Clay Matthews Makes Rare Public Appearance with Family

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Clay Matthews family

Ever since Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews went and got someone pregnant, he has ceased to have much of a public persona.

And since he got married at a top-secret ceremony, he’s virtually nonexistent off the football field. Such as it is, we take note when Matthews turns up somewhere during the offseason.

He turned up with wife Casey Noble and the rest of his family at the Athletes First Classic last weekend. He even managed to shave for the occasion, which honored his father Clay Jr. and uncle Bruce.

If you were looking for proof, here it is. Clay Matthews is alive, he loves his wife and he still knows how to use a razor.

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9 Comments on "Clay Matthews Makes Rare Public Appearance with Family"

    • LMAO!! Sounds like someone from the Matthews family because I can’t believe any man would think an unemployed, bleach blonde fried nearly 40-something year old woman is attractive. Especially one who mooches off her father’s and little brother’s famous names. Get real!! LFMAO!!!

  1. Hmmmmm

    His old wife looks the worst here as well. Everyone else is dressed rather nicely, except her. I can’t believe anyone would hire her to design anything. She has no sense of style whateoever.

  2. Jess

    Monty I have finally figured out what alternate universe the union of Clay Matthews and Casey Noble makes sense. If you’re a 40 year old male or older, you might think Ms Noble is a rocket. If you’re a stud professional athlete in his late 20’s, this union….well…it defies logic, reason, decency, common sense, the laws of physics…. but take a look at moma Matthews – then look at Ms Noble did this dude just marry his mom? We’ve been looking at this all wrong. We want to believe with that physique that Clay is an alpha male – I think the truth is this dude gets led around by the nose by the women in his life. Yup he’s a massive, ‘I’m in love with my mom’ – moma’s boy. First ew and second it’s the only thing that makes sense, that and the fact that Ms Noble is incredibly shrewd and conning. Bravo madam. Bravo.

  3. Bob E.

    Sorry bud, you’re the wrong gender. So she’ll always be single unless …. does California recognize same sex unions? I dunno.

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