What’s Going On With These Packers Fans?

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Packers fans

Here’s a scene from the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday that doesn’t involve someone getting hit in the face with a football (unfortunately).

What’s going on here? We’re not really sure, although we suspect there’s some high-grade acid involved.

It’s been suggested these two Packers fans are supposed to be characters from Dr. Seuss. Specifically, we’ve heard Thing 1 and Thing 2, but those guys had more of a wild afro than the Bride of Frankenstein thing going on.

Either way, whoever had the seats behind them was probably real pleased.

So, speculate away. What the hell is this all about, other than blocking someone else’s view?

(Via KSK)

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

21 Comments on "What’s Going On With These Packers Fans?"

  1. The dude

    This why some women shouldn’t be allowed to be football fans… Just because the project runway and ass fucking the kardashins is over, they need to go to ruin our thing.

  2. iltarion

    Who cares? It got them some face time. Isn’t that what its all about?

    I would rather see two young gals going Dr. Seuss with it than some fat guy in a cheesehead, any day.


  3. Guysocke

    I definitely noticed this and rewound the DVR to marvel at the sight.

    For starters, this was an incredibly creative and, to my knowledge, unprecedented way to support your team. The prep work and clean up alone deserves to be commended, not to mention they had the balls to leave their house like that. Also, THEY DYED THEIR FUCKING HAIR GREEN.

    I’m not really sure why anyone would hate on this. Besides, every guy reading this knows he would bang either of them once they washed that shit out.

  4. nurseratchett

    I f’ing LOVE IT! Rock OUT that green hair, my sisters.

    Plus, lets give these Packer Chicks a 10 outta 10 for BALLS. They were in the Texan’s house!


  5. One Reality

    This is actually pretty easy to do. They put a bottle on the top of their head and covered it with their hair. It’s all held in place by the bow or something like that. Sadly I’ve seen this done a good number of times before, but never in a awhile Packer theme. Yes, it’s stupid, but they got on TV and that’s probably why they did it.

  6. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    *Snip*…*Snip* I guess we need to start bringing hedge clippers to Lambeau field when the inconsiderate pricks in front of you block 80% of your view of the field by some rediculous fans who want to stick out from the rest of the normal fans who wear green and gold. F&%K THAT

  7. E. Wolf

    I think blocking others views is a legitimate complaint. I wonder where the people behind them moved to. .. That game had a high resale premim on it.

  8. Pack Lethal

    It reminds me of Viqueens fans! I’d go to see the Viqueens all the time as a kid & the dumb shit they wear and we would always get let down by the purple people eaters. Fuckin Viqueens.

  9. Jonathan

    I like the support, but I think I’d be upset trying to see around them.

    In other news, yes I’d bang both….and the lady with the camera

  10. DevilDon

    Well maybe it’s me because I’d fuck a pile of rocks if I thought there was a snake coiled up in there somewhere but I’d stab ’em all except the lad in the lower right.
    I can tell you I”m going to get tired of Pack Attacks’ comments in one quick hurry.

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