Lovie May Be Done In Chicago, But He Isn’t the Real Problem

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Smith and Angelo in better times. Oh, wait... wrong Lovey.

Smith and Angelo in better times. Oh, wait... wrong Lovey.

We’ve alluded to the distinct possibility that Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith may be finished in the Windy City, but the strongest evidence to support this possibility emerged after the Bears’ pathetic 31-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, on Sunday.

In some circles, it was thought that Smith was safe because the organization was unlikely to eat the $11 million remaining on his contract. However, Bears’ general manager Jerry Angelo (who also could be out of a job, soon) refused to give Smith a vote of confidence on Sunday.

“It’s not about money,” said Angelo. “It’s about doing what we need to do to be a good football team.”

In my eyes, Angelo is throwing Smith under the bus. It’s true that the Bears are bad this season, and some of that has to do with Smith. But a lot of it has to do with Angelo, who didn’t bother to surround his new golden boy quarterback, Jay Cutler, with any weapons or an offensive line that could protect him.

The Bears aren’t in a very good position to do so in 2010, either. Denver got their first-round pick as part of the Cutler deal and Tampa Bay holds their second-round pick as part of the Gaines Adams’ deal.

If the Bears don’t bring in some major free agent talent, they may as well go into full rebuilding mode. It’s ironic that Angelo is talking about doing what needs to be done to be a good football team, when he seemingly hasn’t done much to that end himself.

I’m no Lovie Smith apologist, but if the Bears are going to do some house cleaning, they should start with Angelo. It would be nice if the Bears’ rivalry with the Packers was competitive again.


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