Don’t Expect Much from Richard Rodgers This Year

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Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers

When the Green Bay Packers drafted tight end Richard Rodgers in the third round, we labeled him a project.

Rodgers played three years at Cal — the first two as a tight end and the third as a receiver. As such, his weight went from 275 down to 245. He’s now back up to a more tight end-like 267.

Weight isn’t the concern though. Blocking is and that’s why we don’t see him contributing much this season. If you’re a tight end and there are questions about your blocking, the Packers are going to be hesitant to put you on the field.

Since Rodgers played receiver in a spread offense last year, he hasn’t really blocked anyone since 2012. So he really has only two years of college experience blocking as a tight end.

Not really ideal. Sure, he has plenty of potential, but it’s going to be a struggle for Rodgers to get on the field this year.

Look at converted receiver Brandon Bostick. Great talent as a pass catcher, still learning how to block. Hence, hasn’t played much.

Rodgers’ situation is somewhat comparable to that of the guy he might end up replacing, Jermichael Finley. JMike left Texas after just two seasons on the field (he was a redshirt sophomore). Caught plenty of balls, but there were questions about his blocking.

When the Packers drafted him in the third round, Finley was… wait for it… a project!

A project who wasn’t particularly adept at blocking and didn’t have a lot of experience doing it. So what happened that first season?

Finley sat behind Donald Lee, starting just one game and catching just six balls for 74 yards.

We’d be REAL surprised if Rodgers does more than that this season.

Besides that, he’s wearing Bob Ferguson’s old number and that can’t be a good sign.

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13 Comments on "Don’t Expect Much from Richard Rodgers This Year"

  1. dustin

    I look forward to watching lyerla, Rodgers, and Bostick all competing against one another in camp and during the preseason. I’m hoping we find a diamond in the rough.

  2. K.L.

    I still don’t know what Thompson sees in Rodgers. All I know is that Lyerla is a freak athlete and has a damn good chance of being one of the best in the league if stays out of trouble. He will have very little competition.

  3. Howard

    It does not matter how good of athletes any of the tight ends are. If they cannot go into the backfield and pass protect for Aaron (without scaring the hell out of McCarthy) ,play special teams, and block for Eddie they will have the same outcome as DJ Williams. Sit out most games or plays (unless they split out wide) then get released after a year or two. Look at Crabtree, Taylor and Quarless as example of the tightends who stick at least to the end of there first contract.

  4. GBslacker

    “Don’t Expect Much from Richard Rodgers This Year”


    These are the Packers.
    They seldom get anything from rookies.

    (Sounds harsh. Sorry. But the Packers usually make the playoffs and when they draft it’s late-round / next-round talent. Mix in the complicated horseshit on both sides of the ball… Presto: rookie red-shirt season!)

  5. Savage57

    This guy was the only WTF pick in the Packers draft. Seems they’re back to the 5 TE idea, but between AQ, BB, RT, JS, RR, CL and whatever other camp meat they have scheduled, I hope that this position can finally become a position of impact, and not illusion now that the Packers former resident head case is soon to be a Seahawk, retired or eating through a straw.

    • E. Wolf

      No, that dude from South Miss was also a WTF.
      I am really excited about Lyerla. THe only downside to him is that it makes this pick even more of a waste.

  6. Jtmax

    Its not about 40 time or vertical. Route running, catching the ball, and blocking are much more important.

  7. Jtmax

    If rodgers demonstrates sure hands, execute blocking assignments well, and stay healthy he will get on the gameday roster. Main problem with our TE has been injuries and dropsies.

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