Tom Brady was NOT Happy

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady

If you watched the CBS broadcast of the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, then there’s no way you missed this. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was not happy and he let the expletives fly.

The moment came after Aaron Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for the first down that ultimately ended the game. Brady watched helplessly from he sideline as Rodgers found Cobb between two defenders.

Then CBS, in all their wisdom, replayed the close-up of Brady’s reaction.

I mean, maybe Brady was yelling something like “fark!” there, but it sure looks like it was “FUCK!” And even your kids probably realized this.

Say it isn’t so, Dreamboat!

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23 Comments on "Tom Brady was NOT Happy"

  1. Remedy

    It’s part of what makes Brady so fucking good. Got to admit it, don’t care how you feel about him. That drive that is exemplified in that gif is what makes him one of the best ever.

    Compare it to Smokin Jay, who just dicks around on the sidelines. Quitler has aaalllllllll the tools to be GREAT… but where is the drive to be GREAT?

    it’s there, in that gif, with Brady.

    • the real russ letlow

      The dude is ultra competitive and that is one of the things that have made him a great QB for years. You hate the dramatics when he beats you, though.

    • Totally agree. Say what you want about Brady but his ultra competitiveness is the reason he’s been at the top of his game for so long. If you don’t see that then you don’t get football.

      And don’t give me that “he hasn’t won a Superbowl in blah blah blah”. We should all know how hard it is to win the Superbowl. Even Favre only did it once in the 20 some years he played the game.

    • Abe Frohman

      I agree with that sentiment, but the media seems to want to have it both ways. I’m thinking of that photo of Mikayla Maroney after the Olympics when she didn’t take gold. They criticized her for being a poor sport. My son has a shirt: I bust mine to kick yours. I have ZERO problems with Brady being upset. No one trains for second place.

  2. Skinny

    Brady always has done this. That’s the I have to act pissed right now but deep down I know im going home to Gisele face.

  3. pf4l

    He gets pissed because he’s competitive and wanted the chance to win the game. Is this somehow different than when Rodgers gets pissed? You think Peyton doesnt get pissed?

    These winners, get pissed. So what, big fucking deal, Should they go laugh it up with their buddys on the team till the games over? Or go sit by themselves on the bench and not give a fuck?

    Winners get pissed in the heat of battle because they want to be the best. If some people don’t understand that, then i think it tells us something about them.

  4. Jtmax

    He actually said “Im mad bro”
    He’ll get over it. Giants ate his lunch and dinner twice in Superbowl. We only took his lunch once so no big deal. Rodgers is MVP. If we can keep rodgers healthy we win another SB.

  5. Cheese

    Where’s the tuck rule when you need it?!?!
    I told Goodell that I needed a new rule but he said it might take a while to go through. He proposed that any player that hits their wife or Tom Brady will automatically go to jail and be suspended six games.

    • E. Wolf

      Yes because all those non calls against the Patritos secondary and above all that bs illegal contact penalty were not enough. This is the Patriots, man. Boston, Tom Brady and the Brady Punch matter. They have to win. Didn’t you get the memo?

      • Abe Frohman

        That was a BS illegal contact penalty. But you know what? We had plenty of other opportunities to stop them on that drive and we didn’t get it done. Despite it all, we still won. Dude, let the rest go. You’ll be happier.

        • Fritz

          who cares? AR now has a team around him like favre had when they got reggie white. since AR is by far[ve, lame pun intended] a better QB, i am also like e Wolf growing impatient with the bad rolls of the dice we have been dealt each season since the SB and so:the time is now, this is OUR year, dammit. and every other packer fan feels it, like me right now.

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