Letroy Guion is Starting at Nose Tackle

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Letroy Guion

Letroy Guion

Despite participating in just two practices and playing nine preseason snaps, offseason acquisition Letroy Guion will be the Green Bay Packers starting nose tackle on Thursday.

This has obviously been necessitated by the loss of B.J. Raji to a season-ending injury, but it was originally thought that second-year pro Josh Boyd would assume Raji’s role.

Not so.

Guion spent his first six seasons in the NFL with the Vikings. He was a starter for the past two.

His best season came in 2012, when he had 31 tackles and two sacks. Last year, Guion had 21 tackles and a sack. The Queens thought so much of him that they released him in the offseason.

So yes, the Green Bay Packers are now starting a guy who got cut by the Minnesota Vikings.

We’re sure this inspires tremendous amounts of confidence.

On the bright side, all Guion really has to do is stand there and occupy some blockers. Hopefully, he’s competent at that.

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15 Comments on "Letroy Guion is Starting at Nose Tackle"

    • Howard

      Not sure John. I reread the article (all eight paragraphs) and saw six paragraphs that included only facts and two included opinion laced with some sarcasm. The one word I did not see was hamstring even though it was implied. The hamstring is were second guessing may come into play and that would be my concern.

      Guion only had two practices and played nine snaps. Not sure there is a big comfort level with how the hamstring will hold up under full game conditions. I guess that is probably just second guessing and worrying for no reason. We have had such a good track record with full recoveries and no re injuries after initial hamstring injuries. It is just dumb to think that full game stress on a recent injured hamstring should be a concern (Hayward, Matthews). The good news is we do have four other big D- lineman that will be ready against Lynch in case something happens.

  1. Abe Frohman

    Guion has been a starter in this league. He’s done and seen a lot more than Boyd and Pennel put together. While he’s not exactly a stud, he’s not going to make too many mental mistakes. I therefore don’t have much issue with this.

  2. GrnMachineCrushesQueens

    But he could absolutely be much worse than Raji was when playing at his most effective position, NOSE TACKLE.

  3. Do you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “What did the Packers do that I can whine about today?”.

    Oh, and let’s talk about how all you do it bitch about TT and his tight-ass approach to free agency. Then he signs a player and now you’re bitching about the fact that the Vikings didn’t want him.


    • Howard

      Packer Bob the best way for you to see what this site is about is go to the left side of this page, under PAGES click on Total packers manifesto, and read. It will give you a clear understanding of what you should expect ( with some twists and turns no doubt).

    • Phatgzus

      Yeah, they may not be the most edgy (i.e. scurrilous) bunch at Packers.com, and they don’t/can’t openly abuse the organization (you know? the people who cut their checks), but they sure know how to analyze most every aspect of the game and present it logically (not saying that TP doesn’t). I wouldn’t call that fluff, just a different outlook than what you get here. Personally, I enjoy them both.

      • The Money Mike

        “and they don’t/can’t openly abuse the organization (you know? the people who cut their checks” and that’s why its biased and maybe not the TRUTH!

  4. iltarion

    Does it really matter who starts?
    Too big a deal made of it. Boyd and Pennel will both be rotated in and see their time.
    I definitely have to question whether the Packers have the beef inside to stop a power running team with a beast RB like Seattle has. Their quickness has been affective at disrupting plays and stopping the run through the preseason, but this is a whole other test now.

  5. Phatgzus

    Possibly, but they added Peppers who is nearly as good vs. the run as he is at rushing the passer. With his addition they have 3 large LBs who at some relatively recent point have played DE. Furthermore, the Pack did pretty well last time they faced Lynch. I’m more worried about Burnett and Tramon missing tackles than the front 7 holding their own.

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