Packers QB Coach Ben McAdoo Could Be on the Move

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Ben McAdoo

Ben McAdoo

It’s that time of year when coaching staffs around the league are being filled out and as usual, the names of Green Bay Packers assistants are coming up. One of those is quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo.

McAdoo, surprisingly, will get a shot to go right to the top. He’s going to interview for the Cleveland Browns head coaching position.

That’s quite a leap for McAdoo, who’s never served as a coordinator in the NFL. Prior to becoming the Packers quarterbacks coach in 2012, McAdoo spent six seasons as the team’s tight ends coach.

The Browns axed former coach Rob Chudzinski after just one season on the job.

McAdoo is also believed to be a candidate for the offensive coordinator position in Miami. Coach Joe Philbin, who used to be the Packers offensive coordinator, fired Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman this week.

We have a tough time seeing McAdoo landing the Browns top job, but his tenure in Green Bay is more than likely over.

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7 Comments on "Packers QB Coach Ben McAdoo Could Be on the Move"

  1. SA packerfan

    No one wants to steal Dom Capers from us? Hmmm I wonder why? Cause our defense sucks after spending years drafting top players. We will never go deep into the playoffs ever with Dom Capers.

  2. Cuban

    Its amazing how the disintegration of the front office/coaching staff continues year to year losing philbin, mckenzie, dorsey, schneider, now possibly mcadoo, and yet the one guy who most of us would love to see gone, (capers) is still here and is given a free pass year to year

  3. GBslacker

    “It’s that time of year when coaching staffs around the league are being filled out and as usual, the names of Green Bay Packers assistants are coming up. ”

    Thanks — I got a big laugh out of that.
    “As usual” — like people are banging down the door, screaming:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been paying attention.

    This is the only guy (ie: McAdoo) that has gotten a whiff of interest, and IMO it smells of the just-curious, due-diligence variety — a warmup of sorts for the heavy hitters.

    Can’t blame him for wanting to get away from McCarthy — where his “run solutions” lead to pick 6s…

    • Phatgzus

      As Cuban already listed: Philbin, Mckenzie, Dorsey, Schneider, that’s a solid bit of interest over the past few years. Wouldn’t at all be surprised if Bennett is next.

  4. Your Mom

    If he’s like the last Packers quarterback coach (Andy Reid) to skip the coordinator position and go straight to head coach, he’ll have a long career of making the playoffs then getting immediately bounced.

    • Phatgzus

      And make it to the SB once after defeating the Packers on a 4th-and-the-world Statue of Liberty double reverse WR pass to the QB.

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