Something’s Up with Casey Hayward

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Casey Hayward

Casey Hayward

Green Bay Packers cornerback Casey Hayward did not practice for the second day this week on Thursday.

What’s going on here? Something fishy, it seems.

There was no update on Hayward’s status after practice and on Tuesday, which was the team’s last practice prior to today, coach Mike McCarthy said he was holding Hayward out as a precaution. The Packers’ slot cornerback lost most of last season with a hamstring injury — he ended up playing in only three games.

That being noted, if you’re going to hold guys out of practice who’ve had hamstring issues, then you might as well bench half the team. Personally, I’d start with Mr. Hamstring Pull himself, Clay Matthews.

Is there something more going on here? Like maybe Hayward is injured again or maybe he’s chronically injured? It seems quite possible.

The Packers play the Raiders at home on Friday night and most of the team’s big guns are expected to play into the third quarter. It’s not known if Hayward will be among them, but his absence would be telling.

After what was essentially a throwaway season in 2013, Hayward has looked good this preseason. He’s effectively reclaimed his spot as the nickel back and looked like the playmaker we remember from 2012.

If there’s any bright side here, it’s that the Packers appear to have way too many competent defensive backs. So if Hayward is going to miss time, there isn’t going to be much of a fall off in play.

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5 Comments on "Something’s Up with Casey Hayward"

  1. Phillthy

    Ima assume its nothing big, I believe this may have something more to do with the Packers new preventative injury tracking system used this off season. Unfortunately we need to see more of Hayward to know if he’s going to take over for Tramon in the near future. This is his year to take over lead or second cornerback but he needs to be on the field as much as possible to do so.

  2. iltarion

    There is no way any Packer starter should even be finishing the first half. Get them out of there.

    Otherwise, two words – Ham String.

  3. DraftHobbyist

    No fall off from Casey Hayward? Are you kidding me? There will be a HUGE falloff. He’s either our best or second best CB, even if that’s not where he’s listed on the depth chart. I hope he isn’t injured because that would be a MAJOR loss, and the biggest loss of the season so far.

  4. Deepsky

    I don’t understand the idea that the Packers have a bunch of good defensive backs. And thie false theory has been going on for years. Hayward has had one good season, but did abosolutely nothing last year. Williams and Shields are good but not great by any means. Each of them gives up a couple horrible games every year. Then that’s about it. The rest of the defensive backs are completely unproven.

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