Seahawks Outclass Packers in Season Opener

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Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

Well, that was ugly. The Green Bay Packers shit the bed in stellar fashion on national television, getting pounded 36-16 by the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night.

If there were a shitting the bed championship, then the Packers either just won it or made a strong case for a No. 1 seed in the tournament.

The Seahawks, meanwhile, either have zero Super Bowl hangover or the Packers are just nowhere in the same neighborhood as the NFL’s elite.

The game was close for about a half. Seattle only had a seven-point lead at the break and the Packers looked like they were somewhat capable of moving the ball. Of course, they never looked like they were going to stop the Seahawks offense, especially the running game.

Wait a second. Haven’t I seen this movie before?

Yes, I believe I have…

Marshawn Lynch piled up 110 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries against the Packers’ big, bad new defensive line. Overall, Seattle had 207 rushing yards and averaged 5.6 per carry.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old fucking boss.

We could single out a laundry list of shitbags who attempt to play defense for the Green Bay Packers here, but we’re only going to single out two of them right now.

1. Letroy Guion, you are fucking horrible. Guion is B.J. Raji’s replacement at nose tackle. He’s also a big reason Seattle averaged 5.6 yards per rush. This guy played for the Vikings last season. They cut him in the offseason and there were some chuckles from over that way when the Packers signed him. It’s obvious now, why.

2. Brad Jones, you are also fucking horrible. We’re just going to ignore how bad Jones was against the run for now and point out the two holding penalties he had. Both resulted in huge first downs for Seattle. One guy can’t lose a football game by himself, but Brad Jones tries real hard.

Maybe, just maybe, this turd shouldn’t be on the field every down?

I don’t know.

The Packers offense wasn’t a hell of a lot better.

We’re going to give some credit to the Seahawks defense. Those creeps can roll, but let’s face it. It certainly wasn’t all defensive domination by Seattle. There was plenty of ineptness on the part of Green Bay.

The Packers weren’t able to establish their running game. They had no downfield passing game to speak of and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t particularly sharp at any point.

Rodgers finished a pedestrian 23-of-33 for 189 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Those are swell numbers… if you’re Geno Smith.

Rodgers looked like Matt Flynn out there trying to dink and dunk his way to glory.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the real atrocity here though.

The game was essentially over when right tackle Bryan Bulaga injured his knee in the second quarter. It’s the same knee that cost him all of 2013 and he didn’t return.

Enter Derek Sherrod. He is the atrocity.

As we all pretty much expected, Sherrod got worked, both in the running game and in the passing game. He got blown up by Cliff Avril on a 4th-and-5 in the third. That play resulted in a sack. Sherrod then got wasted by Michael Bennett later in the third. That play was a strip sack that resulted in a safety.

We’re in real fucking trouble if this guy remains in the starting lineup for an extended period of time, boys and girls.

In the end, this was an embarrassment all around.

The Packers didn’t look like they knew what they were doing. They didn’t look focused, didn’t look hungry, didn’t look like they even had a game plan.

I’m not sure what this team has been getting prepared for for the last month or so, but it doesn’t appear that it was this game.

This was the poorest display we’ve seen in a season opener in some years. But hey, at least these clowns can still surprise us!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

53 Comments on "Seahawks Outclass Packers in Season Opener"

  1. Ivomitonvikingfans

    McCarhty plans all off season for this game and this shit? Fucking non-stop shotgun? That sure fooled them. The O-Line looked like and played like pussies tonight. McCarthy of course claims Bulaga’s injury isn’t serious(meaning done for the year) The D-line and middle linebackers(fuck you AJ Hawk and Brad Jones) all looked and played like pussies. Rodgers’ looked resigned to the fact he was the second best quarterback in this game. Hate to say it but Russel Wilson will have two rings soon and at this rate I am not sure Rodgers will see a second. The Packers can crow all they want about not being soft, but they are fucking pussies. All of those defensive draft picks and they still suck dick. Thanks Ted and Mike for keeping the mediocre status quo. John Schneider just raped your wives and daughters. Fuck!

    • The Money Mike

      Unfortunately I see the same thing happening as “Brent”, 1 and done for Superbowls. This team can’t get any unity, you cant have big pieces of the puzzle bad or injured IE Middle linebackers and Offensive Line

  2. Nacho dan

    This feels like last year and the year before. Still missing something. Can we get a FUCKIN turnover for fucks sake? fuck

  3. TyKo Steamboat

    Great headline. A-Rodg was pissed. Not himself. He seemed unready & irritated.

    We can’t tackle. Same crap as last year. A joke among all these “Elite” & “Real” teams. But i’d rather lose to the SeaCocks now than in the playoffs…We had a shot…we lost to an elite

    The big news will be the health of Lacy & Bulaga. F*ck my whole life & also my weiner please.

  4. Remedy

    AJ Hawk was so fucking bad tonight

    and that fucking bust Sherrod

    and jesus christ Brian Peppers was a joke

  5. Richard Cranium

    Same shit different year!

    Sherrod F- x 1000 x infinity +1
    DuJaun Harris F
    Brad Jones F
    McCarthy play calling C-
    Capers scheme F- (why would it change?)
    Rodgers (with pussy on his mind) D+
    SLOCUMB F- (keep blowing McCarthy and hanging onto pics of TT.. You’ll need them!)

    Things to be thankful for:
    1) only week one
    2) only lost one tackle
    3) more time for watching brewers collapse
    4) more time for hunting/fishing
    5) we play the j-e-t-s next week
    6) it’s only a game


  6. Remedy

    I posted in the new thread? Huh, alright then

    Welp, dunno what to say about this game, except for the fact that we got embarrassed on nation television

    Same shit, every year. OLine and DLine. Both could stop anything. Was I watching Kaep and Gore?! No, I was watching Rustled Jimmes and Beast Mode. Both embarrassed us, same shit

    We let a no-name TE make Randy Moss-style catches on us

    Brian Peppers was invisible

    Brad Jones was a laughing stock, same as that bust Sherrod

    OLine. DLine. Same shit, different year. Fuckin drafted a WR in the 2nd round. Jesus fucking christ. Capers is still in office?! Can we impeach him?!

    I’m sick of this bullshit, every goddamn year. The best player in the entire league happens to be our QB, and we can’t protect him?! It’s a joke

  7. RelampagoBlanco

    In what ass backwards world that isn’t Green Bay, does Brad Jones still start week 2? Way to single handedly extend 3 drives that were either dead or stopped for 3. You’re fucking fired Brad.
    You’re bad, and you should feel bad.

  8. Remedy

    I still can’t believe that we have Jesus christ incarnate, Aaron, Rodgers, and we can’t protect him worth a shit

  9. Cheese

    How frustrating. I don’t know what to think anymore. This defense has been horrible year after year. Why can’t they tackle? Why do opposing QB’s look like all star running backs when we play them? Isn’t it the coaches job to discipline them into doing this shit? Sorry, but without guys like Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Desmond Bishop it’s hard to imagine winning a super bowl. I know it’s just one game and I hope they turn it around, but wow they’re atrocious.

    Then come the injuries. Who would you rather have, a first round pick who can never play because he’s always injured? Or a first round pick who you don’t want to ever play because he’s going to get your quarterback injured? Bottom line is, Bulaga is never on the field and Sherrod is FUCKING HORRIBLE. Anymore injuries on the OL and they’re screwed. Speaking of injuries Lacy has a concussion. Here we go again…………

  10. Monty, for once I completely agree with you. They knew what they were up against and they still looked completely unprepared. I didn’t expect a win, but didn’t expect that they would just give up either. That’s the difference between Seattle and the Packers. Seattle just wants it more.

    I fully expect Bulaga’s sprained knee sprain to turn into a torn ACL tomorrow, and for him to go on IR next week. I’m only half joking.

    Sherrod is not starter material and probably never will be.

    Raji’s injury is going hurt us more than I thought it would.

    Jones and Hawk are just awful and someone needs to step up, please, someone, anyone.

    I do think this defense will get better. But tonight they proved that the gap in the NFC is just as big as it was last year, if not bigger.

  11. Big B

    Sad when the best part of the telecast is #12’s new State Farm commercial; Hans and Franz appear to have some D-line potential, might be an upgrade.

    Dom Capers-call your office.

  12. Vijay

    Anybody still question my ongoing criticism of Heir Thompson now? This guy is clueless. When some of your best ‘steals’ are UDFA, you know you’re pretty much dogshit.

    I don’t want to say I told you so…but…hey, I don’t think anyone can disagree with the track record of I’ll advised picks ol Teddy has blundered up now.

    Again, fantasy football drafts aside, I think anyone of you could field a better squad than good old Gramps can.


    • PackAttack

      Nick Perry – dogshit
      AJ Hawk – declining but mostly now dogshit
      Andrew Quarless – absolute dogshit
      Morgan Burnett – incredible dogshit
      Derrek Sherrod – I have no words here

      All I’ll say is go back and remember Brian Brohm in the 2nd Round in 2008. That’s the real Ted Thompson for ya.

      Teddy T has failed to upgrade the O-line and he REF– — USES to give up on fucks like Nick Perry, Brad Jones, AJ Hawk, Morgan Burnett, Derrek Sherrod — because they are “his guys”….”his picks”….he’s gotta prove to the whole football community he was right. There’s you egocentric ass for the night.

  13. UpNorth

    One game is one game, but I at least wanted it to be a competitive game. Even if they lost right at the end it wouldn’t have bothered me so much AS LONG as they put up a good fight.

    Well, they asked to be punched in the mouth and that’s exactly what they got. As much as I hate Seattle, I have to admit they have drafted a beast of defense, though when Sherrod is in there making it look that easy anybody would have looked good.

    I really wish we could trade Brad Jones for that Wagner kid, talk about a terrific linebacker.

    In the end, Rodgers was flustered, defense was pushed all over the place and the mental miscues continued. On the plus side? Well Rodgers didn’t get killed, Linsley looked solid for the most part, and at least Clinton Dix can play with some damn speed. I know he missed some tackles but at least he can move, more then I can say for just about anyone else on the back end.

    Oh well…on to the next. At least it’s the Jets….right?

  14. knucklehead

    I saw D-Line as the biggest sore spot tonight…that x-queen got pummeled and busted. With our D-line being the first and second line of defense inside we can’t do it without some stops up front. Peppers got some rushes that resulted in thrown away passes which in some cases was as good as a sack. Last year mid-to-end season we didn’t even have that, so I’d wait and see on the pass rush. He and Clay sandwiched Wilson but the penalty took it away.
    Sherrod was what I’ve read about Sherrod…

    The pivotal plays I saw were those Brad Jones holds. Those were momentum shifting plays that were are last chances.

    The D-Held up well for the first 2.5 quarters, the offense has nothing in return. If you want to point a finger, the offense fucking lost tis one for us.

    I’m glad the betting site didn’t let me put a lot of money down the first time on the SB champs packers bet. 9-1 hopefully will go to 11 or 12 to one. I’ll double down this week.

    In my era we’ve never been and undefeated-dominate all type team. We have to scrap. There is still a chance.

    Lacy and Bulaga are a problem.

  15. Vijay

    I’ve noticed a trend with Seattle and their free agent acquisitions.
    Michael Bennett – great player from a bad team
    Percy Harvin- great player from a bad team
    Marshawn Lynch- great player from a bad team
    Cliff Avril – great player from a bad team

    Packers FA acquisitions
    Lutroy Guion- bad player from a bad team
    Julius Peppers- declining talent from a bad defensive team

    Anyone see what’s wrong with this picture???

  16. knucklehead

    We are supposed to have an elite offense not an elite defense. Our defense has a certain wall that we all know well…they’re capable of making some key stops in close games…but after two or three in a close game will give ground. That’s where our elite offense is supposed to put up points and reclaim the game. If that doesn’t happen the defense will give.

  17. Chad Lundberg

    Wow. I just hope to God that this game was fluke. Packers should have showcased James Starks more, and just crack down on Marshawn Lynch.

    Our passing game was so atrocious that.. oh god… dare I say It? I mean, I’m the LAST person would think of this, but someone’s gotta say it… should the Packers.. RESIGN JERMICHAEL FINLEY???

    Yes, I know it’s crazy, the guy’s mouth gives me a headache too, BELIEVE ME. But aside from our atrocious inability to run the ball, Rodgers also didn’t seem to have anywhere CLOSE to the kind of receiving threat he had in 2011. As you all know, that’s when Rodgers is UNBEATABLE.

    Right now, we have Cobb and Nelson, and that’s about it! It’s not enough. Not for the elite teams, and not for whoever we’ll face in the playoffs.

    Packers must do the unthinkable IMO.

    • Arcturus

      Of course they should resign Finley. The dude wants to play, goddamn it let him. They got plenty of tight ends to get rid of.

  18. Howard

    The only group not outclassed was special teams. Special teams at least held their own. Coaching, defense, offense, player personnel all failed.

    Not sure how anyone knows if Hawk played bad as he was not in on any plays except the couple of times you see him chasing a back or receiver whom he never catches. Jones does not deserve to be an NFL line backer. He was only seen holding or being pancaked. Bring on Barrington, Lattimore, or Bradford. It can get no worse than Jones and that is no shit. Do not believe one play or one game makes any player a hero or a zero but I would give up on Jones. I hope I do not hear that we were not beat physically that the problems were all bad pad level or technique, everything is correctable, blah,blah,blah. We were beat physically on the defensive side of the ball at a minimum. Guion, Daniels, the entire D- line were blown off the ball consistently. So many missed tackles.

    Sherrod did play bad. He was not the only one on offense. Our left tackle did not have a great game. Our QB was also off his game as stated. So I guess when we play a good corner we just ignore that side of the field? Is that our game plan make the field 30 yards wide? Take away the whole field from our best player because were scared of a corner?

    The only good thing is I believe we have a proud team that is truly embarrassed and should be. We can rebound but will not be a playoff contender if this is our new aggressive defense.

  19. jtmax

    Why does Hawk back off anybody with the ball. I’ve never seen a NFL player do that and he does it almost every time. Our ILB runs away from middle to open up huge gaps and neither can cover my grandma. I’ve seen enough. Replace Guion with Pennel and replace Hawk and Jones with anybody else. I say move Peppers into the middle and put Elliot outside. Bring back Jolly. Our corners played well. Our safeties did not but most safeties look bad against Lynch.
    Capers got owned. I think this has to be Caper’s last season. He cannot figure this read option out. We have about the worst ILB in the freaking league. Not acceptable.

  20. PackAttack

    Fucking Pathetic.

    I really don’t know what the big surprise here is. This is the same broke Packer squad that I’ve been watching for the last 2-3 years now — sure they’ll play well against the bottom feeding shit fuck teams like Jax, Minnesota and they might even win a shoot-out or two against New Orleans and Atlanta. But when it comes to playing the big boys in San Fran, Seattle, Denver or even Carolina or New York for that matter — this McCarthy soiled down shit has no shot. This offense can NOT beat a legit, top-end defense — it can’t. Embarrassed by San Fran what? How many times in the last 2-3 years?? Four fucking times??

    You can’t run the football when your down 17 points (McCarthy hasn’t realized this) and this Rodgers led passing attack is so watered down from what it was in 2011 it’s a joke. There’s no tempo, no creativity with play calls and without legitimate weapons (NO Jarrett Boykin and Andrew Quarless are not legit players, sorry) your offense is basically dependent on Rodgers winning games alone or Lacy running over defenses. Last year was a text-book example of how bad this team TRULY is, when Rodgers went down it SHOULD have been a direct message to Ted Thompson that the rest of this team is pure, grade-A garbage. Clearly old Teddy didn’t get the memo.

    That’s your steallar D I keep hearing about all year??? Fucking pathetic!!!!??? When are you going to learn that AJ Hawk and Brad Jones have no business on a football field? When are you fucking going to learn? LeTroy Guion, my good fucking god, another brilliant Ted Thompson move there, even Haha Dixie played like shit. Where was J-Peppers tonight? Did he make the team flight? I didn’t see much of him.

    No leaders on this team. No Woodson or Nick Collins on defense. You got AJ Hawk running around in the locker room giving pep-talks and he’s the worst fucking player in the room. There’s problem #1. Then you got fat fuck McCarthy sitting in the other room scheming play calls (2nd and 10 half-back dives?) and who does Rodgers think he is throwing across his body on the run? He had at least 3-4 balls that should have been picked tonight, let’s not single him out, he played pretty fucking bad too.

    But the biggest joke of this whole mess is old Teddy T. The guy has REF– — USED to give up on AJ Hawk and Brad Jones. He has REF– — USED to upgrade the O-line because he’s trying to probe that #1 pick he used on Derreck Sherrod was a stroke of his genius. He REF– — USES to upgrade the D-line. Oh sure the signing of LeTroy Guion gave me a boner for a whole 2 seconds — WHAT THE FUCK?? You have fucks like Nick Perry and Morgan Burnett running around but….hey…they were TEDDY’S GUYS. So fuck getting rid of them, Teddy is the man right?

    This team HAS PROVEN, beyond all reasonable doubt that they absolutely without question cannot beat top-end teams and defenses. Can’t beat San Fran and they sure as shit proved they have no shot of battling the NFC’s best. No shot.

  21. andy

    Well we can’t be surprised. Every expert under the sun said green Bay could challenge Seattle but it was no where close.

    Most points have been made, but my frustration was how green bay couldn’t draw up a play to get their playmakers in space, and Seattle managed it every other play. Same as the ass kicking that san Francisco gave us 2 years ago, they worked us over with the same play and we couldn’t adjust.

  22. nurseratchett

    I am still so pissed off about this performance……send Burnett & Jones to the practice squad & send in Rolle & Banjo. Anyone missing Jolly this morning? I know I am. Dom Capers should be escorted from the building.

    Let’s hope the offense gets its shit together otherwise its going to be a long, cold, embarrassing winter.

  23. rebelgb

    Meathead Mike Mccarthy got out coached by a real coach. MM didn’t belong on the same field as PC amd I can’t stand PC.



    • The Money Mike

      Fuck it I’ll give this troll some credit, his team punched us in the mouth, but here’s some news asshole, we’ve dealt with the same shit long before you fucks got good, good luck trying to pay everyone soon and newsflash we won the Superbowl and won almost every game the next year until we lost in the playoffs, you didn’t win 2 yet ans didn’t start anything yet, fuck…the Ravens won the Superbowl a couple years ago for Christ sake and now they’re dogshit

    • Arcturus

      Fucking newbies. Go sit in your field named after a fucking internet provider… look up at the rich dickhead who OWNS your team… and realize the Packers were in existence for 57 years before your little team was created from a contract expansion. But you can take pride in the fact that you and your butt-buddies claim to fame is that you can yell real loud. Now those are some things to be proud of. Call us and we’ll talk in 2033 – that’s the year your corporate team will have been around HALF as long as the Packers.

    • Tucson Packer

      You don’t eat cheese? odd..

      Your what is just starting? “Your” Era?
      Took ya’ll long enough

      Fags? Oh my. DD? Is this you??

  25. Green Beans

    Why in the name of fuck do we turn into a bunch of pee-wee looking pussies when an opposing offense runs a jet sweep or any sort of read option? We couldn’t defend it in 2012, couldn’t defend it in 2013, and looked like the same pile of dog shit last night.

    Fuck Dom Capers.

  26. icebowl

    Q: Can you guess who Monty was talking about in this classic TP rant from early August….

    “this guy might not be a total waste of a draft pick. Maybe the Green Bay Packers might get something out of him. As a backup, sure, but something. Two — well, that Don Barclay injury doesn’t look as bad now. Clearly the Packers are fine if David Bakhtiari or Bryan Bulaga goes down because he can step in…..”

    • The Money Mike

      The revolving door know as Sherrod AKA Newhouse 2.0 except with the wonderful note of being a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t blame his leg either…he was weak, how many other linemen break their FUCKING FEMUR? Don’t give me that freak injury shit either, the Packers have 3 freak injuries a year, its not freak anymore, its common, and it starts with PED use and conditing, fucking fix it…Rant Over

  27. icebowl

    Looks like the common thread in all the good stuff you guys are posting is :

    • The Money Mike

      People keep blaming those problems as to why we lose and that if we fix them we will be fine…THEN FUCKING FIX THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. How much more time does dum need to study that high school read option shit? Seriously 2 fucking years and 5 losses later and still cant stop that shit?? Goodbye you crusty old fucker..hire somebody…anybody with a pulse to run this defense..well except moss or perry

  29. Kato

    My thoughts
    1: Mike McCarthy, WTF WERE YOU THINKING? Going for it on 4th and 5 with a backup tackle in the game when the seahawks had some momentum going? Play field position at that point.

    2: Brad Jones needs to be replaced. I am not enamored with Lattimore, but I guess just throw him in there and see if he has improved from last year and cleaned up on his mental mistakes. Sam Barrington played well enough in the preseason to warrant some playing time as well.

    3: Not ready to give up on Sherrod. You guys act like the sky is falling on this guy, and granted he had a VERY rough night. Remember who else had a rough night a couple years ago against this team? Bulaga was it? Keep in mind this guy hasnt had substantial NFL playing time up until this preseason after being out a couple years. Give him some time to calibrate to game speed again. Seahawks arent exactly a great matchup to start with. I am reserving judgement on him till the end of the season.

    4: Was not all that impressed with Hyde at safety. He is an upgrade over MD Jennings, but that isnt saying much, as he wouldnt start at many major college programs. Hyde was beaten quite a few times, mainly by Percy Harvin.

    5: Nick Perry made a few nice plays, and was getting high on him up until…… He bites hard on a fake and Russell Wilson ran right around him. This is something that is completely unacceptable at this level. When I played defensive end, I was coached to NEVER LOSE OUTSIDE CONTAIN. It was hammered into me. Outside linebacker in a 3-4 is no different. They have outside contain, and Perry still failed at it.

    6: This team lacks leadership. And it starts at the top. McCarthy, is a good offensive mind and can coach quarterbacks, and his game management is decent. But he lacks the bravado, the swagger, and players are who their coach is. Look at Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, boisterous, energetic people. Their teams rally around them. I dont see that same energy on this team. Nonexistent. Sure, CM3 has a motor and is energetic, but he isn’t a leader, and you dont really see it carry over to the rest of the defense. This defense sorely misses Charles Woodson.

    7: And finally, nice stick by Casey Hayward on Wilson. Crap penalty called, but it didnt matter at that point. Great hit.

  30. Zwoeger

    It’s that it is to special to have no single owner. but sometimes I wished we had so we would not have that old boys club
    keeping each other in there positions. Sometimes I wished we didn’t luckely win las SB. Maybe that club was changed by now.
    Capers is known a defensive fuck for 3 years at least know, TT not briljant at all, and MM known to be not addaptive at all.
    Guess every team capable wil run the ball as much as possible against us and Peppers will have to improve vastly or this will be his only year at GB.

  31. Tundraboy

    First consolation thought this morning was.well at least we got that out of the way, and still have a whole season left. Not as bad as the bad taste losing in the playoffs, and then having to wait a year?”

    But it just feels pointless. Barring, trades for a real NT, OL help and an immediate overhaul of the ILB.

    Maybe now they will get it. Middle is a joke And to top it all off, combine that with Hawks sub mediocrity, and no matter how long the d hangs in there at some point you get this!

    All I want to see now is Lattimore,Pennel,and Elliot playing. and for McCarthy to open up the whole dam playbook!!!

    September 05, 2014 at 01:38 pm(edit)

    And cant anyone else start instead of Burnett? What the hell.

  32. gort

    Up until recently I wasn’t a “TT hater”, but after the ass whipping to a team built by John Schneider, by a former assistant to TT, I am changing my mind. TT manages to find occasional late round gems, but his “money shots” in the early rounds really suck. Free agent signings are pretty shitty too. Sir Charles Woodson was the last “impact” free agent for the Packers and guess who was a front office assistant. Yeah, that’s right John Schneider. The Packers personnel situation has been on the decline ever since John Schneider left the Midwest for the Northwest.

    • Shawn Neuser

      Disagree. John Schneider left before the 2010 draft, and that draft was quite possibly TT’s greatest draft. Every player drafted finished their rookie contract with the team. I challenge you to find another team with another draft that went likewise. Yeah, drafting All Pros gets the pub, but hard to do better than 100% of your class completing their first contract with the team. Maybe if the team sucked during that time, you could minimize it, but the Packers went to the playoffs every year, won 19 straight games, and won a Super Bowl. So… yeah, pretty fricking good draft.
      And, of course, there’s last year’s draft- Datone, Lacy, Micah Hyde, David Bakhtiari, Tretter, who would be starting, and Barrington who SHOULD be starting. Very good draft as well by the early look of it.

  33. Kristofer

    Brad jones needs to get off the field until he gets his head out of his ass, which may be never. How does he want to make the packers lose? The packers had a shot to get momentum by getting a 3 and out but no jones wants to hold giving them a touchdown and ten more minutes off the clock. Damn dude, get ur shit together. Also, ST, wtf have u been doing for the past month? Need better coach at this position, pro athletes should not be making those kinds of mistakes. I really hope this was just an anomaly of a game, instead of what this team really is, otherwise it’s going to be a long year. Although, I know Rodgers is better than that, as we all know. C’mon pack dont let me down like that again.

  34. Some Guy

    They shot themselves in the foot throughout the game. Bad tackling, lack of adjustments on defense, and questionable play calling on both sides of the ball aside, the Packers blew 3 turnover opportunities, gave them second chances twice from penalties (1 3rd down, 1 4th down) that led to 10 points, and handed them 5 points from sloppy offensive play that was off script (i.e. not running between the tackles and quick passes). That is 15 points and 149 yards against right there. With the turnovers, there is no saying what they might have done, but the Packers would have got the ball near the 50, at Seattle’s 39, and around their 30.

    -The ILB and NT problems are real. Can anybody guess what most teams are going to do to the Packers? If you guessed run up the middle you win nothing, but are correct.
    -I don’t like people going off on Sherrod. He is basically a 3rd stringer that was left on an island against Pro Bowl caliber DEs. -Capers was a great DC, but the game as evolved and he hasn’t. I don’t like how the Packers aren’t aggressive on D. I don’t care what formation they use. I just want to see them crowd the line, press the WRs, and in general own the middle of the field.
    -McCarthy baffles me. I have never liked his offensive philosophy and wonder what is going through his mind. I would like a simple offense… run between the tackles and throw in some play action, screens, and short to intermediate passes with most plays coming under center.
    -It upsets me that they don’t have a coaching staff that maximizes the talent they have.

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