Mark Murphy is Only Committed to Ted Thompson

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Laughing at Ted Thompson

Laughing at Ted Thompson

Good old Ginger Gap Tooth! Mr. Status Quo himself! Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy will, not surprisingly, be maintaining this status quo of mediocrity in Green Bay for as long as possible.

We’ve apparently all grown tired of Ted Thompson’s narrowly-focused, only-one-way-to-do-it approach to team building. That reportedly goes for coach Mike McCarthy and the people in the personnel department.

Well, all of us but old Ginger Gap Tooth, that is.

Gingy Gap is committed to Thompson and only Thompson. That is, in terms of actual human beings. His real commitment is to the bottom line and as long as the Packers maintain record profits year after year, nothing will change.

This comes up because Eliot Wolf, the Packers’ director of player personnel, keeps getting mentioned for general manager jobs elsewhere. There were whispers that he was under consideration in Detroit and Cleveland this year. The Eagles requested permission to interview him, last year.

Wolf was promoted to his current role around the same time the Eagles expressed interest, which surely is not coincidental.

At some point, the Packers will either lose Wolf, promote him to replace Thompson or put a clause in his contract that he will be the Packers’ general manager when Thompson retires.

Right now, they will do nothing.

“I think a lot of Eliot,” Murphy said. “Obviously very bright and literally grew up in the business. This became a big thing in college athletics, having a coach in waiting. I think a couple things: You hate to tie an organization’s or athletic department’s hands. For league rules it’s also important that you go through searches, too.”

That last part is false. If the Packers contractually tied themselves to Wolf as Thompson’s successor, they wouldn’t have to follow league search rules.

However, that’s not the point. The point is, Murphy is hitching his wagon to Thompson regardless of anything else.

“Hopefully (Thompson will stay on) as long as he wants to and feels good about what he’s doing,” Murphy said. “I think we’re fortunate to have him.”

A lot of people would disagree.

Frankly, we’re not necessarily sure Wolf is the guy. Not that we don’t think highly of Ron’s kid, but we think pretty highly De Pere native and Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider too.

He’s already done it at the highest level.

We understand the Packers aren’t going to win a Super Bowl each year, but everyone — except Ginger Gap Tooth, of course — believes the Packers should have more than one with Aaron Rodgers at this point. And they probably would have if they had the wherewithal to surround him with enough talent.

But you keep patting yourself on the back for making us part with more and more of our money each year, Mark. And don’t worry about the fact that you literally have the easiest job in all of sports.

Don’t kid yourself, people. Fans and corporations alike literally go out of their way to throw money at the Packers. All Murphy has to do is create enough opportunities for them to do so.

As for the football side of it, draft and develop!

Should be good enough for the Packers to win one playoff game each year until Rodgers retires.

Vince would literally fucking shit himself if saw this nonsense.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

22 Comments on "Mark Murphy is Only Committed to Ted Thompson"

  1. scott46

    Excellent article, finally some writer had the balls to say or write something I totally agree with. Thank you for your independence and not be influenced by the status quo. Perhaps this may be the beginning of us being more like the New England Patriots, by the way who has won 4 Super Bowls in comparison to our one and done playoffs record each year?

  2. billabong

    He’s got bigger things to worry about other than football players and coaches….as in buying up more real estate and expanding the Lambeau area….$$$$$$$$$$ is his job….he stays away from Ted…too spooky…

  3. Jschizl

    I wonder what kind of record deal Ted would get if we got rid of him. I bet he would be the highest paid GM in NFL history. And be able to chose like 20 teams

  4. Bobby D

    The gay socially awkward Great White Rodent and by far the most overrated GM in sports is finally getting recognized for the piece of shit he is…talent level he’s drafted and has had developed by the rotund overrated HC amounts to a 4-12 team without one guy. Howdy Doody Murphy couldn’t care less. What a fucking waste of yet anorher HOF qb. Hope he finds the right guy and goes the fuck away….but he won’t

  5. Phatgzus

    I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Jay Cutler has the easiest job in all of sports, throw interceptions, permanently etch a sour puss onto your face and rake in millions.

  6. Shawn

    The Packers are 14th in cap space but already have 20 starters under contract, being the only winning team with over $20 mil in cap space and 20 starters signed.
    As I have said before, I think TT is going to surprise some people this offseason. He has spent money before, when we actually had the money to spend.

    • PF4L

      When we actually had the money to spend (what?) Are you implying that Ted spends most of the salary cap on players and doesn’t hoard 10 million here, 13 million there for the last 10 years?

      We may have 20 million in cap space, but once Ted offers Raji 8/mill a year again(cough)…..Oh, that Ted, what a shrewd business man…lol

  7. PF4L

    As a community team in the NFL’s smallest market, should the Packers rank 25th to 30th in ticket prices instead of in the middle of the pack?

    “It’s a balancing (act),” Murphy replied. “We also want to insure that we can continue to compete on the field. The more resources we have, it helps. And there’s no salary cap on coaches’ contracts.”

    Compete on the field? During the regular season, or the post season Mr. Murphy?

  8. PF4L

    Want our cash? Beat a decent team in the post season for the love of Christ. Rodgers can get us to the playoffs in a largely weak NFC North….don’t act like your doing something besides buying up property around Lambeau, with our money.

  9. PF4L

    I’d take my chances with Elliott Wolf. At least there is the chance he has a true desire to win Championships based on bloodline. I’m not done venting about this fuck and that living corpse he calls a General Manager. We’ll talk about accountability and leadership tomorrow, and why this fuck feels like Ted can just stay as long as he damn well feels like it. and if i hurt anyones feelings here that is a fan of big Ted, i only did it because fuck you.


      Yep! In TT we trust. Mark Murphy=glad handing putz. Grow some balls and get a few blue chippers in here to help get to the SB. The Cap is always under anyways. Push a bit harder in Free Agency for once. There will be good players available. TT needs to jettison a few of those under performers. That should take care of some of the cap money. It is NOT rocket science.

  10. Packers fan

    Elliott Wolf should be the next Packers GM. Do not let him walk away. He should stay in Green Bay forever because he is Ron Wolf’s son.

  11. Bird

    Tired of seeing the pack go to the playoffs and win one game,Deon Sanders said it perfect if you don’t win the Super Bowl your the season means nothing. Same thing every year since the last super bowl we will be better next year well guess what I haven’t seen it someone needs to grow a set of seed sacks and get aggressive

  12. Phillthy

    I’ve ways enjoyed the fact Schneider has an out in his contract for GB, he has proven as a top GM in the game currently.

    Wolf is unproven on the large scale, but carried the heart and dream to create success.

    Both gentlemen covet this job, with experience going to Schneider. I’d love to see what Wolf’s got and would hate to see him go elsewhere, it’s gonna come down to Murphy and I’m sure he will stay in house.

  13. I so much agree the with u all Murphy does not have the balls to put the heaters on TT to sign a FA. When his draft & develop fails. Then why not the exec board speak up, not likely, there not paid enough lol

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