Jordy Nelson’s Time Is Now

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It's time for Jordy Nelson to get it done on the field.

Jordy Nelson hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since the Green Bay Packers made him their first selection (second round) in the 2008 draft.

He’s shown flashes of potential. He’s shown his blazing speed. He hasn’t developed into a top-of-the-line NFL receiver.

That shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, considering Nelson is sitting behind two proven NFL receivers, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, on the Packers’ depth chart. James Jones is in a similar position to Nelson — he’s a talented receiver who has shown flashes, but hasn’t gotten many opportunities.

However, when healthy, Jones has outplayed Nelson.

With the emergence of tight end Jermichael Finley, the question is whether there are enough balls to go around in Green Bay, this season.

There are two positives for Nelson, though.

Driver’s receptions have dropped each of the past three seasons and at 35, he could be nearing the end of his run as a featured weapon, opening up opportunities for someone like Nelson.

Meanwhile, Nelson is in his third season in the Packers system and is having what coaches have described as his best offseason.

“Jordy has had, by far, his best offseason,” receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said. “He’s feeling so comfortable out there, that he’s making a ton of plays.”

Of course, if you listen to the Packers coaching staff, particularly head coach Mike McCarthy, everyone on the Packers roster is having a great offseason, with perhaps the exception of defensive end Johnny Jolly.

Whether Nelson can translate it to the field in November and December remains to be seen.

“Hopefully, he’s in a position where he’s ready to kind of emerge and really take off,” offensive coordinator Joe Philbin said of Nelson. “The time is now as they say.”

The opportunities may be there for Nelson, if Driver continues to decline. He’ll have to outplay Jones, though, and thus far, Jones has shown he’s up for the challenge.

Nelson’s 2009 stats:

G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
13 0 22 320 14.5 51 2 3 1

Jones’ 2009 stats:

G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
16 3 32 440 13.8 74T 5

I think it would be an understatement to say this could be a make or break season for Jordy Nelson if he has designs on becoming a starting receiver in the NFL.


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10 Comments on "Jordy Nelson’s Time Is Now"

  1. Taryn

    A predicament for the Packers. I hope they keep their minds planted soundly and not make a rash cut of Nelson or Jones.

    We need the WR’s we have and even though Finley is being considered to be both TE/WR, with possibility of DD going down(however small a chance) it would be devastating to have lost Nelson or Jones prior to that small but possible injury of DD.

    We haven’t drafted a WR nor does what is available instill great hope(Swain)or any walk-ons as yet.I did hope for WR in the draft in 5th but Denver scooped up Eric Decker as I believe he would have really fit for us but that is moot.

    So before the head chopping starts from many in favor of axing any WR,I would like all to repeat DD ‘s age and (knees) and name the space filler we already have or can get.

    I’m not hoping for DD to play badly or have an injury befall him but isn’t this a possible deja vu concerning another player in the recent past,where it becomes a wiser choice to get the next guy the play time? Just saying!

  2. Matt

    I hope they don’t drop any receivers next year. Thats whats awesome about the Pack, they dont have a randy moss or andre johnson but they have depth. What about having Jennings, Driver, Finley, Jones, and Nelson all out there runnin’ a route. How the hell would any defense cover that??? Nelson’s here to stay!


  4. Doug

    To Taryn: Eric Decker was drafted in the 3rd round by Denver.

    In regard to the author’s quote: “I think it would be an understatement to say this could be a make or break season for Jordy Nelson if he has designs on becoming a starting receiver in the NFL.”

    My response is: why? Jordy hasn’t had an opportunity to be a starter, so what is “make or break” unless he actually gets that opportunity, and why even then? By your logic it should also be a “make or break season” for James Jones.

    The destiny of both Nelson and Jones with Green Bay has to this point always been tightly connected with that of Donald Driver. If Driver is cut, waived, sidelined by bad knees or some other injury, or demoted, then Nelson is the obvious choice to replace him, and I will be surprised if he doesn’t thrive in that role.

  5. aussiepacker

    do you think that with the emergence of finley as a TE/WR we need to keep 5 receivers on the roster or could we use the spot for another position? Maybe OL or DL?

  6. Taryn

    1st,shano I have no idea what you’re saying

    2nd Doug,Decker wasn’t thought to go that high and I think the larger number of fans are questioning why a stronger push to TAKE the spot is the reason of the make or break for BOTH not just Nelson.DD is 35 and JN&JJ are what 24-25 IDK but they should be at least pushing harder to move in.Jordys talent is not what I’m discounting,but the mind set of some in the ORG to not just move DD down a notch and get the young guys in there.But if they are not showing the ability to bump DD than a roster move may be likely.Just Saying

    3rd aussiepacker,with our offense we need 5 Wr and a TE can’t be counted as one.Used at times in that role but not a steady WR ,which is why we have 5 Wr’s and 3 TE’s.If Finley is to do more in a WR role than we need to maintain 3 other TE’s and only keep DD, GJ, JN, JJ, JF, and Havner, Quarless and Lee

  7. Matt Fox

    I’m just excited to be in the superbowl this year. We practically won it last year, so this is the year! Yay! Maybe Ted Thompson can get an even longer extension for all the success and integrity he’s brought green bay! That would swell. Hurray for everyone!

  8. RayV#7

    wow, matt fox is such and attention whore! haha, well so is favre so thats why fox is such a fan, lmao. so when are you gonna retire from your job at mcdonalds scrubbing toilets matt? next year? or are you think about another year? maybe a surgery?

  9. Matt Fox

    yes favre is an attention whore, thats why everyone offseason he goes to the middle of no fuck mississippi to fish and hunt and see his wife and kids and whatnot and the media literally follows him and blows every word or txt he says to huge proportions. Such an attention whore. And i dunno ray, you seem to post things on this site as much or more than me. So… we being a little hypocritical here. Although, hypocricy is the middle name of the Green Bay Packers these days.

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