMike said he doesn’t deal in hypotheticals…..smh

    It’s like as each day passes, we have a new need in the draft. Remember when we just needed a tight end, and a ilb? Simpler days…….and were still looking for the ilb….lol

    But dont you Packer faithful worry…Ted’s got this!!


    • icebowl

      Read this article this morning….
      Explains alot how TT and Co are destroying the team….

      T.J comments…
      “Do you want to play with the best quarterback in the NFL-type thing, you’re going to have to take a little less money, and I think it just kind of wore some guys out the last couple years and watching guys leave … It’s just a business and the older you get, the more you play, the more you understand it.”

      In this case, however, the Packers’ approach to Lang wasn’t just a little less money than he was being offered elsewhere…it was a lot less because of the bidding war that started up between two desperate teams..

      • MJ

        He was not offered much less. 7 vs 8 vs 9.5M. But, this being his last big contract, makes it understandable that he went after the largest offer, for him and his family.

  4. Kato

    Why the hell are you talking shit about TJ Lang? The guy played played his heart out for this organization for years. TT lowballed him. $6 million guaranteed? Is that some kind of joke? I would have left too, extremely distrespectful

  5. Kato

    Did you not see Lang’s reaction when he left the game against Atlanta? His time in Green Bay meant a lot to him. It killed me seeing his reaction. This article has me incensed.

  6. I did not see that last sentence Because I was too mad. So you call a Packer player who has a Super Bowl ring a motherfucker. You deserve to be punched in the face with that Super Bowl ring, Motherfucker Jones.

  7. PF4L

    He talks shit about Wisconsin, Green Bay. Degrades the people and Packer fans who live here. Runs down Rodgers every chance he gets, though most of it’s proven untrue. But would he care if it’s true or not? Not in the least.

    This guy is as phony as a $3 bill.

    You’re time should be just about up……. “motherfucker”.

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