Packers will Put Randall Cobb on Punt Return Duty

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Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb

The Green Bay Packers have threatened to use their best performers on returns and it looks like they’re following through, at least on punts. Receiver Randall Cobb is expected to handle those duties.

Cobb spent his first two NFL seasons as the Packers top punt and kick returner, but they largely took those duties away in 2013 as they expanded his role on offense. Then Cobb got injured.

The Packers ended up being awful at returning kicks in 2013, finishing 30th in the NFL statistically. They eventually found a good punt returner in defensive back Micah Hyde. He averaged 12.3 yards per return and had one touchdown.

That begs the question. Is Cobb or Hyde the better punt returner?

Cobb has averaged 10.2 yards per punt return and scored two touchdowns in his career.

We’re probably splitting hairs here because both guys are dangerous as punt returners, but we’d give the nod to Hyde. He’s currently second on the depth chart.

Where Cobb is far and away the Packers’ best option is on kickoff returns. He’s averaged 26.2 yards per return and has one touchdown in his career.

He’s apparently not in that mix though.

The Packers are set to go with running back DuJuan Harris on kickoff returns, with Hyde as the No. 2 option.

Harris looked good enough during the preseason, averaging 26.6 yards per return, but that’s his only experience returning kicks.

Could be a different story when he’s not facing return units that featured a bunch of guys who are now collecting unemployment checks.

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15 Comments on "Packers will Put Randall Cobb on Punt Return Duty"

  1. Nurseratchett@work

    WTF? I think we are begging for trouble with this; not as deep as we’d like to be at wide receiver, and giving him extra chances to get hurt makes me nervous….

    • mike

      What a sad loser you are to go trolling on other team’s websites just to be mean and wish harm. That’s your life. Being an asshole (with a keyboard) to people who have had no impact on you directly. Obviously, you have dealt with a lot of abuse over the years, for whatever reasons. The anger is there. Taking out your anger on people who never harmed you isn’t the way to deal with it. I’d recommend confronting your bullies, or talking to somebody.

      Just for the record, the Packers own the Seacocks in all time games against each other. 10-6(11-5 in reality), with 2 of those victories coming in the playoffs. Your team has NEVER eliminated the Pack in the postseason. The last time the Seahawks actually BEAT the Packers to where the league didn’t have to have an intervention, was, I believe, in 1999 when Holmgren made his return to Lambeau. That’s 15 years ago! So not only are you a dick, you’re a dick who is full of hot air. Congratulations, you are someone I’m sure all Seahawks fans would be proud to call a representative for their team.

      • mike

        So upon further review, the last time the Seacocks actually beat the Pack was in late 2006, not 1999. A down year for the Pack. It’s sandwiched between two playoff loses Seattle would experience at Lambeau field.

  2. Phatgzus

    PersonalI think Cobb is a more explosive and overall better returner (punt and kick) despite the marginal difference in the stats. Hyde’s TD came vs. a bad Queens unit that punted right into the return the Packers had set up and blocked beautifully. That’s not to take away from Hyde-he has sure hands, always goes north and south and gets a decent number of yards. I also think Janis performed very admirably as well. In the end I’d rather it be Hyde or Janis, preferably Hyde. Of course my opinion will probably change the first time Randall breaks one out.

  3. Nacho Libre

    Why don’t you go fuck yourself you pole smoking piece of retarded shit. You can own these nutz, 12th fag.

  4. iltarion

    The 12th fag… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Make a t-shirt out of that shit once.

    I believe Hyde has muffed a couple punts that we managed to recover. Cobb has sure hands and is more explosive.

    The Seafucks will likely have their best WR returning kicks so why can’t we have our 2nd best WR doing likewise?

    I like it. Shows the urgency we are approaching this game with.

    As much as I don’t like the RB returning kickoffs idea, Harris is an exception to that because of his speed. He could actually be good at it.

  5. Howard

    Since we are playing in Seattle I think for at least this game Whomever has the most big game experience and the surest hands (Cobb) is the best option. I do not believe you can play cautious, however fair catches with no yards returned and no muffs would be a plus in the Seattle environment.

    Seattle allowed only 21 punt returns last year for a total of approximately 80 total return yards all year, playoffs excluded. We should not expect any big returns against Ryan. If we get one it would be a big plus.

  6. aValpo

    Shouldn’t you be busy trading your Miami Heat jersey for a Cavs one? The last time the Seahawks beat the Packers, you were probably a Saints fan.


    No bitch I love the Seahawks period and the LA Dodgers as well. Two teams dedicated to winning unlike your Slackers and BRewers LOL!!!!!!!!

  8. Nacho Libre

    No bitch, I think what you really meant to say is that you love the Semen cream pie inside your penetrated balloon knot. And fuck the Dodgers too, I say it proudly being a native of Los Angeles too, who you trying to impress, cool guy? Pussy!

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