Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

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Sad Christian Ponder

Sad Christian Ponder

Shawn: I’m sure Monty is going to be less concerned about this game than I am.

Yeah, the Minnesota Vikings are 1-5, which means their season is over, but I’m sure they don’t know that yet.

Yeah, Christian Steele sucks, but the one time he doesn’t suck is against the Green Bay Packers in the Metrodome. In two such starts he is 1-1. As a rookie in 2011, he gave the 15-1 Packers a good run, eventually falling to our juggernaut offense 33-27. Then, of course, there was the season finale last year, which I don’t really care to relive.

Anyway, its the Vikings, which means that you can practically throw the records out. Beating the Packers is as close to the Super Bowl as the Vikings are going to get this year.

The key for them is getting out fast, which they did the last two seasons. The other obvious key for the entire game is to give Adrian Peterson the ball. Basically, Peterson getting off is the only chance the Vikings have. They have to keep their QB, regardless of who it is, under 30 throws.

The Packers are ranked 3rd in the league against the run. However, the loss of Clay Matthews and possibly Nick Perry as well,  leaves the Packers more vulnerable at the edges. The Browns didn’t have a back capable of exploiting this, but the Vikings do.

On the other hand, with the possible return of Perry, and the probable return of Casey Hayward, the Packers defense is healthier than it has been in weeks and 100 percent healthy on the back end. This should make life difficult for the Vikings’ passing game if they have to rely on it too much.

In sort of a reversal of fortune, the Packers have an improved running game, while the Vikings aren’t as good against the run as they used to be. That means it could be the Packers that get the running game going. If that happens to any great effect, then the Vikings have virtually no way of stopping Aaron Rodgers and the offense.

Though the Vikings may already be out of it, one could argue that the race for the NFC North hasn’t even started yet. Every NFC North divisional game so far has been won by the home team.

If they get off to a fast start, the Vikings can be in this game. Ultimately, I think the Packers’ running game and Aaron Rodgers prove too much in the second half.

Packers 27, Vikings 20

Monty: No, I am not taking this game lightly. If we lose, I will be embarrassed and humiliated and so will you.

This is an NFC North foe. And although that team isn’t good this year, they are not the Detroit Fucking Lions, who we are guaranteed two victories over every season.

The Minnesota Vikings suck major balls this year and thank god for that. However, it would be stupid to assume the Packers are going to go into Minneapolis and just roll these assholes.

Shawn talked about Christian Ponder and, well, fuck Christian Ponder… or Steele… or whatever. His vagina is bigger than the one on Jay Cutler. He’s fucking terrible. He’s regressed.

The Vikings will hang around in this game for two reasons.

First, they may be losers and scumbags, but I know there are guys on that team that have pride. Namely, that sheep fucker Jared Allen and that no-condom-using asshat Adrian Peterson.

No, I don’t expect Peterson to have a big game. The Packers defensive line is too good this season.

However, I do expect that sheep fucker and his sheep-fucking, long-haired brother Brian Robison to be able to get to Aaron Rodgers.


Because I’m now pretty sure that Don Barclay is a piece of shit.

Pride will keep it close. Talent will win out. Oh, and that fuck face Greg Jennings is gonna get trucked.

Packers 27, Vikings 17

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Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.

15 Comments on "Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings"

  1. rebelgb

    I predict a low scoring affair that gives Packer fans some pause at times and a few cheese curd eating fat asses may have a heart attack:

    However in the end the Pack drives for a game sealing score in the 4th.

    Pack 20, Vikings 13.

  2. Deepsky

    I think Peterson might be more injured than the Vikings are letting on. He was up and down earlier in the year, some games looking very pedestrian when he ran the ball 20-25 times. Then mysteriously the last couple game the Vikings stopped giving him the ball – his carries dropped to around a dozen carries. Now why would the Vikings only give their best player 10-15 carries a game?

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