Hey Everybody, It’s Bryan Beluga

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David Diehl

This guy wins.

Yes, that is none other than Green Bay Packers right tackle Bryan Beluga.

He means¬†Bulaga, doesn’t he?


Beluga. As in the whale.

That’s how Fox color idiot David Diehl was pronouncing Bulaga’s name all game on Sunday. I didn’t notice that one, but Chitko most certainly did.

I did, however, notice Diehl’s butchering of Micah Hyde’s name.

He’s now Makaya Hyde.

Seriously, I really thought no one could be worse than Phil Simms. I mean, Phil Simms is god-awful.

David Diehl really is worse.

It’s indescribable how bad he is. Even Phil knows how to say guys’ names properly.

If David Diehl ever broadcasts another game, then Fox should be ashamed of itself for lowering professional standards to a level that is clearly below acceptable and then shrugging it off.

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12 Comments on "Hey Everybody, It’s Bryan Beluga"

  1. The Money Mike

    What a fucking joke…they probably think we deserve it after that game, to quote Rodney…no respect

  2. Fresher than Wonder Bread

    Any news on his injury? Thank Tretter for that strip fumble, if B-U-L-A-G-A had not left the game, the outcome of the game would’ve been different…

    • Phatgzus

      A backup GUARD/CENTER playing RT (He only played LT in college) facing MARIO WILLIAMS, WTF do you expect? That’s on MM or Rodgers for the playcall/lack of adjustment as much as it is on Tretter. The only reason Tretter didn’t get embarassed for the entirety of hiss playing time was because, for some inexplicable reason, Buffalo kept stunting Williams inside againt Lang.

  3. Phatgzus

    Sure, Simms gets names down alright, he just repeats the same inane fucking point 30 times in a row until he moves on to the next obvious point; Captain Obvious himself would bitch slap him out of annoyance.

  4. Mad City Packer Fan

    Play by Play announcer Mike Keith for the Titans is extemely obnoxious…everytime he screams “touchdown Titans” I wanna punch him in the throat.

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