Aaron Rodgers Says He Feels Great

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Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing in the Pebble Beach Pro Am this week, so he’s clearly fully recovered from knee surgery.

Rodgers had the surgery shortly after the Packers’ season ended in Arizona. It was described as a scope to clean up an old injury.

Now QB1 says he feels great.

“It was just good to be out there walking normally,” Rodgers said. “It feels great. It’s nice to not have any clunking around or anything, so it was good.”

We’re left to wonder what was clunking around in there and if whatever it was affected Rodgers during the 2015 season.

It was Rodgers’ worst year professionally and while he didn’t miss a game, he did make some interesting comments about playing through injuries during the season.

We may never know the cause for Rodgers’ subpar 2015 campaign. We’re just left to hope that 2016 won’t be a repeat performance.

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6 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Says He Feels Great"

  1. PF4L

    “We may never know the cause for Rodgers’ subpar 2015 campaign.”

    If you don’t know by now pal, you’ll never know.

  2. Calico

    Well, if AR’s knee would have been healthy it would have made the Packers O line not stink like rotten herring, and his receivers not drop the ball and not be the slowest, worst route runners in the league, and it certainly would have made Eddie 30 lbs. lighter. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  3. Rodgers and the Packers are not going to tell the NFL when they were injured and the location of the injury, so the NFL can let the betting community know. Along with every D player with bad intentions that they have to play in remaining games regarding an injury location. It is crazy to believe Roders went into the season with something clunking around in his knee! Something happened during the season to Rodgers knee and the Packers and Rodgers are hiding it now, and at the time it happened. They did it to protect Rodgers the best they could. Screw the NFL needing to know every injury so they can publish it to others who want to take advantage.

    When a year is over it is natural for the later potion of the season to be what you remember the most. To me there is no question Rodger was hurt in the game 9 with Detroit. He hurt his left foot at about the 12:00 minute mark in the 2nd quarter, and was hit low on the knee by Ansah (cheap shot) with 40 second left in the game. The Packers after the game indicated Rodgers hurt his shoulder. The shoulder may have been misinformation. The Packers had to say something because Rodgers was either out of or limited in practice that week. Not sure how any of those injuries affected Rodgers but if you take Rodgers stats from the first 8 games and compare them with the final 8 that include the Detroit game you get a slightly different view.
    MVP season 2014: completion % 65.6%,average yard pass 8.4, QB rating 112.2, 38 TD, 5 int.
    First 8 games 2015: (includes games against Seattle,Denver, Carolina, KC) Completion % 65.67%, average yard pass 7.53, QB rating 106.46, 19 TD, 3 int.
    Last 8 games 2015 that start with the Detroit game with injuries: Completion % 57.34%, average yard pass 5.93, QB rating 80.55, 12 TD, 5 int.

    The first 8 games of 2015 Rodger was close to his stats for his 2014 MVP season, against some highly ranked Defenses. The last 8 games including that Detroit game were substantially off an MVP type season.
    Something was bothering Rodgers in the last 8 games. I believe most, but not all was due to injury.

    • PF4L

      I agree injury’s were a factor Howard, but i can tell you what else was bothering Rodgers, d lineman and linebackers in his face in 2.2 seconds.

      As far as the injury’s, i guess being sacked 46 times, and hit over 200 times, just might not do a body good.

      Hard to read through progressions in that amount a time, much less giving receivers time to separate, if the receivers are getting blocked to disrupt them on the snap, how far downfield are they going to get open, if they can get open at all, before Rodgers has to shift his attention to not getting killed.

      We all had high hopes Bahktiari would blossom, but at this point, he might just be a band aid and be better suited as depth. Bulaga has bad knee’s, and isn’t getting any younger and he’s starting to get beat more.

      Fix the 0 line, fix the offense.

      • Shawn

        Russell Wilson was sacked 45 times. Check his numbers versus Rodgers once. Then come out of the delusional world where Rodgers had 2 seconds to throw every game and join the rest of us. Cool.

  4. Calico

    I tend to believe AR when he says it wasn’t a big deal, and just a guess based on what’s been said and reported, unlikely affected his play. First, it was his left knee, not the one he pushes off. Second, he could play golf in 3 weeks, and the follow through load on the left knee is a pretty fair amount.

    From experience (lots), knee surgeries usually result eventually in calcifications that build over time and get in the way of tendons and ligaments; there also could have been minor cartilage tears that needed to be shaved. That “clunking” is pretty common after a certain time and doesn’t always result in too much soreness or swelling.

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