Clay Matthews and Nick Perry Are Back

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Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

So it’s armageddon for the season, at least if you ask most Green Bay Packers fans, since Aaron Rodgers went down. But there is some good news. Both Clay Matthews and Nick Perry returned to practice on Wednesday.

Matthews has been out four weeks with a broken thumb and he’ll play with a club on his hand. Perry, meanwhile, hasn’t played in three weeks with a broken foot.

And let’s face it, the Packers’ pass rush — at least the one we saw on Monday night — can use these guys. Or maybe Dom Capers could use a swift kick to the head for his idiotic game plan. One or the other.

Nonetheless, these guys have combined for six sacks — three each — and Matthews has forced two fumbles. Meanwhile, the outside linebackers that have been playing — Mike Neal, Andy Mulumba and Nate Palmer — haven’t been able to generate much pressure in their absence.

Both players were limited in practice on Wednesday. Thursday, which will be the first padded practice of the week, will be telling.

“I’m hoping they can go this week,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “When we get into a live practice environment tomorrow, we’ll know more.”

Rodgers and right guard T.J. Lang, who has a concussion, were the only Packers to miss practice on Wednesday.

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14 Comments on "Clay Matthews and Nick Perry Are Back"

  1. Phatgzus

    Sure, when the scheme works it’s all about tge players stepping up, bur when it turns to shit it’s all Capers’ (or Tramon’s) fault.

    Thanks for the lesson on logic in bass ackwards universes.

    • JodiA

      Well, it would be their fault to some degree. Don’t ya think? I mean they are repeat offenders. It makes sense to put blame where blame is due. Tramona needs to go bye, bye…and so does Capers. IMO.

      • Phatgzus

        Good thing your opinion carries equal value to the Packers Org. as a cockroaches does, re: Capers. Tramon does struggle more often than our other corners but you can’t automatically blame him for every Packers loss or poor defensive performance-Tramon was our best corner last night and that’s a fact, go ahead, please, disprove a conclusion backed by empirical evidence.

        As for Capers, his defense has had two odious years, still they led the league in TOs and defensive TDs in one of them (going 15-1) and were top 10 in both caregories during the other. Furthermore, they were top 5 in scoring and yards when they won the SB and were top 10 in TOs and TDs as well. Last year they were 11th overall, this year 3rd in run D and top 15 in pass D going into Monday, they do need to improve on TOs, the opportunities are there, then again they have at least half a dozen turnovers on downs which aren’t counted.

        Capers called the same scheme that has shut down opponents for the past 4 weeks and the Bears for the past 6 years. So what changed? Is it possible players didn’t execute? You know, players like Hawk, Shields, and Hayward who all had a chance to stop the last Bears’ drive with half the 4th quarter remaining. Or how about the OLBs, one who is a former DE coming off an injury in his first season as an OLB, or the 2 UDFAs. Capers blitzes LBs and CBs-they didn’t get home, he rushed 4, they didn’t get home or the DBs didn’t hold their coverage long enough.
        Sure he made some poor calls, but Capers can’t be blamed for the sudden ineptitude of his players. If you want to blame someone, blame the players or position coaches (blame the players).

        Perhaps you should actually rewatch the game and utilize some form of ratiocination instead of arriving at fallacious conclusions that reinforce your opinion via confirmation and availability biases.

        • cd4packers

          You make a mountain out of a molehill. Go back and read exactly what I said in my comment. Your reply goes way beyond anything I may have implied. Wow. Chillax Mr. k?

      • Phatgzus

        Sad as it is to say, he was our best CB last night, he made a
        number of tackles at or near the LOS and he had solid coverage on the TD pass, Rodgers couldn’t have thrown the ball any better than McCown did. There’s also the Redskins, Lions, Cleveland, and Vikings games.

        I get it, Tramon is not worth the money he’s owed, I agree with you; however, he’s still no worse than a number 2 CB on almost any other defense; he certainly doesn’t deserve the automatic designation as the scapegoat whenever the Packers lose and/or the defense plays like fayu.

        • Phatgzus

          Oh, and read “Total View”, Shawn agrees with my second observation.

          Instead of slamming on our D, why don’t you give credit to the Bears’ o-line and QB, are you really that proud? McCown played the best game of his career, and not because people were wide open, he looked better than Quitler ever has vs. anyone.

      • cd4packers

        pf4l…I don’t know what happened. I sent you an email at the pffourlife email. Send me a shout k. Or you can send me one on ESPN still. Sorry for whatever it was I did wrong. :(

  2. the real russ letlow

    we need to throw some zeros at people, cause I don’t think we’ll score 30 every week.

    • Andy

      They won us the Lions and Ravens games earlier this year, thats the defence I want to see right now. stingy and tough against the run

  3. Doug

    The cynic in me says the over /under on the number of games until clay is injured again should be set at one. Regardless, it’d be great to start getting some guys back instead of constantly losing them.

  4. Savage57

    What I want know is if either one of them can make that back shoulder throw to Jordy, because the dude they have penciled in to start at QB sure as fuck can’t.

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