The Make: Get It [Video]

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Here’s the video for Get It, the first release from The Make, which is first band signed to Aaron Rodgers’ record label Suspended Sunrise Recordings.

Watch for the cameo from Rodgers.

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8 Comments on "The Make: Get It [Video]"

  1. iltarion

    Hey, pretty awesome. Good song. Cool band. Great video. Really liked the dancing cops. Liked the hot guitarist. Thumbs UP!

    And A-Rodge… hahaha… hilarious.

  2. ItalianPackerBacker

    nice ‘stache, A-Rod!

    by the way cool song! also, at least he’s not hanging out with Paulie-D anymore!

    (and by the way, he can do something other than football because he already knows how to play the game, unlike a certain Minnesota starting quarterback…)

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