Rodgers Named Player Of The Month

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Aaron Rodgers

Big surprise.

Green Bay Packers quarterback [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] has been named the NFC offensive player of the month.

In three games, Rodgers has piled up 917 yards and thrown for eight touchdowns and only one interception. His quarterback rating is 120.9 and he’s completed 71.8 percent of his passes.

Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick won the AFC award. Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee took the NFC’s defensive player of the month award and Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson took the AFC’s.

Special teams honors went to kickers Jason Hanson and Sebastian Janikowski.

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9 Comments on "Rodgers Named Player Of The Month"

    • packerfan2008

      Yeah I hate Brady with a passion. I still think everyone underestimates Rodgers a bit. To me Rodgers is overall a better QB even though Brady is still very good.

      • Derek

        well the only reason Brady is so revered is because of his past. Wait until Rodgers has a couple superbowl rings and we’ll see what happens..

    • nurseratchett

      get your barf bag ready, Kirby. The NFL/Sports talking heads freaking LOVE Brady….even though his team hasn’t won a post season game in 7 years.

  1. iltarion

    The Patriots haven’t won a postseason game for a while. True, but it hasn’t been that long. They won a couple after the 2007 season, which means it was 2008, so less than 4 years ago.

    What rarely seems to get mentioned about Brady is that he has all day to throw the football. You SHOULDN’T ever throw any INTs when there is never any pressure on you.

    • nurseratchett

      let me exaggerate the Patriots in the negative spin once & awhile LOL!! I know it hasn’t been that long; BK on ESPN radio was pointing out a couple of weeks ago it had been a bit over 1300 days since they’re last poast season win, which would equal around 4 years ago, I know….just so sick of no matter what happens with a season, Brady is GOD. I am so SICK of hearing how he is the best QB in the league…

      The 4 interceptions were an embarrassment (although I found myself laughing, not feeling bad for the guy), and nice point about how you shouldn’t do it with no pressure. Can you IMAGINE how cowherd et al would verbally tear up A-Rodge if he threw 4 in ONE GAME???

  2. Greg

    Brady played lights out last season, that’s why he won it. His line is very stout, but given pressure situations Aaron Rodgers is the better QB with his outside the pocket accuracy, awareness, and mobility

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