Green Bay Packers Wives and Girlfriends

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April Woodson
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Amanda Masthay

Amanda Masthay

This was another interesting development. Amanda is married to Packers punter Tim Masthay, which very simply is another good example of a guy dating out of his league.

Not that Tim is some homely looking dude or anything, but let’s be honest. No hot broad has ever uttered the words, “I’m really into redheads.”

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Amanda Masthay

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  1. E. Wolf

    With exception of Finley, all these people demonstrate one of the things that makes the Packers different., the quality of people the players are.
    Bully to you for getting a pic of Woodson’s wife-that has been impossible to find.

  2. Thanks for being tasteful in your talking about the wives of packers. The Jennings photo is funny- my only thought about that photo is where do you hang a picture like that?

    It does seem that all these Packer guys must look better to their wives because of the money they make.

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