Packers Promote Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst

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Eliot Wolf

Eliot Wolf

For the second year in a row, Eliot Wolf, son of Ron, has been promoted by the Green Bay Packers.

Wolf was promoted from director of pro personnel to director of player personnel last year. He is now the director of football operations, which is a title that general manager Ted Thompson previously held.

The events, as they’ve unfolded with Wolf, seem to suggest that Wolf will one day (possibly soon) replace Thompson as general manager. Wolf has been eyed for other general manager spots around the league. The Packers have continuously promoted him, but with this latest promotion, there’s nowhere left to go except general manager, in Green Bay or elsewhere.

Although there has been more and more talk about Thompson stepping down, he is under contract through the 2018 season.

The Packers have said they have a succession plan in place, but president Mark Murphy has not revealed what that plan is.

At the very least, we can assume Wolf is on a short list of candidates to replace Thompson.

Not to be overlooked is the promotion of Brian Gutekunst.

He goes from director of college scouting to director of player personnel, Wolf’s old job. Gutekunst — along with chief negotiator Russ Ball — has long been described as one of Thompson’s most trusted confidants.

Wolf has not been given that distinction, which would suggest that Gutekunst is more aligned with Thompson’s conservative philosophy. Wolf, whom we’ve heard has been frustrated with Thompson’s way of doing business, may then signal a change in direction for the Packers front office if or when he does become general manger.

That’s perhaps the most interesting thing here to consider.

Less interesting, but still noteworthy is that the Packers no longer have a director of college scouting. Other than Ted Thompson himself, of course.

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    • ay hombre

      VJ the big talker…please release your mock draft so we can all stare in awe at your brilliance months/years down the road. But I doubt that will happen. Instead we’ll just hear about how you would have done so much better than Ted.

      Let’s see what you got.

  1. Packers fan

    Can someone please explain to me when will TT retire I really want to know? Aaron isn’t getting younger and I would like for someone to reply to this message when will TT retire. Thanks!

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