Murphy: No Thompson Successor in Place

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Ted Thompson at the Combine

When will general manager Ted Thompson’s reign of mediocrity end in Green Bay? Probably only Thompson and Packers president Mark Murphy know the answer to that question.

They’re not saying.

What Murphy is saying is that he hasn’t anointed anyone as Thompson’s successor.

“Things change so quickly I don’t want to tie the organization’s hands,” Murphy said. “And whether that would be permitted under the Rooney Rule, I’m not sure about that. But I don’t think it’s good business anyway.”

There has been plenty of speculation about who might replace Thompson lately.

There are in-house candidates in Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst and Russ Ball. Wolf interviewed for GM jobs in San Francisco and Indianapolis this year. Gutekunst also interviewed with San Francisco.

There are potential outside candidates, as well. That group seems to be led by Kansas City GM John Dorsey, who started his career with the Packers.

Thompson’s contract reportedly runs through the 2018 draft and that seems to be the soonest we could expect any change at the top.

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13 Comments on "Murphy: No Thompson Successor in Place"

  1. PF4L

    5hRob Demovsky

    Packers’ Mark Murphy: No one can match Patriots but ‘we’re pretty close’
    Packers president Mark Murphy is satisfied with the state of the organization despite falling short of the Super Bowl, lauding its consistency.

    • PF4L

      Under Thompson and McCarthy and Murphey’s tutelage.

      This team has been to 4 NFCCG. winning 1. That’s a winning percentage of .250. That’s a failure in most people’s book. But not these guys, oh no sir, because they got to the fucking playoffs. 3 missed chances of going to the Super Bowl.

      When asked how Murphy viewed the season, he said: “I hope it’s not to the point where you can only have a successful season if you win the Super Bowl.”

      Ok, how about just getting to another one? (That’s what i would have asked him, right when he said that)

      What Murphy doesn’t comprehend is that he, as the top executive of the Packers, defines what is, and what isn’t a successful season for the Packers. Unfortunately, he defines it as getting to the playoffs.

  2. PF4L

    We got in the playoffs by the skin of our teeth the last 2 seasons. What do we have to show for it? We got in the playoffs the last 6 years, what do we have to show for it.

    Whether i said it before, or if you look at it in hindsight. Getting to the playoffs the last 2 seasons has set this team back.

    Every year this team get’s in the playoffs and loses, it sets this team back.

    This team clearly uses 2 words to define a season.

    1) Goal: Getting to and winning the Super Bowl

    2) Successful: Getting to the playoffs.

    When you have Aaron Rodgers as your QB in the NFC North. Getting to the playoffs should be at the very minimum of expectations.

    As an intelligent lifelong Packer fan. I’m insulted that an executive with the Packers proclaims making it to the playoffs is defined as successful.

    I have to bide my time as a Packer fan through these, low expectation, underachieving, stagnant Packer executives.

    I literally feel sick to my stomach when i think about all this lost opportunity that is passing us by. Passing us by, because at the end of the day, after all the bullshit, the real standard in Green Bay the past 6 years is just getting to the playoffs.

    Anyone who believes otherwise, is simply a fool.

    For the rest of us, it’s the real possibility that Aaron Rodgers has seen his one and only Super Bowl game in his career.

    The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same.

    • icebowl

      Dude- You’re preaching to the choir here. As an intelligent lifelong Packer fan you should know that they are in charge, they make rules and they have the power unmatched by any business venture in the world…. Name a company that can survive by striving on “low expectation” and “underachieving, stagnant executives”…..

      Poster children : Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers

      To add insult to injury these non achieving teams then want to blackmail cities into using valuable tax income to build them a new stadium, with league backing them by denying Super Bowl income if city does not abide…

      Its Bizarro Business world ….

      Drops mike

      • PF4L

        Yea, i think i’m intelligent enough to know they are in charge. But thanks for making sure.

        I’ll preach until the day Rodgers leaves this team, and it doesn’t matter. Because the day the lottery ticket leaves, the 3 stooges will follow.

        Someone in here wrote that Rodgers should play hardball and demand some competence in running this team, or demand a trade. Where things are right now, i wouldn’t blame him a bit.

        So going into the 2017 season with no changes………
        Lets all pretend were optimistic and excited for 7 straight season’s of getting in the playoffs…YAY!!!!!!!!

        Lets all pretend that TT isn’t, one of the worst GM’s at the draft. He’s a fucking joke.

        Lets all pretend that Thompson uses all available money, uses all resources available to field the strongest team he can.

        Lets be just like Murphy and Thompson, McCarthy and pretend that getting into the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers at QB, is defined as a successful season. Or some big accomplishment.

  3. Kato

    We lucky we got to that one super bowl. Aaron Rodgers plays like utter garbage. The best play he made in the NFCCG was tackling Brian Urlachet on an interception return. Otherwise the packers lose that game.

  4. Pack Attack

    Even the 2013 season when Arod missed half the season. Could we have gotten a playmaker drafting earlier? A playmaker that could have helped in our last two championship games?

  5. Empacador

    Who starts all these rumors? Who knows if Dorsey is actually in the mix or not? Odds are, if they select from in house, whoever is left and not selected is gonna want to leave after being jilted anyhow. Maybe the Packers have their own John Lynch in the works. But none of that matters until Thompson decides to step down, in like 5 years. Murphy must really think Thompson is better than any young up and comers he risks losing by delaying this change. But hey, at least Billy Joel got some stock out of the deal.

  6. PF4L

    The people who start rumors, are the people who get paid…to start rumors.

    Speculative Reporters.

    I don’t think, that Murphy thinks, at least not in any aspect of football operations. He chooses the path of not 2nd guessing Ted. He chooses the path of not having to think.

    Welcome back 70’s and 80’s.

  7. Icebowler

    I hear the Patriots do a few extra things that the Packers absolutely refuse to do. Something to do with an occasional Free Agent, to fill a hole or two, so that they actually can take the BPA’s in the draft.

    • Savage57

      The other, more important thing they do is play for a coach that doesn’t need to make stupid statements about how successful of a coach he is – his record stands up to any scrutiny. He also doesn’t have favorites, will ream the ass of anyone on his team who needs it, and if you can’t ‘do your job’, he’ll ship your ass out and bring in someone who can.

      You never hear him talk about pad level, data analytics or other related, inane shit, either.

      He’s the guy who stole other people’s lunch money – not the guy who got it stolen from him.

  8. ExPatPack

    Maybe Mark Murphy is the first guy who needs to go. He cultivates “stability” like cows who feel comfortable strolling among the smell of their own manure.

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