Aaron Rodgers Will Not Be Changing His Style

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Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

Aaron Rodgers: sweet stasche!

His leadership style, that is. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced criticism from two former teammates, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, this offseason.

Jennings has been butt hurt because he didn’t get enough attention and Driver then came out and said Rodgers should have taken the blame when his wide receivers screwed up.

All of this somehow added up to Aaron Rodgers isn’t a good leader.

Well, go to hell, says Aaron Rodgers.

“Not at all; I don’t feel like I need to [change my leadership style].”

“I feel like I’m going to continue to lead the way I’ve been leading, and I think guys respond very positively to that and appreciate my style of leadership,” Rodgers said on his radio show. “There’s a reason I’m on the leadership council. There’s a reason I’m voted a captain. I stand by those things, and you learn all the time about leadership. It’s a constant educational process to gather information about your teammates and try and find the best ways to inspire those guys and push those guys and get the most out of them.

“But I’m very confident in the way I lead. I think [coach] Mike [McCarthy] believes in my style of leadership, and I think the guys respond favorably to that. It’s not going to change. I enjoy what I’m doing. I love my job. I love the game of football and put a lot into it and expect to get a lot out of it as well.”

Leadership council? Not really sure what that is, but it obviously means Rodgers is a leader.

Of men! Not boys like Greg Jennings.

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15 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Will Not Be Changing His Style"

  1. Savage57

    Saw that on ESPN Skip Clueless took AR to task for not backpedaling on his leadership style and then Stephan A. Smith jumped on the bandwagon by saying that since Jennings is “such a respected player” and that DD backed up his criticism, that AR should ‘adjust’ his leadership style to incorporate some changes in light of the supposedly justifiable criticism.

    Interesting take on the whole thing, but if I was AR I think I’d just tell ’em to go fuck themselves.

    • the real russ letlow

      and the horse they rode in on. Craig Flemings can go pound Hormel chili, or whatever it is they do in the purple pussy dome……….

  2. Sgt Handle

    Leaders lead from the front. Thats what Rodgers did when he did not bend over for the media. Good leader, expects that his men do their jobs and take responsibility for their own actions. Sounds good to me.

  3. Va-Jennings just got his Va-giney hurt when TT didn’t want to repeat the offer he made him to re-up before last season started. So now he’s a BiQueen. NEXT!

  4. Tony Davis

    Do what you do. It got you where you are today. Jennings and Driver got rings that come from your leadership. I don’t see anything wrong. Someone that is not on or with the team has something to say! I say, get a life. RODGERS YOUR #1 IN MY BOOK.

  5. PF4L

    If you were a wide receiver in the NFL, and had to rely on the arm of Christian Ponder to make a living, we can almost understand Jennings whining. Good luck with all that Greg.

    • Phatgzus

      True, plus it’s not like it’s his fault he’s in Minisoda catching passes from Mr. Samantha Steele, wait a second…

  6. bob at 81

    all right genniiiiiigs and DD, turn your rings back in, because without AR you would be wearing a cigar paper ring.

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