Packers Have Really Waived Colt Lyerla This Time

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Colt Lyerla

Colt Lyerla

Remember when the Green Bay Packers waived injured rookie tight end Colt Lyerla and then re-signed him the next day and put him on injured reserve? Well, they were just fucking around that time.

On Tuesday, the Packers decided to waive Lyerla again because, well, why the hell not?!

No, seriously, there’s possibly a perfectly good reason for the reversal. The Packers apparently don’t want Lyerla to spend another whole year not playing football, which is what he’d have to do on injured reserve.

So Lyerla was waived with an injury settlement, but that settlement extends only so far into the season. So, in theory, the Packers could bring Lyerla back and he could play football later in the year.

Obviously, there’s some concern that if Lyerla doesn’t play (or practice) at some point this year, he’s going to forget how to play the game. Remember, he left his Oregon team last September, so he would basically be out of the game for two full seasons if he spent this year on IR.

This is all hypothetical though. I mean, let’s be honest here. We were probably all pulling for Lyerla, but it looks like the Packers have plenty of good tight ends. Do they really need to work on developing this guy at this point?

You’ve already got another rookie, Richard Rodgers, who looks legit; a veteran who’s been a starter before in Andrew Quarless; and Brandon Bostick, who’s probably better than both of those guys.

In other words, we’re not holding our breath that Lyerla will be back.

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6 Comments on "Packers Have Really Waived Colt Lyerla This Time"

  1. GBslacker

    Wonder when we’ll hear the real story?

    Originally, it was in his best interests to stay around the team, go to meetings, rehab injury…

    And then… it wasn’t in his best interests!

    Think the Packers are trying to give him some money and some time, to see how he “handles” it?

    Think it may have had something to do with the cool reception of transition to fullback?

    Seems an abrupt change of course.

  2. C.C.

    “Packers have plenty of good tight ends” – Not too sure about that. Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless are below average blockers and have below average speed at the position. Brandon Bostick has great athletic talent and is a average blocker slightly above Quarless. So of course Bostick is made of tissue paper with injuries. It would be wise if GB does take the time to develop Lyerla for a season or two before playing in regular season games. They did with Bostick and they tried for years with that bum D.J. Williams. That’s when GB had Finley. Now all the sudden there’s more or equally enough talent at TE it’s not worth the time? I disagree.

  3. Abe Frohman

    I wouldn’t cut off my nose to spite my face on this. If the guy has flashed potential to be truly outstanding, then putting him on the practice squad is the right move. He also needs structure – something he’s had very little of in his life. Allowing him to be around the team after the period ends also sounds like the right move.

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