It’s Good to Know the Vikings Still Suck

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Jared Allen fucks sheep

We were actually getting worried and we were certainly getting tired, but last night helped renew our faith — our faith that the Minnesota Vikings and their fucktard fans still suck.

We were worried because the pond scum of the NFL had actually gotten off to a 5-2 start, while the Packers were sitting at 4-3. I mean, what is this, Bizarro World?

We were getting tired because Hormel Chili-eating sloths with single-digit IQs wearing sheep-fucker Jared Allen jerseys were coming out of the woodwork offering up their ignorant opinions about how the Vikings are back and are going to kick the Green Bay Packers ass this year.

Then the Vikings went out and got thumped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 36-17, at home no less, on Thursday night football. They’ve now dropped two of their last three.

Oh, and the aforementioned sheep fucker also got into a fight, which is what most of the meatheads in Minneapolis where doing last night… at least the ones who weren’t beating their wives.

So here’s to another Minnesota Vikings loss. We hope there are many more yet to come!

Jared Allen likes little boys

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16 Comments on "It’s Good to Know the Vikings Still Suck"

  1. iltarion

    Getting in a fight with a guy who is wearing a helmet while you are not wearing yours = moronic.

    I love the article on yahoo saying how Jared Allen got “sweet revenge” for the fight. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah, his team got their ass-kicked at home on national TV! Quite the “revenge”!!!

  2. warshire

    man just goes to show far you packer fans have a stick stuck up your holes. keep talking guys. we will see you soon.

    • PackAttack

      We will see you soon?

      Is that suppose to be a good thing for you? I love how your defense comes out and admits they specifically key on certain “playmakers” which leaves them vulnerable to other areas (ie the running game). You were so damn busy about triple teaming Vincent Jackson last night and playing Harrison Smith 45 yards deep you forgot that Doug Martin actually knows how to run with a football and that Mike Williams is capable of burning the shit out of your weak ass cornerbacks.

      Question warshire – who are you going to key on in a few weeks when you limp into Lambeau? Cook’s out, your defense has been exposed by LaRod Steven Howling and now Martin. Your going to go into Seattle and get your ass kicked, Detroit will take care of you too. But hey, it’s all fine and good b/c you purple faggots lucked out and beat SF…..well even the sun shines on a dogs ass someday. Just remember one thing, how many Super Bowl titles you got? Don’t come on a GB Packer site running your fucking mouth when you have nothing to back it up.

      Your QB is AWFUL, your offense revolves around two players, your talented TE isn’t even involved in the passing attack. Your defense is a joke, Cook is out, and up until this point you’ve played no good offenses — and the ones you actually did manage to beat were all led by rookie QB’s. Congrats — tough accomplishment taking it to JAX, TENN and AZ — keep grinding out those tough wins.

      GB, Chicago, Seattle and Houston are going to kick your ass. Good thing for you, you don’t gotta play the Giants, otherwise they’d fucking destroy you to.

      Stay off Packer sites until you actually win a title in that pathetic town.

  3. buddy

    I don’t know about us Packer fans having sticks in our asses, but I’m certain the Vikings have a shitload of Bucaneer size 10 boots up their asses from that beat down they took last night.

  4. PackAttack

    MN sports fans in general absolutely suck. They are so fucking clueless and stupid it’s unbelievable. Since everyone in MN lives in a god damn bubble, it’d be epiphany if anyone in that city actually realized how stacked the NFC is this year and to think (TO DREAM) about that team making the playoffs is absurd.

    Christian Ponder is borderline benchable (HE GOT BENCHED LAST YEAR!). There’s no passing attack, which means that team is not built to come from behind (proven last night), especially when your best and only player is a RB (oops he fumbled again last night and probably cost you the game), but moreso that defense is a joke.

    How in the fuck are you going to stop Rodgers and this GB offense in a few weeks? How — someone tell me? In Lambeau no less? You going to play Harrison Smith 75 yards deep this time? Triple cover Jordy and leave Randal Cobb 1-on-1 with Jared Allen or Chad Greenway (whoo?), white trash Allen is a perfect example of white trash MN people. Some dumb hick who gets into a fight cause he gets his ass beat on the play before.

    Just always remember Tracy Porters pick and him doing the wrangle ’em up Jared in the vikings fucking face!!! Greatest moment EVER! Favre throws pick and Porter “wrangled ’em up!!” HAHAHA, fucking awesome. 0-4 in Super Bowls, all that needs to be said.

  5. PackAttack

    Naw….just can’t stand MN people or the Vikings….come on here shooting their fucking mouths off…

    Go cheer for the Lynx, the only team in that town you can stand behind that accomplishes anything…too bad it’s full of _______

  6. warshire

    packattack im not shooting my mouth off.You are. you suffer from a supreme lack in ability to show any form of wit or intelligence. You just spout random hate and a false sense on intitlement. your team is too banged up. ypu barely beat the jags today without MJD. if you think your pathic excuss for a team is going to win the sb you are sadly mistaken. it took a.blown pass inter. call just to get a win on the worst team in the nfl. keep talking packers we will see you soon.

    • David

      We like the hate.. haters are you going to hate and the Vikings and their fans make it that much more satisfying. You and your ilk are the Fountain of Youth for hate… it just never ends.

  7. iltarion

    The Packers were leading by 6 at the time of that pass interference call, so, not sure how you figure that it took that call to get a win.

    The Packers led the entire game.

    After getting crushed by the Bucs, I would be looking forward too, even if that “looking forward” was to an ass-whipping from a team superior to the Bucs.

  8. warshire

    it won the game because the packers defence fell apart yet again.rodgers looked lost and flustered all day. you barely beat the worst team in the nfl. and yet here we are. packers still thinking all offence will win every game. go ahead children keep talking. the panic in your words show your fear. vikings are still growing. packers peaked a while ago you guys wont get anywhere near the sb. and the best part is. you know it too.

    • PackAttack

      might have to actually agree with you after today. Al Green and 25 touches is embarrassing. Mike McCarthy is a joke…..I really have nothing to say. I agree with you…sadly

  9. Pack Lethal

    Mr. Warshire,
    “intitlement” is spelled entitlement & “pathic” is spelled pathetic! I thought you should be aware given your tirade about wit & intelligence. I wish to apologize on behalf of my Packer cohorts. They sometimes forget, in their zealousness, that it is inappropriate to verbally scold the mentally handicapped. Personally, I like guys like you & DD coming to this site. It creates competitive shit-talking & I like that! I understand your limitations & corresponding need to validate the Vikings identity crisis. Denial is a powerful mechanism & it is said, admission is the first step in recovery. We, as Packer fans, will be happy to guide you, & DD, in your 12 step journey to complete acknowledgement of Viking ineptitude! This is critical to recovery success, for it is only thru acceptance that the Vikings are, & always have been, complete garbage can you truly become free!!!!

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