Here’s Olivia Munn Playing Beer Pong

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Olivia Munn beer pong

Clearly, she did not go to UW-Oshkosh. I say this because this right here is allegedly the first time Olivia Munn has played beer pong.

Played Beer Pong for the first time last week and … (see next pic ?)

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Yes, ride or die, alright. Does she have a professional photographer following her around, documenting her every inane move?

… ?? B O S S

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Getting a little chunky in the thighs there, huh Liv?

The obvious question is, is Aaron Rodgers on the other side of that table? If we are to believe this tropical vacation was taken this week, then the answer is no. Rodgers is playing golf at Pebble Beach.

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9 Comments on "Here’s Olivia Munn Playing Beer Pong"

  1. PF4L

    “Getting a little chunky in the thighs there, huh Liv?”

    “The obvious question is, should i finally come out of the closet?” – Ms. Mordecai

  2. PF4L

    Hey Mordi…She’s not wearing a ring.

    The engagement must be off huh?

    Maybe you still have a chance.

    Time to make your move Sparky, send Rodgers some flowers.

        • PF4L

          lmao….i don’t know guys, at 2nd look, she’s looking kinda plumpish. She looks to be weighing in at about 115 and 1 ounce, maybe if she lost a half ounce, she’d be looking pretty hot….LMAO….Mordi, you are a special kind of fucking moron. Good luck in your travels my friend..

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