Here Are the Top Inside Linebackers in the 2014 NFL Draft

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C.J. Mosley
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C.J. Mosley

C.J. Mosley

C.J. Mosley, Alabama (6-2, 234)

Mosley is the only inside backer projected to be a first-round pick. He was expected to be a top 15 pick when all of this draft hullabaloo started, but it looks like he’s sliding down the board slightly, which could be great news for the Packers. He’s not sliding for anything he’s done per se. Other guys are rising and inside linebacker typically isn’t a position teams address with a high pick. Plus, he’s had some injuries. Mosley is, however, almost the total package. He’s quick, instinctive, a good tackler, solid against the run — all traits the Packers lack — and has a great work ethic. In 2013, Mosley posted 107 tackles, including nine for a loss.

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C.J. Mosley

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9 Comments on "Here Are the Top Inside Linebackers in the 2014 NFL Draft"

  1. the real russ letlow

    regardless of who, we need an ILB who can create turnovers and who clobbers people. Pass coverage ability works too.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    C.J. Mosley is projected to be drafted as high as #8 overall by the ViQueens.

    2nd overall on my 1st-round wish list.

  3. GBslacker

    Geez, slim pickings at ILB.

    Those other guys make Mosley look awesome.
    But is Mosley awesome?
    Is a beaten-up Alabama player what we want?
    He may get snatched up prematurely, when others consider the field.

    Will Ted spend a 1st-round selection on an ILB?

    I thought that eye-brow shaver was an ILB?
    or would he be a conversion project?

    A couple of mocks has us taking SS Jimmy Ward.
    I personally disagree: he doesn’t have the size to be a “thumper,” nor the speed to be an “eraser.” No sense in spending a 1st-rounder on what we already have: Hyde.

    Crap — looks like no help for the middle of the D in the first round. The only hope might be if the QB frenzy gets whipped up again, and makes a couple of teams panic.

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