Trade Jeff Janis!

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Jeff Janis on the end-around

I won’t argue with the Jeff Janis critics and haters out there. We’re on the same side on this one. After three years, it’s clear that Mike McCarthy doesn’t assign any value to Janis as a wide receiver. There certainly is no further need for the Green Bay Packers to waste anymore time, take up a roster spot, or spend more money on a player the coach so thoroughly rejects.

I do believe, however, but won’t debate the point, that Janis has trade value. Maybe a fifth-round draft pick, and if not, a sixth or seventh choice. I urge Ted Thompson to test out his marketability. If no one wants to invest a draft choice for his services, then I recommend he be released as soon as possible. Let’s make way for another receiver with better prospects for becoming a meaningful part of the Packers’ passing attack.

After all this time, keeping Janis around for the final year of his contract just to be a punt team gunner can’t be justified. Plus, the Packers still have a logjam at the receiver position. In addition to Janis not making it, there’s a good chance that Trevor Davis is no longer wanted by the team, and it’s far from clear whether Geronimo Allison has the right stuff. The Packers need to clear the roster of players who have stalled out and they need to “develop” some new receiver prospects ASAP.

Rodgers Needs Receiver Help

The playoff loss to Atlanta dramatically revealed just how thin the team is at receiver. In this NFC Championship game, Aaron Rodgers threw for 227 yards to his three veteran receivers: 82 to Randall Cobb, 78 to Jared Cook, and 67 to Jordy Nelson.

The rest of the team’s receivers totaled 27 yards (16 to Davante Adams, 11 to Geronimo Allison, and zero to Richard Rodgers, Trevor Davis, and Jeff Janis). And it’s not like these three three-year men and two rookies didn’t get playing time. Here are the percentages of offensive snaps for each against the Falcons: Adams and Allison, 40%; Davis, 32%; Rodgers, 25%; and Janis, 21%.

Remember when the team began the season thinking there was so much receiver talent that seven roster spots were needed for wide receivers? For many reasons, four have not produced on the field, or five if you count tight end Rodgers. Allison, who I’ve always been lukewarm about, still has time to develop, but it doesn’t appear that Richard Rodgers, Janis, or Davis will ever make significant contributions to the Packers’ passing attack.

In case you forgot, two of those original seven receivers on the roster were Jared Abbrederis (now with Detroit) and Ty Montgomery (now a running back).

Some additional mention should be made of Green Bay’s futile tight end searches. Justin Perillo, another of the Packers’ third-year guys, was quietly released in November. On February 10, he re-upped with the Bears. I never got to see enough of Perillo to second-guess the team on this one, but in the 15 catches he made here I never saw him do anything but look good. Perillo is just another in a lengthening list of tight end rejects: Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, Colt Lyerla, Ryan Taylor, Jake Stoneburner, Kennard Backman, Tom Crabtree…

Not only do the Packers need to be developing new receivers to be solid backups and contributors, they’ve also got to find and develop receivers for starting and starring roles, as Nelson will be 32 when the 2017 season begins and Cook will be 30. Say what you will about Davante Adams, he’ll never be able to fill Nelson’s shoes when it comes time for Jordy to hang it up.

How badly do the Packers need to add quality to the receiving corps? I personally would use the Packers’ first draft pick on a wide receiver projected to be Jordy’s complement and eventual replacement. If they miss the mark once again when they draft more receivers in 2017, Aaron Rodgers is going to be faced with a downright inferior group of players to throw to over the next several years. Besides, if Nelson, Cobb, or Cook (assuming he stays) gets seriously injured in 2017, we’re looking at 2015 all over again.

Will Thompson and McCarthy Do the Sensible Thing?

That’s a lot of background. The whole point being that the Packers and Jeff Janis need to part ways – for the good of both parties. The team ought to try to get some value for him. There must be some team who saw Janis in the 2015 playoff game against the Cardinals, and has a longer memory than McCarthy.

If no trade offers are made, he should be released outright. It makes no sense to use up a roster spot and waste training time and effort on a player who, other than in emergencies, Big Mike won’t play and Aaron Rodgers won’t throw to.

Luv ya Jeff, you deserve so much better than what you got from the powers-that-be in Green Bay. Here’s hoping you’ll get a fair chance elsewhere!

About The Author

Rob is currently twiddling his thumbs on Whidbey Island in Washington. He likes to do research, although he has no shortage of opinions. He saw his first live Packers game in 1958, the only win of the year.

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  1. PF4L

    First of all, nobody hated Janis. I think everyone of us was hoping he could take the top off a defense. In reality, sometimes he had trouble catching the ball while running forward, among his other problems. Don’t let your “luv” and obsession for Janis cloud your judgement, he wasn’t Julio Jones, he wasn’t denied opportunity, he had 3 seasons. Opportunity’s are earned in the NFL. He was, what he was, a 7th round pick, a bad route runner and someone who just couldn’t understand the big picture. He was exactly what the scouting reports said of him. I doubt that Janis has trade value, but then again, who would have believed Ted offered Raji 8/mill a year. Anything can happen i guess.He’s cheap, they probably keep him around for ST anyway.

    Now, where do you get off laying the blame of this game on the receivers? You think the defense had nothing to do with it? This team has far deeper problems than wide receiver, you would know that if you watched the game.

    Spend a 1st round pick on wide receiver, are you completely insane?

    Your still obsessed with Janis, as your passive aggressiveness in this article screams out. Let it go man. Saying it is easy, doing it is another.

    We have a good group of receivers, Nelson, Cobb, Adams, and Allison looked good when Rodgers gave him opportunities. Not to mention Cook. Most NFL teams only wish they had those receivers, fuck man, wake up. Wipe Janis off your eyes man, your blinded. I’ll even contend Montgomery should be a wide receiver, not a running back, but i’ll let time and performance prove me right or wrong on that. What i won’t do is obsess about him to the point where i’m just talking stupid and nonsensical.

    1st round pick on a wide receiver….lol…..that’s good entertainment my man. Maybe we can pick another wr in the 2nd. That seems to have worked out for us at corner, amirite?

    • Dwight Love

      Other WRs have had bad games for the Packers but it was not held against them and they still play regardless.Its not the same for Janis he is a talent that’s being waisted in Green Bay.I have said this numerous times if he is with another team with a competent QB his numbers will rank among the elite WRs in the NFL.Picture him in New England they would play to his ability as a big play threat and its bombs away in Foxborough.

  2. MJ

    There’s another factor at play with the WRs. Rodgers will throw it to them very seldomly, always looking for Nelson and now Cook, and also Cobb. Besides those, the rest see the ball once in a blue moon. Defenses can focus on our two main targets and then their pass rush will reach home, since Rodgers will hold it for 8 sec. As über talented as Rodgers is, he is extra picky with whom he throws the ball to. Maybe this preseason he should throw it to their lesser tier receivers, so they have his trust. And at the same time if a defense cannot assume the ball is invariably going to Nelson, that unpredictability will only work in our favor. Take what the defense gives!

        • PF4L

          Hmmm…idk mj…..

          I’m thinking Adams got a few passes thrown his way. 121 targets to be exact. Cobb had 84 targets. Cook had 51.That’s 4 main targets. That’s more than most teams have.

          As far as Rodgers…yea, idk why he holds it for so long. I’m hoping one of these years that dude can figure out how to play QB in the NFL, or one of us are going to have to go up there and work with him. Enough is enough. Figure this shit out Aaron!!

          lol….Somebody here once wrote Rodgers needed to LEARN to stay in the pocket. lmao….Oblivious i guess to the fact that Rodgers has a 82 percent completion percentage and a passer rating off the charts when outside the pocket. Not to mention, EVERY team they play, want’s to keep Rodgers contained in the pocket, for obvious flipping reasons.

          Rodgers gets in trouble when he can’t leave the pocket if it’s collapsing. That’s the only time he get’s in trouble generally speaking.

          • MJ

            Cook only took a sizeable portion of the targets by the end of the season plus postseason, Adams was there the entire year, so those stats tell half the story. Besides, Adams was still given chance after chance, drop after drop the last year.
            But the point was that, as off the charts as Rodgers is, he is picky with his guys. Brady throws to receivers that were undrafted or late rounders (Amendola, White, Edelman, Welker some time ago), whoever his coaching staff fields. And gets rid of the ball quickly. Rodgers puts a lot on the OL’s plate, asking them to protect for 8 seconds. And sometimes they make it! But you cannot count on that consistently. If holding on for long enough, the pass rush will beat them. How many sacks are credited to Rodgers himself? I don’t know if this is by play design, or by Rodgers’ decision, but he looks like needing to make the big play even when it’s not there. Look how explosive the offense became when getting rid of the ball quickly and spreading it around to all the receivers, right after the bug slump. That, in turn, helps set up the occasional bug play. Now, go rant on how perfect your boyfriend Rodgers’ ,is, PF4L, and how I should be coaching him.

          • PF4L

            Don’t act like Rodgers holds the ball in the pocket 8 seconds every snap. Don’t be such a drama queen. If Rodgers has a receiver open, don’t you’d think he’d throw them the ball? When Rodgers does hold the ball for 8 seconds, it’s when he’s scrambling, extending the play, not just sitting in the pocket. Watch a game or two.

            The offense got explosive when the receivers actually started getting open, and not just jogging through their routes and when Rodgers extends plays. (watch the games).

            Think about this for an hour, or a week if need be until it sinks in. Rodgers can’t get rid of the ball “quickly” if nobody is open.

            The boyfriend comment is cute.

            I don’t know what’s wrong with some of you dumb fucks. Maybe you haven’t been Packer fans for long. Maybe you’ve only been a Packer fan with 2 HOF QB’s. But Rodgers is about as good of a QB that you will find in the history of the NFL, and you some of you pretend like you know why he does what he does. ….seriously?

            Wait till you spoiled fucks get a Packer QB who struggles to get to 8-8. then you’ll have plenty of “real” things to bitch about, or most likely you’ll just stop being a Packer fan all together because they don’t win anymore.

            Yes, Adams was given chance after chance, drop after drop last season. Did it payoff? Was it the right move? Good, then shut up.

            Brady throws the ball to receivers who ARE OPEN. Watch a Patriots game, they are open. Brady also has a very good defense who can hold their own, and Brady doesn’t always have to carry his whole team.

            I hope you learned something today. Next time come at me with something intelligent, i lose brain cells trying to educate you.Now if your not still not happy with Rodgers, maybe you could jump on the bandwagon and be a vikes, bears, or the Lions fans. You know, teams that have really, really good QB’s. Your intellect would probably be more compatible with them anyway.

            Also, if your feelings keep getting hurt, and you keep having homosexual thoughts, do everyone a favor and just stop reading my post. Try to be a big boy ok?

            Thank you for trying to understand.

          • PF4L

            02/12/2017 at 12:34 pm
            “There’s another factor at play with the WRs. Rodgers will throw it to them very seldomly, always looking for Nelson and now Cook, and also Cobb. Besides those, the rest see the ball once in a blue moon.” “Defenses can focus on our two main targets..”

            lol….This guy is a real insightful and knowledgeable fan, Which why he sounds so intelligent.
            Unless of course, he doesn’t consider Adams catching 75 passes for 997 yards and 12 TD’s and also gaining 45 1st downs a “main target”.I would hope that’s not what he calls “once in a blue moon”.

            That’s four main targets, not two Einstein.

            But you keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let facts and truths get in the way.

            Keep on critiquing the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, you’re doing a wonderful job Gomer.

  3. PackerBilly

    You put it well, PF4L. Janis has become a critic’s scapegoat, he has another year to prove he can be better, while still being a top punt/kick-off gunner. Not to mention he will go up and fight for a ball like he did in AZ and if nothing else, can be used as a decoy to send deep and clear out the under. Reminds me of Billy Schroeder when Favre misread half the missed connections with him. I think Mr. Born hasn’t watched a game since 1958. He refers to only the NFCCG for playing time reference while NOT including any of the “For many reasons…” without any deference to their roles on the team, which he obviously doesn’t know. Makes me think he’s a Seahawk troll. His obviously limited research sounds more like he read a few hate blogs on the Packers website and formed his ignorant opinions from that. I can hardly believe he questions Allison’s ability. We’ve seen but a snapshot of Geronimo and he caught balls at all angles and positions, mostly resulting in 1st downs, and appears to have a rapport with Aaron and a lot of potential. Good grief. The guy hardly got to play and he looked pretty darned good when he did, especially that diving TD grab. He’s a keeper for a least another season, IMHO.
    RRodgers has pretty well proven he’s not a blue-chip TE, but has solid hands as a ‘possession TE’. Cook is finally realizing his potential, now that he has a real QB throwing to him, and he and Aaron also seem to have a rapport. I firmly believe we’ve seen the tip of the iceberg of his potential. And he loves it here as much as we’re excited about the future of our offense with him. Mike M mentioned he kinda regrets not getting Davis more time on the field, so I see no reason to dump a barely-tried rookie in whom the HC sees a lot of potential.
    Ty likes the idea of being an RB, a position he HAS played before, and he can still split out of the backfield and line up as a wideout, causing D’s a mismatch nightmare. This is a new ‘trend’ in offense around the league. Also, he has the build to hold as a RB, but we still need a pounder to complement him and Crockett. And not ‘Fat Eddie’.(Talk about blowing a golden opportunity.)
    What Mr. Born apparently doesn’t realize is that not all players learn/develop at the same rate, nor do they get opportunities to show their stuff at the same rate either. Whether it be due to injury or players ahead of them on the roster, you can only field so many on each play, and when someone has a hot hand, they’re not gonna get a chance much. And we have at least 3 WRs who can get ‘hot’ at any moment, maybe G-Mo will be a 4th, and a big fast TE like we’ve been looking for since J-Mike in Jared. So Perillo went to the Bears, big deal. They’re so bad, they’ll take anyone to improve, no offense Justin. He’s probably better than anyone they had.
    I know the coaches are privy to a LOT more knowledge about the players than we are, and I’m not claiming to be any football genius. I do think that Coach McCarthy could use his receiving corps more efficiently with a sort of ‘rotation’, like the D-line does, sending the ‘field-stretchers’ out a little more often whether you plan on throwing to them or not. Keep the D guessing and gassing.
    Seriously, our draft focus needs to stay on D till it gets fixed. It’s a crapshoot because you’re dealing with human beings and the best GMs are lucky ‘to bat .500’, according to Bill Polian. Maybe some folk don’t realize it, but are normally only 15-20 ‘blue-chip’ players available every year. When we constantly draft above 25, because of all our WINNING, it’s hard to get one or two every year. But I will agree it ‘appears’ Janis occasionally gets the ‘Bill Schroeder cold-shoulder treatment.’ However, that’s merely my observation and I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Still think he’s worth keeping, with his fury for going after the ball. He looks like a tough competitor when he’s out on the field.
    Corners, bigger/faster corners, D-line and rush LBs. And maybe Aaron will start spreading the ball around a bit more.

  4. Gil Thorp

    “I do believe, however, but won’t debate the point, that Janis has trade value. Maybe a fifth-round draft pick, and if not, a sixth or seventh choice.”

    Time to put the crack pipe down.

    • PF4L

      So everyone but the Packers passed on Janis in the draft, but now he has trade value? I’m not saying no team will trade for him, i’m saying we don’t know, but i doubt it. If someone can’t make it in the NFL with Rodgers as your QB, it might be time for a career at Costco.

  5. Robster

    I actually thought there was wide agreement that management wasn’t doing enough to give Rodgers the weapons necessary to continue to have a top-notch pass attack. Since 2013, we’ve kept trying to do it on the cheap: Richard Rodgers and Montgomery (3rd round), Abbrederis and Davis (5th), Kennard Backman (6th), Charles Johnson, Janis, and Kevin Dorsey (7th), and Allison (undrafted). My concern isn’t with the veterans – it’s with the backups – who have been thrust into starters during the playoffs for the last two years – and it’s with developing replacements for Jordy and Jared for 2018 or 2019, and beyond. We need to plan for the future!

  6. Kato

    Hai guys. I to voice my opinion. I think PF4L should be the coach of the packers. McCarthy is obviously a moron and has no clue what he is doing. Worst coach in the NFL. Any other coach would have three super bowls with Rodgers. PF4L can adequately evaluate coaches because he is great himself. He would have 5 super bowls by now with Rodgers because having an elite qb automatically means championship in the NFL. Please Murphy, fire fat Mike and hire PF4L. We will achieve glory then. Don’t waste Aaron Rodgers and his 70 qb rating in championship games.

    • PF4L

      I said having an elite QB will get you in the playoffs, i didn’t say it wins championships.

      But then again, were getting used to you posting lies in here like a little bitch.

      Stop making up lies and speaking for others if they didn’t really say something you posted they said, then…and maybe then, you’ll receive a little respect.

      I told you awhile back, you act like a little bitch, you’ll get treated like a little bitch.

      It was your choice. so G F Y.

  7. PF4L

    It will dawn on the retard sometime next week, that i said nothing about McCarthy and the topic of discussion is about receivers. But his obsession gets the better of him and he loses control of himself.

    The retard might even realize in a year or two that he has a juvenile internet blog obsession with someone he doesn’t know, but that controls his emotions.

    Good luck with all that little man. That and your grammar….Holy shit.

  8. ay hombre

    Janis can’t be a special teams ace on a cheapie contract? Why the hell not? This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve read on here in a long time. It’s simple. If Janis’ s value as a special teamer exceeds what the Packers pay then what’s wrong with that? Plus he’s a break glass in case of emergency at WR.

    At the end of the day I think that’s all Janis aspires to be. He’d rather be out bow hunting than study the playbook and maybe he’s fine with that.

    Value. That’s all that matters.


    As many of you know, I have always enjoyed the potential excitement that Janis has provided when he does finally get a chance to catch the ball. His YAC has always been great and with the few plays he has had, he never disappointed (except that ONE long ball, the ONE time that he missed it) hell, he paled in comparison to Adams drops per times thrown to. So I hope that they will keep him one more year. Maybe Buffoon will finally pull his head out of his ass and give him some love. But, in any case he is a hell of a “gunner” and is more than adequate when really need, as he proved during the Arizona game. Rodgers did NOT have any trouble finding him open that day!!! Did he? Regardless, it appears that it most likely is not in the cards for Janis to have a great career in GB. His measurable’s were off the chart when he came in, if I recall correctly only one other WR in the last decade had similar numbers athletically. It is a shame that he was not utilized more to his potential . . .

    • PF4L

      I dig the way you usually think, and i like reading your post, but seriously?

      1 game in 3 seasons? C’mon man. Jarrett Boykin looked really good for more than 1 game, where is he? Janis is one of the rare things that Fat Mike is right about, along with the rest of the coaching staff, that KNOW his game, or lack thereof.

      Some of you guys need to get over his “measurables” of how good he could potentially be. Three seasons, if he was worthy, we’d know it.

      Why is it so hard for you guys to accept he doesn’t have what it takes? Because he’s fast? Because he had 1 good game? Because he hunts, and you hunt, so he’s cool?

      The head coach, the receivers coach, two off. coordinators, the QB….Do you think they are all conspiring to hold Janis down? Seriously? Is that part of the “grudge” against the Janis argument?

      Consider, just consider for a moment two things……1) 32 teams passed on this dude 7 times despite his speed in the draft (except once for the Pack). 2) Janis doesn’t have what it takes to get on the field with the Packers coaches and coordinators.

      Now…….with that, can you maybe accept the fact he doesn’t have what it takes?

      Like i stated earlier in my 1st post, they will probably keep him around on special teams and Hombre was right, he has value as an emergency receiver, like in 2015.


        Agreed about the one game, and his alleged lack of play knowledge. My references were more about the few times per game when he does get targeted, he usually has something to offer. As far as route running goes? Who the hell knows? All I know is that this guy could have been a decent option at times given the right plays and the opportunities which came too few and too far between. Anyway, it is what it is . . . he made it further in football than most of us did! And to that, I say good for him!

        • PF4L

          Idk man. I’m not just trusting McCarthy’s judgement on this. But the thing is, literally 31 other teams, coaches, and probably a couple hundred scouts, didn’t think this guy was worth drafting. These guys do this shit for a living. Who wouldn’t want a guy this fast right? So when some bloggers bitch and moan and obsess about this dude not playing, people who don’t know him whatsoever, i just laugh. Are they somehow more qualified and knowledgeable than all those NFL people?

          I’ve said this before….no one can tell me Rodgers doesn’t want a guy capable of making 50 yard + td passes. He loves that shit, because his ego would demand he that he play if Janis was capable of fluffing his stats like that.

          With that said….maybe Janis would fit someone else’s system better, where he wouldn’t have to know “everything” and they kept it simple for him as a role player. I just don’t know, cuz i have maybe 1/100th of the knowledge about it, that the Packers or scouts do.

          • PF4L

            BTW MM…i always thought the same. These guys that don’t make it in the NFL, but they’ve made 2-4 million dollars finding out when they are in their early 20’s. That’s a hell of a nice head start in life if they didn’t piss it away.

          • Ace

            Dude, I’m being serious. Why don’t you start your own blog. I would totally read it. There is another guy on here who’s posts are great and very knowledgable also. Just leave the personal stuff off (i.e., g/f or wives) I hate going to this trash website to read y’all commentary. Do it!!

          • MMTTDCSUCK

            PF4L, agreed again on the Rodgers POV. I just like cheering for underdogs I guess . . . And yes, it is a nice start for the guys that do not make it very far after their rookie contracts’. I believe Janis is most likely one of those guys that is banking some of that long green and enjoying his moment in the sun.

          • PF4L

            Thanks Ace, when i need someone to do my thinking for me, i’ll come to you and ask your permission on what i can, and can’t post in here.

            Thank you for understanding.

  10. MJ

    We should totally ship him to the Patriots to screw up their intel gathering. He’ll be telling them whatever he thinks he understood from our playbook, totally misleading them.

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