Aaron Rodgers Not Cleared, But Progressing

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Yesterday, Aaron Rodgers took some first-team reps for the Green Bay Packers. Today, he took some more.

Rodgers is still considered limited, but reports are that he opened practice as the No. 1 quarterback. Before you get too excited, Matt Flynn also took reps as the No. 1 quarterback.

So here’s the breakdown.

Coach Mike McCarthy called Rodgers limited. He also said he progressed from yesterday’s practice and will ultimately be evaluated on Friday, which will determine if he’ll play this week against the Dallas Cowboys.

What does that tell us?

Not a hell of a lot.

It tells us QB1 hasn’t been ruled out this week. It also tells us there’s no guarantee that he’ll play this week.

There’s hope, though!

We wouldn’t bet the house on Rodgers playing on Sunday, but at least we’re moving the right direction.

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38 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Not Cleared, But Progressing"

  1. PF4L

    Lets hope he can play Sunday, so at least we can put these kind of articles to rest and move on. We have a Division to win. GO PACK GO!!

  2. Iltarion

    He wouldn’t be taking important #1 reps away from Matt Flynn unless they were seriously considering playing him.

    This is a good sign. I have moved him from doubtful to questionable on my personal injury report.

  3. PF4L

    Look, i don’t know everything about anything, i’m no E Wolfie. But i’d like to think they announce Rodgers the starter tomorrow.

  4. PF4L

    The O line is what it is. Which is now, what it’s been. Just because Flynn was sacked 12 times in 2 games, doesn’t mean anything, does it? In Ted We Trust.

  5. E. Wolf

    You sure are fixated on me, PFAIL. You are foaming at the mouth, just like those legion of bitch Seahawks fans who were trolling this board with that piece I wrote. The only conclusion I can come to is that a number of my words have resonated with you. It really sticks in your craw.
    We have a division to win? The likelihood of that NOT happening is an absolute metaphysical certitude.

          • E. Wolf

            Perhaps, IN CONCURRENCE with rebelgb and others’ sentiments. You seem to have trouble thinking things are somehow contradictory, when they are not. It is further testament to your slow, defective intellect, or that you are just a troll.
            And thanks again for showing how preoccupied you are with me.

          • PF4L

            “Perhaps?”…Nice non answer. So much for manning up.

            Grab a pen and take a note Uncle E W.

            No one likes an incessant whiner, not even Shawn or Monty.

          • E. Wolf

            Man you are slow, and delusional as well, if you think I have to answer to you for anything. I do however enjoy highlighting your piss poor critical thinking and logic, seeing things as contradictory when they are actually not….

  6. PF4L

    Hang in there Uncle Wolfie, i’m busy waiting for Rodgers to be named the starter Sunday. In the meantime, treat yourself, and have a coke and a smile. :)

  7. E. Wolf


    For the last time, I don’t drink coke.
    Indeed, one of my favorite band’s most famous lines, in deriding the Americanization and dissolution of European culture, is “free coca cola for you” for when “the kids from Fame will all be there.”
    Know what else? I hate MacDonald’s too. When in Germany I long for mobs of young-toughs to burn down every last one. I also pumped my fist when Morgan Spurlock alluded to the death of Ronald MacDonald in Super-Size Me.

  8. guysocke

    E. Wolf is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. If you really feel the need to continually stroke your own ego, then start your own damn blog. You are ruining this one.

  9. PackAttack

    I’m getting confused here.

    Hearing words like “I’ve felt better”, “there’s more to it than this”, “I don’t know”, “well I’m feeling better but it starts from the ground up” —- I’m not seeing any positive statements from Rodgers about playing. In fact, in the last two days he’s made more excuses than anything. He’s talking about playing in pain, not being comfortable, the scans aren’t everything, he’s felt better — bla bla bla.

    Either he’s psyching out Dallas (which I don’t see why he would) or he really doesn’t want to play. I’ve yet to hear him say, “I’m good to go, I want to play this weekend, Dallas is mine, I’m going to play, I’m ready to roll” — have not heard anything even close to that.

    I would rule him out but who the hell knows.

    • PF4L

      They run the same plays with Flynn as with Rodgers to a large extent. I doubt that Dallas will win or lose this game, trying to game plan against 1 QB or the other. If this is gamemanship, McCarthy needs a new game plan.

      Against the leagues worst defense, and how the Bears played them with their back up QB. To me, there is no reason we shouldn’t beat Dallas, with Rodgers or Flynn.

      • PF4L

        Some (one) people(person) believe(s), that it’s McCarthy’s strategy, to make Dallas believe Rodgers is playing, so they prepare for him, but to actually start Flynn. I guess that gamemanship” should win this game. Pure Genius.

  10. Cheese

    Grown men complaining so much that they actually try to get each other banned from internet forums?

    If I ever come to that my computer is going in the garbage.

    • PF4L

      I haven’t tried to get anyone banned. It’s childish. But Wolfie put the ball in play, he wasn’t just concurring, he brought it up 1st. I guess because Monty let Wolf write an article, Wolfie feels like he has some “pull around here”.

      #37 written by E. Wolf
      12/01/2013 – 11:17 pm

      “Monty should ban your ass for being a troll, and probably actually either a Bears fan or Vikings fan.”

      I used to view Wolfies post as mildy amusing. in a pathetic sort of way. But after seeing how he thinks he knows everything, about everything, and could never admit to being wrong, and constantly whining about injurys, and spending all his money on life size Ted Thompson cut outs, now i just view him as obsessive, pathetic and laughable.


      • E. Wolf

        Hey asshole,

        As stated before, other posters have felt the same way. To wit, rebelgb, and probably also phatzgus, among others whom I do not specifically recall. So stop making it as if I am the only, or more particularly that I was the first or most vociferous.
        It is noteworthy that your behavior has improved–albeit only minimally–since then. This is prima facie evidence that you were warned.
        And as far as being obsessive, you are the one who seems to be cataloging all my postings. It is faintly reminiscent of stalkerish behavior.
        Again, you are just like all those bitch Seahawks fans–whose ire I incurred to such an extent it was covered by the Seattle PI and a Seahawks podcast. My writings get under your skin; they touch a nerve because I speak truth.
        What you characterize as me whinging about injuries, as well as the obvious, textbook projection of your latent homosexual desires is actually simply discussion and analysis as to why this season has fallen apart, but also why I still believe our beloved Packers will remain a strong contender for one or more Super Bowl Championships into the next decade, under the stewardship and guidance of both Ted Thompson and McCarthy.
        If we had less (or none)of your obvious trolling and seemingly endless spamming of personal attacks, such analysis and discussion of our Packers would be the actual focal point of these boards, as intended. This would greatly aid me and I am sure others in coming to terms with this disappointing season. Instead we get endless postings from you, consisting of personal attacks, or crying that people (I was not the first and certainly not the only one) have complained about you shooting off “go suck a dick” postings with the shamelessness and profilgacy that exceeds that of a fourteen year old boy jerking off.
        Also noch wieder–leck mich, leck mich im Arsch.

        It is lonely being a warrior sometimes….

        • PF4L

          Wolfie, after reading about 1/16th of you releasing your inner turmoil. Do you, or do you not, see all the post of people giving you shots, and generally, showing you a complete lack of respect?

          Now, if that is what you were shooting for, i apologize, if that’s the case, you’re doing well.

          Now in closing, GO EAT A DICK!! And stop whining.

          And if you have a problem with that, go cry to Monty and ask him to ban me again.

          But if nothing else, stop acting like such a little girl.


        • PF4L

          E Wolf says “What you characterize as me whinging about injuries, as well as the obvious, textbook projection of your latent homosexual desires..”

          Just curious Wolf, have you studied textbook projections of latent homosexual desires? I would assume you have, citing the fact you write as if you know about it.

  11. PF4L

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article on “These are the days of Aaron Rodgers Life”. Concerning…….
    1)Feeling pain.
    2) Not feeling pain.
    3) Feeling pain.
    4) How good Rodgers looked,
    5)How they might sit him the rest of the season.
    6) How he is still in the rehab process.
    7)) Is limited in practice.
    8) Hasn’t been cleared medically.
    9) Not cleared to practice in pads.
    10) Doubtful for this weekends game (pick week).
    11) Still not medically cleared for practice in pads.
    12) How a player let it out that Rodgers was practicing in pads.
    13) Needs CT scan.
    14) Not medically cleared.
    15) Doesn’t need any further CT scans.
    16) Hasn’t been medically cleared.
    17 Will be needing more CT scans
    18) Ted Thompson breaks his 8 year silence and reassures Packer faithful that Rodgers will play again sometime in the future, probably for the Green Bay Packers.
    19) Packer fans around the World breathe a cy of relief, and chant “IN TED WE TRUST”.

    • PackAttack

      20) Rodgers gets video tapped by DuJuan Harris talking about how big of a faggot he really is and how he doesn’t want to play but needs to put on a front for the GB media and fans to make it appear that he actually gives a shit when in actuality he’s too afraid of taking another hit and feeling uncomfortable

      • PF4L

        Yea, the guy that’s taken 250 sacks in the NFL, is now afraid to get on the field. Calling Rodgers a faggot?…Really dude?

  12. Richard

    Ill predict that Rodgers is active and they start Flynn anyways. Then if things get out of hand they’ll force Rodgers in. If Flynn plays well and can handle these shitbag Cowboys, they’ll give Rodgers the day off to rest. How bad could it be? Dallas might be the only team with a defensive coordinator both older and more predictable than Green Bay’s is.

  13. vj

    Dallas got embarrassed last week in Chicago. Conventional wisdom suggests they will come ready to exact revenge on a different NFC North representative. I am betting Rodgers gets the start. If not, we will need a small miracle to pull this one out. If Rodgers suits up, he will be playing on Sunday. Hopefully, the line steps up and keeps him upright and rarely touched if at all…Tall order.

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