Colt Lyerla Wants Another Shot

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Colt Lyerla

Colt Lyerla

You surely remember tight end Colt Lyerla.

The Green Bay Packers signed the troubled, but talented Lyerla after a tryout last offseason. You immediately anointed him a Hall of Famer, based, we imagine, on his freakish athleticism. Then he injured his knee in August and the Packers ended up releasing him, while pretending they might bring him back after his injury healed.

Predictably, the Packers did not bring Lyerla back. Predictably, a guy with a history of substance abuse issues left to his own devices got into trouble with the law for abusing substances.

Well, that’s all in the past now and Lyerla want another shot.

On Thursday, reported on a training video of Lyerla that surfaced in which Lyerla explains how he’s clean and ready for another opportunity. The video seems to have disappeared since then, but this was the gist of it.

“To the NFL teams out there, obviously there have been a lot of bad decisions made in the past. But the past is the past and it’s going to stay in the past. 2015 has been a good year to me. The injury has healed well. I’ve been in a substance-abuse program for the past year and a half. I haven’t failed a test since, and my DUI case I had back in September has been officially dismissed,” he said. “We’re moving forward, and like an old coach I used to have, Chip Kelly, used to say: win the day. I think I have a long string of winning days, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep that process going moving forward and make an NFL 2015 roster.”

Now, we’re all for this kid getting another shot.

Who among us hasn’t been arrested for a DUI or cocaine possession?


Oh, alright… never mind.

What we’re saying is, we’re not going to throw stones at a kid who made some shitty decisions in the name of having a good time. He has to live and deal with those decisions. Why shouldn’t he get another shot if he’s put his life back together?

Redemption is as American as the Green Bay Packers are.

Naturally, that brings us back to the Packers.

Their tight ends are garbage. The fans clearly embraced Lyerla when he was in Green Bay last year. So what do you say, Big Ted?

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19 Comments on "Colt Lyerla Wants Another Shot"

  1. Denise Chanterlle

    Watch the Eagles sign him. Lyerla’s video pitch seemed directed right at Chip Kelley, his former coach.

  2. Bruce Rosebrock

    Give him a second chance! Someone gave me a second chance and it worked out better than I ever would have imagined. If he screws up, replace him! I remember when Favre had a pain pill issue – we all moved on from that and the rest is history – now his #4 is being retired!

    • Fritz

      ugh! don’t mind retiring a number, but they also intend to sully the Ring of Honor, that hallowed oval of honorable G-men for all to see in wonder for all perpetuity? for grandfathers to explain to their grandchildren, hundreds of years from now…?

  3. rebelgb

    If he was black with that incredible talent he would DEFINITELY be given another shot.

    I hope he makes it.

  4. InFact

    Even if he was well behaved last summer, he was still going to get cut: He did not show enough talent.

    So why would an NFL team take a chance on him now? — given his checkered history.

    • Deepsky

      Right, he did nothing in camp. If I remember, he didn’t help himself any by dropping a lot of passes.

  5. the real russ letlow

    sign him to a basic contract, no bonus $$. If he can’t get his crap all in one bag in training camp, then cut him. Nothing invested and nothing lost. This dude has had a bunch of chances, but if he is that talented, give him another test drive. If he sucks – so long Sammie, see in you Miami!

  6. Howard

    The ” Ginger Hammer” as Monte affectionately calls The commish must be drooling over some sort of suspension for this guy. You cannot have failed tests and not be past at least step one of the NFL substance policy.

    Bigger problem is he quit on his teammates in college. Is he going to quit on the team in the middle of a season, or the fourth quarter of an important game? He has more character flaws than just substance abuse.

  7. rory

    To all the doubters and haters…Let me guess… All of you were the ones last year saying no one will call him no one Will give him a chance and when some one, not just any someone did you were appaled right? Well did it ever occur to you who that someone was? How respected that someone is? How long that someone has been doing that? I think you guys are forgetting that someone knows way more about athletes and talent than any of you ever could… Thats why he’s there and your, well not. And let’s just say he wasn’t the only one but he was the right one. Not for you but for him…the player. The one who busts his ass day in and out for you to enjoy and have something to talk about. Now who’s to say they weren’t on to something…? I bet the other teams that saw that were wondering the same thing… Since that respected someone with that historical franchise had faith why won’t the others that did but weren’t the right fit for him(the player) at the time still not want to see the present almost get unwrapped…? Someone’s going to unwrap the gift of a life time. You should embrace the comeback. It’s as American as the sport you claim to love.

  8. Dick

    Of course he’d like another shot… he’d probably like another snort and a bong hit too.

    You don’t help addicts by giving them another shot after they’ve already had one. There’s a huge difference between enabling their behavior helping them. Putting someone like that in an environment where even the “clean” players are pincushions isn’t a good idea.

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