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We’ve got a great opportunity for you here today at Total Packers — you can win a $100 gift certificate from CSN Stores to use on anything you want.

CSN has more than 200 stores, where you can buy anything from kitchen tables to the biggest goddam grill you’ve ever seen. You can also buy things for your kids, things for your home, tools, school supplies, shoes, etc. You can check out the main CSN Stores site here.

Here’s how you can win.

In the comments of this post, tell us why you love the Green Bay Packers or, if you’re a Vikings troll or troll from some other team, tell us why you hate the Green Bay Packers. We’ll pick the best comment as the winner.

The contest will end at 12 a.m. CT on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

CSN Stores

Here are some pointers for success.

Do not make your entry longer than a paragraph. We all have ADD here and cannot focus for that long. Succinctness is appreciated.

Do not enter more than once. If you can’t explain yourself with one entry, you don’t deserve to win. And remember, we can see your IP address, so don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Your comment can be anything from how you got into the Packers (or started to hate them) to your favorite moment as a Packers fan (or non-fan). It can also be anything in between. These are not hard-and-fast rules.

Humor is appreciated and so is passion. The winning answer will demonstrate your love or hate for the Packers and also be entertaining.

Have at it.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

23 Comments on "Win $100 Gift Certificate From CSN Stores"

  1. Abe Frohman

    Crosby, Stills and Nash have a store? Do they sell bongs, tye dyed t-shirts, and rolling papers? More importantly, how does Neil Young feel about this?

  2. Vijay

    The Green Bay Packers are my favorite FOOTBALL team. I am a die hard fan and have a great appreciation for both their history and unique place in the league. As the only NFL franchise owned by its fan base, the Packers are admired and envied by many nationally including yours truly. With more championship teams fielded than any other NFL franchise and a rich history of winning and tradition, I feel honored to support this team through each new regime and love watching and learning about the history of this team which began playing this great sport in 1919. The Packers boast a Hall of Fame of their own which I have visited in the past and which I can proudly say would rival that of the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Aside from the owners and fans, the players and coaches are just as much a part of the tradition and no name is bigger and more legendary than one, Vincent Thomas Lombardi. The championship team from each NFL season gets to hoist a trophy bearing his name every single year! Go Pack Go!

  3. RayV#7

    As far as football goes in my family, the top team is the Cowboys. But that hasnt stopped me from being a fan of the one and only Green Bay Packers!!! Being born and raised in Texas, the love for my Packers has not been dimishined over the years. In fact, it has grow as much as the gray hairs on Brett Favre beard. My dad being born in Mexico had moved up state to look for work. And he stopped at the best place he could ever find: Green Bay, Wisconsin. As he worked in the cucumber fields near Watoma, WI, he quick picked up the how the great people from WI(except Jeff Iricink, lol jk Jeff) celebrated their Sunday afternoons: watching their beloved Green Bay Packers. Although he wasnt from there, he could really see how the people in WI bled green and gold. After working in Green Bay and Watoma for 4 years, he decided to move down to Texas, where he was closer to his family. Then came along my mother and then i was born. Me being raised in Texas, i was know to be that i would become a Dallas Cowboys fan. But Hallelujah to the lord that it didnt happen! Once i came to age, i started watching football. My dad was a Boys’ fan after he stuck with them after those 3 SB wins in the 1990s. but i really didnt like the Cowboys at all, i despised them. So told one to watch one team that had a chance to win the SB that year: The Legendary Green Bay Packers. So i watched the SB that year, in which the Packers beat the Patriots. As i saw the Packers victory, i never looked back to another team. Up to this day, I am truly honored to say that I bleed green and gold. GO PACKERS!!!

    ps. i hope i dont bore anybody with my story lol and its ok if i dont win, i just wanted to tell everyone why the Packers are my beloved team.

  4. billyschwills

    I love the Packers more than Jared Allen loves being drizzled with jizz like a big gay toaster streudel. I love the Packers more than Brett Favre’s oldest daughter loves getting plowed in the shitter by Gilbert Brown’s tubby mule.

    When the Packers win, I am so happy that sparrows-literally-fly from my asshole and shit gumdrops into orphans’ pockets.

    When the Packers lose, I beat my kids, fist my neighbor’s unwilling wife, put on my Jurkovic jersey and light a couple votive potpourri candles before crying myself to sleep.

    Go Pack Go!

  5. I love the Pack because the first time I got a rim-ram from a scallywag was the night they won Superbowl 31. Also, I was born in Wisconsin. Thank you.

  6. Karen B

    The Packers vs. The Vikings. hmmm That’s a tough one. As I don’t follow baseball, it’s hard to say. I’ve been to a few Blue Jays games at the Roger’s Centre, but go more for the atmosphere than to watch the game. I’d prefer to . . . .
    what . . . .
    who? . . . .
    not baseball? . . . .
    football you say? . . . .

  7. I grew up following the Packers with my dad and have now turned my wife into a fan. She’ll never be a fanatic like me, but how can she be when she’s busy making sandwiches? Like most here, I suffered through Lindy Infante’s incompetence and when the team got fucked out of the playoffs by the Vikings in 1989, my anguish assured that my hate for Minnesota was sealed. That will make it even better when Clay Matthews snaps Favre’s leg like Thiesmann and ends Minnesota’s season in Week 7.

  8. chitter

    Eye likes the Pack. They plays reel wells. Eye likes it when they play the d-fents. And I’s really likes when theys plays the Aw-fents. Eye likes the Packers reels good….and eye votes four fowl-mothed Billy.

  9. Tom Brunhart

    61 and counting…
    The years I am…
    Remembering pick up games on Pack game Sundays.
    I was Horning….
    The laughter, cheers, and groans of relatives and friend gone past and present.
    The smell of beer and the taste of brats
    The Green and Gold on EVERY cold, hot, or rainy Sunday.
    The faces and the names change, but the team never does.
    These are My Packers.

  10. Aaron

    I love the Packers because I was born into loving the Packers. I’ve lived all over the country and it makes me love the Packers even more because I see that nobody else understands. So many people think that you should love the team that is closest to wherever you live. I claim that those people will never realize what it means to be a Packers fan. I love the Packers because I was never given any other choice growing up and was taught the history, traditions, and unique qualities that all diehard Packers fans share, no matter where they live or how many people call them crazy. My favorite moment was the Super Bowl win in New Orleans.

  11. Jean

    What’s not to love about the Vikings?
    Every game day my husband is glued to the TV whick means he is entertained and I can do whatever I want! Thank you Vikings.

  12. Okay, Packers fans… who wouldn’t love a team whose fans wear cheese on their heads, seriously?

    I live near Cleveland now, which should explain why I’m not a huge home-team fan. I lived in Austin in the era of Aikman/Smith/Sanders. I watched a lot of football then.

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