Christian Ponder’s Wedding Cake is Exactly What You Thought

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Christian Ponder cake

Christian Ponder cake

Nothing says marital bliss better than a wedding cake in the shape of a Minnesota Vikings jersey, does it? Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder would tell you no.

And let’s not make it just any Vikings jersey, let’s make it my Vikings’ jersey!

Apparently, Ponder and his wife Samantha Steele just held their reception this past weekend. They got married back in December. You can see some of the other photos floating around at The Big Lead.

You know, if you really care who was at the Ponder-Steele reception.

We were really only interested in the cake, which just oozes class.

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10 Comments on "Christian Ponder’s Wedding Cake is Exactly What You Thought"

  1. Savage57

    Did he knock the whore up? Is that why the quicky wedding and shitty, delayed reception?

    I heard the turd and his bitch got married in Wisconsin. Why’d they let the fucker in the state?

    • the real russ letlow

      they can’t afford the usual border security due to budget cuts and what-not, so I’m thinking the sucker climbed the fence when no one was looking…….a cake like that has no place anywhere in the world but the purple pussy dome!

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